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6 Best Glass Feeding Baby Bottles in India

Lifestyle / Last Updated on May 01, 2023 / Written by Team BabyG / Reviewed by Bhavya Koppisetti
Team BabyG always strives to support you through your parenting journey. In the quest to do so, if you purchase through the affiliated links below, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, we aspire to be fair and will only recommend high-quality products for you and your little one. Know More About Our Product Selection Process
Best Glass Feeding Bottle India in 2023
There’s nothing more important than the health and safety of your little one. Today, we know for a fact that plastic bottles can leach some amount of plastic into your baby's food. When it comes to your baby's health, a glass feeding bottle could be the best option. Gone are the days when people preferred plastic over glass for baby bottles. Modern glass baby bottles are reliable and free of harmful chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA). Many of these are way more durable than you could imagine, so they also give you value for your money. If your glass bottles can be safely sterilised at high temperatures, then you should opt for them over any regular plastic feeding bottles. They are definitely better for your little one in the long run. We bring to you a compiled list of the best glass feeding bottles to make it easier for you to get the one best suited to your needs.

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Are glass feeding bottles better and safe?

This is a question that has time and again concerned parents on how to go about the switch. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We can assure you that a glass feeding bottle is completely safe and definitely worth the investment.
  • Plastic bottles can seep harsh chemicals into the feed if they are sterilised at high temperatures, whereas glass bottles can withstand almost all temperatures. This can also happen if really warm liquids are stored in the bottle.
  • Most glass bottles are scratch resistant giving you a sparkly squeaky-clean bottle every time.
  • They are not easily stained and are generally odour free.
  • A glass feeding bottle with a silicone cover can also provide you with a better grip, eliminating the risk of damaging it.

How Do We Choose These Glass Feeding Baby Bottles

The BabyG team conducts thorough research on all the products recommended in the list through their personal experience as parents and experts and the community experience of over 300k parents who use the BabyG early development app. During the research process, we looked at reviews around real usage of the product, quality, rating, pricing, safety, and overall value as per the use cases of different parents.

To choose the best glass feeding bottles, we further detailed our research to look at the quality, type of glass, capacity, ergonomic design, and teats of various types of bottles. We also looked for anti colic valves in bottles to prevent spit up and gas.

By doing so, our team has ensured that we provide our community with reliable and high-quality product recommendations. Our mission is to ensure that our parenting community always makes informed, expert recommended and well researched decisions to give the best development and products to their little ones.

Top Rated Glass Feeding Bottles in 2023

1. Best with Ergonomic Shape: Mee Mee Premium Baby Feeding Bottle

Mee Mee Premium Baby Feeding Bottle

An ergonomic shape that promises a firm grip is a must have for any glass bottle. The meme bottle has just the right shape to prevent it from slipping from your hands. It is made of tested, high-quality glass that can stand the test of time. The teat is worth mentioning as it is designed to avoid any nipple confusion. It has vents which will keep your baby from swallowing air while feeding which in turn reduces spit up. Lastly, it also comes with a protective cap with which you can prevent germs and bacteria from contaminating the feed.

Specifications: ‎5.5 x 5 x 24 cm; 260 Grams
Suitable for: ‎6 months - 2 years
Pros: Grooved teat, easy to clean, BPA-free
Cons: Bottle cap be improved to fit bottle better
Ratings: 4/5

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2. Best for Budget Buy: LuvLap Slim Neck Glass Feeding Bottle

LuvLap Slim Neck Glass Feeding Bottle

Trying to find a glass bottle at a plastic bottle price? Look no further because LuvLap brings to you a high-quality borosilicate glass feeding bottle at an affordable price. Since it's made of borosilicate glass, it's simple to sterilise for germ-free use. The groves in the teat make it simple for your baby to latch on and protect against nipple collapse. It also has anti-colic vents, which can keep your baby from bloating and spitting up. The leak-proof system of this bottle is definitely a feature that parents love.

Specifications: 5 x 5 x 20.5 cm; 219 Grams
Suitable for: 3 months - 2 years
Pros: Easy to clean and hold, durable
Cons: Glass is a bit thick
Ratings: 4.2/5

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3. Best in Lightweight: Pigeon Glass Feeding Bottle

Pigeon Glass Feeding Bottle

Heavy glass are difficult to carry around, which is why such lightweight glass feeding bottles are loved by parents. The Pigeon Glass Feeding Bottle is made of lightweight, non-toxic borosilicate glass that is sure to last you a long time. The vent system on the bottle can help babies with colic by preventing them from taking in too much air. Its grooved nipple prevents nipple collapse, making feeding easy. Furthermore, this product comes with two nipples included, making replacement effortless.

Specifications: ‎5.9 x 5.9 x 20.2 cm; 223 Grams
Suitable for: ‎9 months - 2 years
Pros: Flexible and soft teat
Cons: Bottle shape can be improved
Ratings: 4.5/5

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4. Best in Soft Teat: R for Rabbit Glass Feeding Bottle

R for Rabbit Glass Feeding Bottle

R for Rabbit glass feeding bottles are a hit among parents who are struggling with bottle rejection. The teat eliminates this problem as it is super soft and is shaped just like a breast for a comfortable latch. It is also very flexible and has grooves on the inside to fit perfectly in the sucking fossa of a baby. Another noteworthy feature is the ergonomic shape that allows you to have a firmer grip.

