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8 Best Tent Houses For Kids in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Jun 27, 2023 / Written by Team BabyG
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8 Best Tent Houses For Kids in India 2023

Making sure that your child gets the best of toys is every parent's wish. Toys not only help kids stay entertained, but they are also tools that aid in your kid's overall growth and development. You can make sure your child’s fun and learning journey continues by getting them their own tent house. From merely drawing their dream house, they can get more imaginative about their dream house when they physically get to play with one. Continue reading to know all about how to choose the best tent house for kids and its benefits.

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Are Tent Houses Good and Safe for Kids?

Tent houses are a good addition to your child’s toy collection. It encourages kids to dive into a fun and imaginative play session. Tent houses are also made especially for kids keeping their safety in mind. A good quality and safe kid's tent house has wide doors and ample space for movement. Make sure you educate your kids about the outcomes of damaging the pipes and connectors to avoid any mishaps. If the structure of the tents is accidentally taken apart, the small pieces could be choking hazards for little ones. Hence, supervising your kids as they get habituated to playing in the tent house is a good idea.

Top Rated Tent Houses For Kids 2023

1. Best for Peppa Pig Theme: itoys Peppa Pig Theme Play Tent House


itoys Peppa Pig Theme Play Tent House

Your little Peppa Pig fan is in for some fun memories and their own colourful corner. It’s a great option to buy for little kids who are always having their own little tea parties and conversations with Peppa Pig and friends. This foldable tent house for kids allows kids to play and expand their creativity. It is designed keeping safety standards in mind and is great for indoor and outdoor usage. It can be assembled in a jiffy, which means you get to spend more quality time with your little one. It also has colourful pipes and connectors that will intrigue kids as their parents put the tent together. The mesh window and roll-up door allow plenty of air circulation and allow parents to keep a watch easily.

Suitable For: 2+ years
Unique Feature: Animal themed
Pros: BIS-approved, water-resistant, multi-colour
Cons: The tent may not be big enough for older kids.
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Plastic
Our Rating: 3.9/5 | Price: ₹ 849

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2. Best for Jungle Theme: Webby Jungle Theme Green Play Tent House


Webby Jungle Theme Green Play Tent House

Kids are always mesmerized by the sight of animals in the jungle. Give wings to your child’s imagination by adding this jungle play tent house to their toy collection. The colours that pop up and funny animal characters are sure to cheer anyone’s mood. The sturdy frame and durable material are good for outings and all the silly mischief of little ones. It is easy to assemble, which means setting this up before jumping on that Zoom meeting is quick and easy. It is lightweight and portable, making it a good gifting option too.

Suitable For: 3+ years
Unique Feature: Attractive Characters
Pros: Double doors, vibrant colours, easy to assemble.
Cons: The tent needs to be kept out in the open to decrease the initial plastic stench.
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Polyester
Our Rating: 3.9/5 | Price: ₹ 698

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3. Best Spacious Tent: Homecute Hut Theme Kids Toys Tent House


Homecute Hut Theme Kids Toys Tent House

You may notice that kids are constantly growing. To suit their growing needs, getting this spacious tent to accommodate their growth spurts is a good idea. The Homecute Hut Theme Kids Toys Tent House is designed with attractive patterns and colours that never go out of style. You can also use this tent to help your child learn shapes and colours in a fun way. The curtains of this tent's entrance give it a very realistic cosy look and help kids indulge in role-play and creativity. Using this tent outdoors too is not an issue thanks to its efficient fabric that helps you clean up the tent quickly after use.

Suitable For: 2+ months
Unique Feature: Non-toxic Material is used.
Pros: Colourful, semi-steel pipes, attractive design
Cons: One needs to be careful while assembling and disassembling the tent to avoid breakage.
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Polyester
Our Rating: 3.8/5 | Price: ₹ 1,161

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4. Best for Starry Theme: Nyra Decor Portable Theme Teepee Tent House


Nyra Decor Portable Theme Teepee Tent House

This teepee-style tent is great to create a dreamy indoor camping opportunity for your kids. The big and bright starry prints along with the soft cushions are great to put kids to sleep making this tent a part of their nighttime routine. The wide opening in the front and two roll-up windows at the sides allow good ventilation, ensuring your kid doesn’t feel warm or suffocated. The subtle grey and pink colours are pleasing to the eyes. Additionally, the cotton material is gentle on your child’s developing skin. This large tent also comes with an inner pocket for kids to store their snacks or bedtime books.

Suitable For: 10 months and above
Unique Feature: Comes with a comfortable and soft mat.
Pros: Good quality material, spacious, east to store
Cons: The tent is not very lightweight
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Cotton
Our Rating: 3.9/5 | Price: ₹ 3,867

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5. Best for Barbie Theme: Barbie Kids Barbie Theme Play Tent House


Barbie Kids Barbie Theme Play Tent House

Here’s a fabulous Barbie play tent house for your kids who will fall in love with this vibrant pink structure. It's good quality material and durable components make it good for both indoor and outdoor use. It is convenient for beach days when you want your kids to have their privacy while changing into swimwear. Just like Barbie’s motto “You can be anything”, kids get encouraged to expand their imagination and be anything. Lastly, the tent is easy to assemble without any additional tools.

Suitable For: 3+ years
Unique Feature: Double roll-up doors
Pros: Easy to install, sturdiness, value for money
Cons: It may move with a heavy breeze.
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Fibreglass, state, skip false
Our Rating: 3.7/5 | Price: ₹ 1018

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6. Best for Castle Theme: Toyshine Purple Princess Castle Theme Tent House


Toyshine Purple Princess Castle Theme Tent House

Give your kids an entirely magical experience through this Toyshine Purple Princess Castle theme tent. A castle kids tent house such as this one is bound to help your kids become more imaginative and creative thanks to its intriguing design. Your child is sure to get transported to the world of fairies and castles through the roll-up entrance that acts as a gateway to their mini fairytale adventure. The material used in this tent is easy to clean and durable. The quick assembling and disassembling allow you to take this anywhere for a fun time.

