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5 Best Baby Convertible Car Seats in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 01, 2023 / Written by Bhakti Teli
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5 Best Baby Convertible Car Seats in India - Buyer’s Guide

Road trips and long drives with your little babies can be a fun and joyful experience for you and them. But travelling by road may come with tons of questions regarding your baby’s safety and comfort. Most car seats are too big for infants and toddlers. This is where infant car seats come in as your saviour. Baby convertible car seats are suitable for babies, toddlers, and kids too. They are easy to install, can be adjusted according to your baby’s comfort, and are a good companion when travelling on rough and harsh roads.

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What is a convertible baby car seat?

A convertible car seat is designed to last your baby's entire childhood. It can be adjusted according to the kid’s height and is compatible with carrying heavy weights too. When using it for small babies, you can install it as a rear-facing seat, and then switch to a forward-facing one as your baby becomes older. These car seats are made of extra-soft layers of padding and adjustable straps that keep babies secured in one place and provide them comfort during road trips.

A baby convertible car seat, unlike the infant seat, is heavy and not portable. As it is designed to accommodate young kids up to the age of 10–11, it cannot be easily detached from the car seat once installed because of its heavy weight. Some of these convertible car seats can even be converted into booster seats that will elevate the seat’s height to accommodate grown children. So fasten your seatbelts as we have listed down the best baby convertible car seats.

Top Rated Baby Convertible Car Seats in 2023

1. Best in Adjustable Height: LuvLap Galaxy Convertible Car Seat

LuvLap Galaxy Convertible Car Seat

LuvLap’s convertible car seat for babies is designed to accommodate babies and kids too. Its spacious and softly padded seat allows kids to sit comfortably for a longer duration. To ensure maximum safety, it features a 5-point safety harness that goes around the baby’s shoulders, waist, and crotch to keep them secured in one place. Along with this, it is certified as per the European Safety Standards. This product is a one-time investment as it can be used even when babies grow older with its 3 adjustable height levels. To make it better, it offers both rear and forward-facing seat options with 3 levels of seat reclination and positions of headrest. To know what customers are saying about this product you can watch this video.

Unique Feature: Side impact protection
Weight: 6 Kilograms
Suitable For: 0 to 7 years; up to 18 Kgs
Pros: Easy to wash seat cover, easy one-pull harness
Cons: No installation manual, provides minimal head support Ratings: 4.3/5
Price: ₹5,799

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2. Best in Safety Certified: R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Convertible Baby Car Seat

R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Convertible Baby Car Seat

The 5-point harness and side impact protection design of this product ensure the utmost safety for your babies. It has three levels of seat reclination that can be adjusted to your baby's comfort along with a high shock absorption build. This lets them sleep peacefully without experiencing any discomfort on bumpy roads. Another key feature of this car seat is its sturdy and strong build that can be converted into a rear and forward facing seat, which makes it useful even when babies grow older. This is one of the safest baby convertible car seats available online as it is safety certified and crash tested. Watch this video to learn how to use this convertible car seat.

Unique Feature: 3-position recline
Weight: 7.3 Kilograms
Suitable For: 0 to 7 years; up to 25 Kgs
Pros: Easy to install, durable, high-quality
Cons: Minimal padding in the headrest. Ratings: 4.4/5
Price: ₹6,707

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3. Best in LATCH System: Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

This baby convertible car seat offers both rear and forward facing seat options along with 5-point harness positions. It guarantees complete safety and can easily fit in babies, toddlers, and kids too, with 4 shoulder strap positions. Car rides for babies can be fun and comfy as the seat is made of an energy-absorbing foam liner that provides a soft cushion-like surface. It has a compact design, which makes it lightweight, travel-friendly, and easy to detach and install in different cars. What sets this baby car seat apart is its LATCH system, which makes installing seem like a breeze. Watch this video and learn how to install this convertible car seat as a rear-facing seat.

