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5 Best Quality ISOFIX Car Seats in India

Lifestyle / Oct 11, 2022 / Written by Samyuktaa K
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High Quality Isofix Car Seats in India 2022

A baby car seat is an indispensable item for any parent who owns a car and plans to take their child on any kind of trip, whether it's a long drive across the state or a quick detour to the grocery store. With road accidents at an all-time high, investing in an Isofix child car seat is essential for the safety of your munchkin.

In an event of a crash, the impact of just the airbags in a car can be drastic for a baby. Having a safe Isofix child car seat is just what you need to keep your little one comfortable and out of harm's way.

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What is an ISOFIX car seat?

ISOFIX is an abbreviation for International Standard Organization Fix, which is a standardised international child seat fitting system. Based on this foundation, car seats have a distinct functionality that aims to keep your baby as comfortable and safe as possible.

An Isofix car seat for baby is more secure than a standard car seat because it locks the base of the car seat to the anchor points rather than with the use of a seat belt.

Are ISOFIX car seats better?

When talking about car seats, safety and functionality are the the two most important points to look out for. Isofix has changed the game for the better. The incorrect installation concerns that usually arise in seat belt types are answered with the built-in indicator. That makes the set-up easy and comprehensive to use.

A parent can easily understand if the car seat is fastened with the help of the green colour-coded indication. Although they are more expensive than standard ones, you can rest assured that your child will be on the safest ride of their lives.

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Top Rated ISOFIX Car Seats in India 2022

1. Best with Multi-Position Headrest: LuvLap Active Isofix Car Seat

The first on our list is the LuvLap Active Isofix Car Seat. This product features a five-point safety harness that supports your baby all around, from head to waist. It has a built-in multi-position headrest to secure your baby through their growth spurt.

Another perk is that the seat cover can be removed and washed for longer and safer usage. Furthermore, the seat is easy to install and uninstall for optimal functionality. With a weight capacity of up to 36 kg, this child car seat is an incredible investment for toddler parents.

Specifications: ‎48 x 46 x 76 cm; 12 Kilograms
Suitable For: ‎‎9 months - 12 years
Pros: Soft and comfortable, Secure fit, Can be fixed with a seatbelt
Cons: The product runs a bit heavy
Shop at: ₹10,498.00

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2. Best with Support Leg: Maxi Cosi Mica 360° Rotative Car Seat

Parents will love this one for their babies. This product has an adjustable seat that can face either backward or forward, as well as an Isofix car seat that can turn 360 degrees. These features are meant to make travelling easy and fun.
It has a five-point safety harness and a drop-down support leg that is easy to install for a rigid and safe drive. This soft and comfortable car seat is designed with Advanced G-CELL Protection for added safety and take upto 18kg in weight.

Specifications: ‎71 x 46 x 94.5 cm; 14.9 Kilograms
Suitable For: ‎‎0 - 4 years
Pros: Great Quality, Sturdy Fix, Stable rotation function
Cons: No concern
Shop at: ₹67,999.00

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3. Best with 360 Rotation: R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand ISOFIX Convertible Baby Car Seat

When searching for a versatile car seat that adjusts seamlessly as per your developing child’s needs, this one is the way to go.

The seat can support up to 25 kg of weight and has a four-level reclining isofix car seat function for maximum comfort. Also, this 360-degree rotatable seat is also ECE R44/04 Safety Certified and has an injection-molded structure for the best shock absorption and safety for your baby.

Specifications: ‎65.53 x 51.56 x 45.21 cm; 9.7 Kilograms
Suitable For: ‎‎0 - 12 years
Pros: Sturdy, Easy to Install, High Quality
Cons: The seat might take up quite some space
Shop at: ₹11,189.00

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4. Best with Multi-Angle Adjuster: StarAndDaisy Car Seat Comfort Up

This is a forward-facing car seat that is easy to assemble and comfortably soft for your young one. The product has been tested and approved for maximum safety. It comes with a five-point safety harness and three Isofix latches.

The product is a reclining Isofix car seat suitable for children weighing between 9 and 36 kg. With its multi-level height and harness adjustments, this vibrant car seat stands as a great investment.

Specifications: ‎‎65 x 50 x 50 cm; 15 Kilograms
Suitable For: ‎9 months - 12 years
Pros: Great quality, has Knee Support
Cons: Handling recliner may need efforts
Shop at: ₹6,999.00

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5. Best with Removable Insert for Infants: Mothercare Tulsa IsofixI Highback Booster Car Seat

Convenient and safe, what is not to love about the Mothercare Tulsa ISOFIX Highback Booster Car Seat.

This is a forward-facing car seat best suited for babies from 9 kg to 36 kg. It, too, has a five-point safety harness that can be used until a child weighs 18 kg, at which point they can be gradually secured using a seatbelt installation technique. This will prove to be a great investment for your little one since it features a removable insert and a reclining back for ultimate comfort.

Specifications: ‎‎51 x 65.5 x 47 cm; 11.24 Kilograms
Suitable For: ‎9 months - 12 years
Pros: Durable, Colour indicators help proper installation, high-back booster seat.
Cons: No concerns

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How To Choose The Best ISOFIX Car Seat?

The decision to buy the best Isofix car seat for a baby has led you here. So how do you choose the best among the variety of ones on the market?

Compatibility: The first thing to consider when choosing an Isofix car seat is whether your vehicle supports such an installation. Many older or regular cars in India do not accept an Isofix child car seat. Check for Isofix fitting points between the base and the back of your car seats to see if they do, or consult the owner's manual. There are so many types of car seats available. If your vehicle does not accept the standard Isofix, you can choose a seatbelt-supporting car seat.

Age-appropriate: It is crucial to take your baby's age and weight into account when choosing a car seat. Kids grow up fast, so consider the term you want to make use of the seat. Select one that will support their growth and keep them comfortable and safe.

Tested and Approved: Check to see if the seat has been tested and approved for all of the basic car safety regulations. It is also important to check whether your car seat provides side impact protection for your baby's overall safety. Because airbags are designed to protect adults, it is critical to review and test for safety before purchasing one.

Easy to install: A car seat with less fuss and a simple procedure will indefinitely save parents' time in the long run. The versatility and easy-to-install features make the process hassle-free and ensure the frequent use of a car seat.

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How To Install ISOFIX Car Seat

A child's isofix car seat can be installed in a matter of minutes by following these steps:
  1. Place the car seat base fit against the vehicle seat, then slide out the isofix base clips and attach them smoothly to the isofix fitting points at the seat's base. Keep an eye on the indicators as they turn green to indicate a secure connection.
  2. Now, place your car seat on the isofix base. If your isofix car seat has a support leg, slide it down until it is snug against the car floor.
  3. Push the child seat flush into the car seat and shake it to ensure a secure fit.
  4. If your car seat has a top tether support strap, attach it to the back of the seat. Use the car's mounting points to secure them in place.

In essence,

Isofix car seats are a huge time saver and a great investment for all the vehicle owning parents out there. Hope we helped make the decision easier. Happy Parenting!


1. Are ISOFIX Car Seats Compulsory?

While there are no mandates that impose such a compulsion, it all boils down to how much importance parents put on the safety of their children.

2. Does ISOFIX Car Seat Need A Base?

Yes, a base aids in an easy installation. It is the sturdy and secure point of connection between the Isofix fitting points and the car seat.


3. Does All ISOFIX Car Seats Fit All Cars?

No, they do not. You will need to do thorough research on the seat most compatible with your car before investing in one child car seat.

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