Suitable For: 3+ years
Unique Feature: Comes with strong fiber poles
Pros: Vibrant colour, sturdy brackets, carry-on bag
Cons: The stitching may not be the best.
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Polyester and mesh
Our Rating: 3.9/5 | Price: ₹ 569

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7. Best Water Resistant Tent: itoys Marvel Spiderman Theme Play Tent House


itoys Marvel Spiderman Theme Play Tent House

All the Spider-Man fans young and old are drawn to this vibrant tent. The eye-catchy colours and easy-to-clean material makes it perfect for kids who love taking their eatables inside the tent house. It has double stitches and is BSI approved and it can withstand all rigorous activities. It has double stitches and is BSI approved and it can withstand all rigorous activities. The roll-up entrance piece adds to the adventure and gives your kids a sense of privacy whenever required. Additionally, the mesh window allows parents to always keep an eye on their kids making it safe for little ones.

Suitable For: 24 months to 10 years
Unique Feature: It has colourful pipes and connecting poles
Pros: Durability, simple instructions, portable
Cons: There may be some odour at first, but it will fade if left out in the open.
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Nylon
Our Rating: 3.9/5 | Price: ₹ 849

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8. Best with Ventilation: Baybee Tent House with Glow in The Dark Stars


Baybee Tent House with Glow in The Dark Stars

Here’s a top-rated tent house that is absolutely eye pleasing. The mesh curtains allow good ventilation and brighten interiors, giving it a spacious look. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you and your kids to have double fun with this best tent house for kids. The carrying case makes this tent house conveniently portable and efficient to take with you on the go. Lastly, the glow-in-the-dark stars will give your kids a chance to indulge in star gazing from the comfort of their homes.

Suitable For: 24 months to 12 years
Unique Feature: Made from eco-friendly material.
Pros: Lightweight, easy to install, spacious.
Cons: Not very strong for rugged use.
Assembly Required: Yes | Material: Plastic and mesh
Our Rating: 3.8/5 | Price: ₹ 989

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Things to Consider While Buying a Kids Tent House

When there are so many tent house options available, picking the best tent house for kids can be a daunting task. We are here to make this process a little easy for you. One of the main things you must look at is the ease of assembling the tent house. In addition to that, material, air circulation, design, and size are the other main elements to consider when buying a good tent house for kids. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Kid-friendly Material: While investing in a tent house, it is best to go for one that is made with good quality materials. You can also check if the creators have followed any safety standards like the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Besides that, you can choose between water-resistant materials too if you wish to take the tent house with you near the pool or at the beach.

2. Ventilation: Kids often get very excited or enter the tent after rigorous running which can make them feel out of breath. Hence, it is important to get your child one that has either a mesh covering or wide doors for good air circulation. This helps in avoiding any suffocating incidents.

3. Design and Style: Many kids love the idea of getting their own tent house as it gives them a sense of their own space. You can make this experience more personalised by getting your kids a tent house with their favourite characters printed on it. Getting their favourite coloured tent house too is good to uplift your child’s mood. This will help them take better ownership of the tent house.

4. Space: While selecting a tent house, it is essential to take the dimensions into consideration. If your home has limited space, getting a minimalistic small tent house that can have the capacity of a single kid is fine. However, if you indent to use it outdoors and have your child’s friends coming over very often, getting a large size tent would be better.

What Are the Benefits of Kids Tent House?

 Play tents are a good addition to your child’s toy collection. It keeps them entertained and develops many skills like:

1. Imaginative Play: Getting your child a tent house helps them enhance creativity along with imaginative skills. This further leads to the development of skills like better storytelling abilities and problem-solving skills. Your kids will learn to put themselves in different imaginary situations and you too and aid this fun and educational process with some good role play. With this kids also learn to stay prepared for certain fight-or-flight situations. For example, you can explain to your child that they need to escape from the house in case of a fire.

2. Privacy: Even though kids love playing with everyone around them, they too love indulging in some me time. This helps them recharge and also on days they are upset, they have their own corner to take some time out. Additionally, it is great to carry for outdoor occasions as this helps kids feel calm in scenarios when there are many people around.

3. Independent Play: All forms of play are an important part of your child’s growth and development. However, when kids are given their own space, they indulge in independent play which encourages kids to think on their own. This aids in thinking more in a creative manner and better decision-making skills. For example, kids like to keep their favorite books in the tent house. They then decide which book to read in their own time. Eventually, this will decrease their dependency on their parents and make them more confident to share their choices with others.

4. Social Skills: Whenever your child has friends over, a tent house rarely goes unnoticed. Most tent houses can accommodate two kids at a time depending on their age. When there is a gathering of many friends, the kids learn to take turns while going into the tent. This means your child will have better communication and cooperation skills which are important socially.

Now that you are well versed with the different types of tent houses available out there, we hope you can choose the best one for your child. Giving your child the joy of having their own little space, opens doors to endless imaginary adventures. We hope we are able to help you pick the best tent house for kids and bring a smile to your little one’s face!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can kids sleep inside a tent house?

Kids can sleep inside a tent house provided there are mesh windows and wide doors. Adding a soft blanket at the bottom makes the tent house even more comfortable to sleep in.

2. Do you need tools to assemble a tent house?

No, a tent house doesn’t need any specific tools to assemble. You simply have to follow the instruction manual to join the pipes and connectors.

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