Specifications:‎ 7.5 x 7.5 x 14 cm; 200 Grams
Suitable for: ‎0 - 3 months
Pros: Spill-proof cap included, high-quality
Cons: No concerns
Ratings: 4.1/5

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5. Best for Anti-Colic: Pur 4 oz. Glass Feeding Bottle

Pur 4 oz. Glass Feeding Bottle

This anti-colic bottle makes bottle feeding so much easier. It helps comfort babies by reducing gas in their tummies as the air swallowed by them is minimal. Its tough borosilicate glass makes the bottle durable and increases its longevity, so you get complete value for your money. The bottle simulates breastfeeding to avoid nipple confusion and facilitate a smooth transition. While the teat is made of high-grade silicone, making it completely safe. Unique air valve on the base of the nipple enables smoother flow, reducing spit-up and colic. It's one of the best anti-colic glass feeding bottles on the market.

Specifications: 5.6 x 5.6 x 14.2 cm; 159 Grams
Suitable for: 6 months and up
Pros: Durable, easy to latch on
Cons: A bit pricey
Ratings: 4.2/5

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6. Best with Silicone Covers: Mastela High Borosilicate Glass Feeding Bottle

Mastela High Borosilicate Glass Feeding Bottle

A bottle with a removable silicone cover can help you handle a glass feeding bottle way more easily than a regular bottle. It provides you with a better grip and prevents it from easily slipping off your hands. Toxin-free borosilicate glass is used in the production of this ISO-approved product. You can handle a glass feeding bottle more conveniently if the bottle has a detachable silicone cover. It gives you a greater grip and keeps it from falling off your hands easily. This ISO-approved item is made of borosilicate glass, which is free of toxins. The increased heat and impact resistance of this product ensures a long lifespan. The bottle is suitable for travel because of its tiny size and lightweight. It also features a bottle lid to prevent contamination while not in use.

Specifications:‎ 22.8 x 6.6 x 6.5 cm; 250 Grams
Suitable for: ‎0 months and up
Pros: Ultrasoft nipple, Dishwasher safe
Cons: No concerns
Ratings: 4.3/5

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How to choose the right Glass Feeding Bottle?

Here are a few pointers for you to get the right kind of glass feeding bottle for your baby.
  • Material: Borosilicate glass is one of the toughest materials used to make glass feeding bottles. These do not break easily and do not expand upon heating. These bottles are sure to be more durable and long lasting giving you more value for your money.
  • Weight: Heavy glass feeding bottles are not so convenient. So you should always consider getting a lightweight glass feeding bottle, as it is easy to handle and also carry along.
  • Anti Colic Valve: You need to consider buying a feeding bottle with this feature for sure as it helps reduce gas and spit up in babies. Most babies develop colic if they swallow up air while feeding and it’s tough to handle those long bouts of continuous crying. With this feature, your baby will have absolutely no fussiness or any kind of discomfort.
  • Teat: The design of the teat must definitely be on your checklist. Opt for bottles that have a  super soft silicone teat, which is preferably shaped like a breast. This makes it easier for the baby to latch on. A grooved nipple is a bonus as it can prevent nipple collapse.
  • Silicone Covers: Get a glass feeding bottle that comes with a removable silicone cover as they give you an extra grip on the baby bottle and prevent slipping.
Most parents today agree that glass bottles are the way to go. It has way more benefits than a regular plastic bottle that can be potentially harmful for your little one. Almost all plastic bottles leach chemicals when sterilised. On the other hand, glass bottles can be sterilised at high temperatures without any worry. This is exactly why you should make the switch for a healthier and happier baby. BabyG - Early Development AppWant to stay on top of all your child's developmental needs? Here’s how to do so: Head to your BabyG App today and get complete access to 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is glass feeding bottle better than plastic?

Yes, it absolutely is. Glass feeding bottles are 100% toxin-free, which makes them better than plastic bottles. This is because glass bottles do not have any of the toxins like BPA, BPS or phthalates. There are many other benefits including ease of cleaning and sterilising. Most glass bottles are scratch-resistant and odourless, which also makes them a better alternative to plastic. A glass feeding bottle is a safe and healthier alternative, beneficial in the long run.

2. How to sterilise glass feeding bottle?

For sterilising glass feeding bottles, you need to follow these steps:
1. Detach all removable and washable parts of the feeding bottle
2. Add them to a large basin with warm soapy water
3. Give each part a gentle scrub and rinse well
4. Now in another pan bring water to a roaring boil
5. Add the bottles and let them boil for at least ten minutes
6. Now you can air dry or even pat dry them
You can also skip these steps and sterilise them using a steam steriliser according to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Do glass feeding bottles break easily?

Glass bottles are prone to breaking when mishandled. Glass bottles can last through minor impacts with proper care.

4. Are glass baby bottles dangerous?

No, they aren’t. Glass bottles are chemical-free, making them absolutely safe for your little one.

5. Is boiling glass feeding bottle safe?

Yes. In fact, boiling a glass feeding bottle is the most effective way to sterilise it.

6. How to clean baby glass feeding bottle?

Feeding products must be cleaned after every single feed, and a glass bottle is no exception. Start by scrubbing the bottle gently with warm, soapy water. It is very important that this be followed by boiling all the parts of the bottle in hot water for at least ten minutes. You can only ensure 100% bacteria and germ free bottles by sterilisation so do not skip this step.

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