Team BabyG

Being a parent is no easy feat, and that's why Team BabyG is here to support you through this exciting journey of your little one’s growth. We believe that every baby deserves a great start in their life and our early development program helps parents to provide the best parenting, backed by science, to raise happy and curious babies.

BabyG program, built with child experts, is most loved for the ease-of-implementation. Our app covers all the parenting needs such as playtime activities to engage babies, milestones report to benchmark growth, baby trackers to understand changes, bedtime stories to spark imagination, and community to share experiences with like-minded parents. And our parents can chat with us anytime, expecting answers to burning queries or patience listening on a tough day.

Our team strives to deliver research-backed content in the simplest way possible. So that you can unlock the full potential of your little bundle of joy. Team BabyG ensures to bring you the latest information and insights that help you navigate the beauty of parenting with ease and foresight. To the parent's that go the extra step, Happy Parenting.