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6 Best Breast Pump Brands in 2023 with Buyer's Guide

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Mar 16, 2023 / Vetted by Alisha Fernandes / Reviewed by Bhavya Koppisetti
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6 Best Breast Pump Brands & How To Choose in 2023

Breastfeeding is one of the most cherished phases for a mother and child. With the right type of breast pump, your breastfeeding experience becomes more convenient. Understanding which brand is the best can seem overwhelming since there are so many options available. We’ve got you covered, we bring to you all the important information you need about the best breast pump brands at a glance.

Best Breast Pump Brands in 2023

1. Philips

Philips is one of the best breast pump brands that has been around for many years. Putting innovation at the center of its mission to improve people's well-being, Phillips has a breast pump for everyone. There are manual and electric breast pumps in the Phillips Avent range that can be further classified into single and double breast pumps. The breast shield has a special design that acts like a comfy cushion and gentle massager for your breasts, ensuring good stimulation. The materials used are comfortable on the skin and help with an optimal letdown.

Price Range: $35 To $270

2. Medela

Whether you want to start breastfeeding immediately after birth, after 6 weeks, or just occasionally, Medela has a breast pump for you. According to your requirements, you can choose a manual breast pump, an electric breast pump, or even a Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector. Medela breast pumps help you express more breast milk in less time with the help of their two-phase technique, which simulates a baby's natural sucking. Additionally, you get the PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield for enhanced comfort. Being the most trustworthy breast pump manufacturer, Medela received the Consumer's Choice award for the best breast pumps of 2020 for all Medela breast pumps.

Price Range: $31 to $2225

3. Spectra

This is a women-led business that is made for moms by moms and is one of the best-quality breast pump brands out there. Its natural nursing technology combines gentle vibration with soothing suckling action to stimulate healthy milk production. Spectra also brings you the top most quality breast pumps that make your breastfeeding journey pleasant. It has also won multiple awards, like the Best Electric Breast Pump at the Ovia Family Awards, and much more. The breast pumps come with a 90-day limited manufacturer’s parts warranty and a 2-year limited manufacturer’s pump warranty.

Price Range: $29 to $325

4. Haakaa

Hakaa strives for a healthy baby and a healthy planet by emphasizing on natural and environment-friendly product offerings. It strives to bring to you breast pumps that are non-toxic for optimum safety. The 100% food-grade silicone breast pumps have efficient functionality while remaining stylish. In the words of an expert, Hakaa breast pumps aid in your breastfeeding journey by helping your baby latch, collets milk from both breasts, and helps your supplement too. You can choose from the basic Ladybug milk collector and three generations of manual breast pumps. Each of them is a single-component pump and can fit different breast sizes. Lastly, this breast pump is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

Price Range: $12 to $55

5. Elvie

Elvie is a UK-based company that is on a mission to equip women with smart and efficient breast pumps to help them enjoy every phase of their motherhood. You can opt for the electric Elvie Pump, the manual Elvie Curve or the hospital-grade Elvie Stride pumps. This breast pump can also be connected to your smartphone app to monitor activity like milk volume, and record previous pumping sessions. You also get an option to avail tailored coaching and assistance through the app. Their manual and electric breast pumps have a unique slim design that can fit inside your nursing bra, making it convenient to use outdoors. It also features the Piezo pump that makes suction completely discreet. Furthermore, the breast pumps are simple to clean and come with two different sizes of breast shields, with a third size available for purchase separately.

Price Range: $221 to $300

6. Lansinoh

This breast pump brand is efficient and sustainable for mothers worldwide. Their products are supported by research and professional opinions. You get the ComfortFit flanges that are soft and have a unique cushioned rim that hugs your breast without any hassles. Its 2 phase technology makes it easier to manage while expressing and having a letdown. Your pumping journey is supported by the manual breast pump that is BPA and BPS-free and has an ergonomic handle. Also, they have two models of Lansinoh Smartpumps, which are cordless double electric breast pumps with adjustable settings. Furthermore, there is an app with practical features like a built-in guide, a tracker for pumping sessions, an input field for breast milk volume, and much more. The platinum category of the Loved By Parents 2021 awards for Best Electric Breast Pump and Most Innovative Breast Pump has also recognized this innovative breast pump.

Price Range: $12 to $161

Things To Consider While Buying Breast Pumps

Breast pumps provide moms with many benefits. However, selecting among the popular breast pump brands may be confusing. Here are a few important factors that you can keep in mind before making a decision:
  • Type: You can use a manual breast pump occasionally or an electric breast pump for hands-free pumping regularly. This is determined by your lifestyle and your child's needs. It is also possible to speed up the pumping process by using a double electric breast pump. Additionally, battery and USB-powered breast pumps, along with silicone breast pumps are available for increased portability.
  • Features: Check the features of the best breast pump brand you are considering. Take note of things like shape, handle, breast shields, suction, noise adjustment, battery, mobility, and setup time.
  • Milk Storage Quantity: Breast pumps are made up of several parts, including the breast milk collection container, and can be of various sizes. Breast pumps come in different capacities based on their serving size of oz/ml, based on your requirement you can buy a large or small milk storage container.
  • Cost: Although breast pumps have numerous advantages, you may not require all of the features. While planning your breastfeeding journey, it is important to stick to your budget for breast pumps. Although, it is important to prioritize comfort to ensure that your investment is worthwhile.
  • Warranty: This provides you with extra peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to bear any losses if the device breaks down.
In Conclusion,
The best breast pump brands mentioned above are known for their comfort and quality. This makes them a trusted choice if you are hesitant about using breast pumps. Now that you know all about the best breast pump brands, you can begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence. Happy parenting!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are breast pumps covered under insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), new mothers are eligible for a complimentary breast pump and necessary equipment through insurance. However, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions to determine which types of breast pumps you are eligible for.

2. When should you start buying a breast pump?

Depending on your needs, you can purchase the best breast pump brand during the final stages of pregnancy or a few weeks after your baby is born. A breast pump may be required within a few hours of birth for mothers who have unexpectedly premature or ill babies. Otherwise, bottle feeding usually starts around 6 weeks, and this is a good time to buy a breast pump.

3. Do all breast pumps have a warranty?

Most of the good breast pump brands offer a limited warranty. However, each brand differs, and it is important to read the warranty details carefully.

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