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Bhakti Teli

Specialty: Parenting essentials, Baby health and development products, Fashion and Lifestyle.
Education: Bachelor's in Mass Media

Bhakti enjoys writing and has a deep love for children; she believes that they bring joy, hope, and meaning to our lives. She has always enjoyed taking care of children and finds it to be a relaxing and fulfilling experience. As a content writer, Bhakti is committed to exploring the modern world of parenting and providing parents with informative and engaging guides that can make their journey easier.

Bhakti's writing focuses on a range of topics related to everyday parenting, as well as products that promote a baby's growth and a healthy lifestyle. She carries out extensive research and uses her expertise to curate insightful content that can help parents make informed decisions about their child's development.

With her deep interest in the subject matter and her research mindset, Bhakti is a reliable source of information and advice for parents everywhere. Whether she's exploring new ideas or delving into the latest parenting trends, Bhakti's writing is always infused with her signature blend of passion, empathy, and insight.