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Alisha Fernandes

Specialty: Mom health essentials, Travel tips for kids, Behaviour and emotional wellbeing, Activities and learning through play.
Education: Bachelor's in Sociology
Experience: 4.5 years

Alisha is a skilled writer with a passion for exploring the intricacies of human behaviour and perspectives. She has always been fascinated by the dynamics of parenting practises and mental wellness and has dedicated her career to creating informative and engaging content for parents.

Over the years, Alisha has written numerous how-to and best-of blogs for parents, as well as educational modules for kids. Her writing is informed by extensive research and a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of parents. She focuses on producing content that is both informative and easy to read, making it accessible to busy parents who require a quick and reliable resource.

In her free time, Alisha enjoys exploring her love of cuisine and discovering new places. She believes that travel is a great way to gain new perspectives and learn about different cultures, which in turn enriches her writing. She also loves watching funny baby videos, which she finds both entertaining and inspiring.

With her deep interest in parenting practises and mental wellness, Alisha is a trusted source of information and advice for parents looking to make informed decisions for their families.