Unique Feature: 2 Crotch buckle positions
Weight: 5.44 Kilograms
Suitable For: 2 years and above; up to 40lbs
Pros: Washable seat pad, soft head pillow, side impact tested
Cons: Loose straps, difficult to install as a rear-facing seat Ratings: 4.6/5
Price: ₹10,439

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4. Best in Travel-friendly: Doona Baby Convertible Car Seat & Pram

Doona Baby Convertible Car Seat & Pram

Doona’s baby convertible car seat can turn into a stroller too and is specifically designed for travelling with babies. With its adjustable handlebar and high-quality fabric, it becomes the perfect baby stroller that provides comfort. This 2-in-1 ergonomic product promises complete safety as it is TUV and FAA aircraft approved and has 3-side impact protection too. It makes for an ideal travel-friendly car seat as it is super lightweight. Lastly, it includes a one-touch brake system and five levels of harness, but only offers a rear-facing seat option.

Unique Feature: Can turn into a baby stroller
Weight: 249 Grams
Suitable For: 12 months and above; up to 35lbs
Pros: Foldable,rocking function, washable fabric
Cons: Base sold separately Ratings: 4.8/5
Price: ₹45,539

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5. Best in Long Lasting: Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This 4-in-1 baby convertible car seat can turn into a highback booster, a backless booster, and a rear- and forward-facing seat.This car seat features durable steel reinforced frames and it grows with your little one, thanks to its multiple positions and convertibility. It provides maximum safety with its inbuilt belt lock and can accommodate young kids too, as it has six seat reclining levels. These features can make your long drive comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, it offers 10 positions of headrest and harness that can be adjusted as per the baby’s comfort. With its LATCH system and easy-to-understand level indicator, you can easily install it with no fuss.

Unique Feature: LATCH system
Weight: 10.43 Kilograms
Suitable For: Babies and kids up to 54 kgs
Pros: Easy to clean, durable steel frame, adjustable
Cons: Minimal head support Ratings: 4.9/5
Price: ₹44,999

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What To Look For In A Convertible Baby Car Seat?

Here are the features you should look for in a convertible baby car seat:

Seat Options: Convertible car seats for babies must last through their entire childhood. Always look for car seats that offer both rear and forward facing seat options. You can set it up as a rear facing seat when using it for small babies and as a forward facing seat when your baby grows older. Some products even offer booster seats, which prove to be more beneficial.

Weight and Height Capacity: Look for car seats that can accommodate kids too, along with infants, and are compatible with heavy weights too. Always buy car seats based on your little one’s height, weight, and age.

Adjustability: Baby convertible car seats must include adjustable harnesses, shoulder straps, belts, and a headrest. These elements make sure that the seat grows with your baby and can be adjusted as per requirements. With all these features, your car seat will be able to accommodate both babies and kids.

Safety: Make sure the car seat you are buying is safety certified and includes a sturdy belt lock system and side impact protection. The shoulder straps and belts should be tight enough to hold the baby securely in one place on bumpy roads. Car seats must not have any sharp edges that might hurt the babies.

Travelling with family plays a major role in creating an unbreakable bond between parents and their babies. But it can come along with a plethora of worries regarding the infant’s safety and comfort. To turn those bumpy and unpleasant car rides into fun and exciting ones, you need to get the best baby convertible car seat. This type of car seat will keep your baby calm and comfy during road trips. The most important thing is that it will work until your babies are older. You might need a new car, but not a new convertible car seat.

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of a baby convertible car seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are convertible car seats safe for newborns?

Yes. Convertible car seats are safe for newborns. Make sure they are installed as rear-facing seats for maximum safety and comfort.

2. What age to move a baby to a convertible car seat?

Parents can upgrade from an infant car seat to a convertible one if their baby has grown in height or weight. The duration between 9 months to 2 years is perfect to move babies into a convertible car seat.

3. Is it better to get an infant car seat or convertible?

Both these options are great when it comes to car seats for babies. But when using it for older babies, toddlers or kids a convertible car seat is better as it is adjustable.

4. When to switch from a convertible car seat to a booster?

Booster seats are made of kids who have reached the minimum height of 4 feet 9 inches. So when kids turn 8 or 9 years old, they can be switched from a convertible car seat to a booster.

5. How long are convertible car seats good for?

Generally, convertible car seats are designed to last long. But depending on the material, quality and usage a convertible car seat is durable enough to run for 7 to 9 years.

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