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12 Best & Comfy Nursing Bras in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 03, 2023 / Written by Bhakti Teli
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12 Best & Comfy Nursing Bras in India 2023

When moms start breastfeeding their babies, their breasts tend to become heavy. This heavy weight can also cause back and shoulder pain and bad posture. A nursing bra can be of great help when it comes to reducing these discomforts. A pumping or nursing bra is just like an ordinary bra, but it is extra supportive. With this type of bra, moms can easily breastfeed their babies, as it has a V-shaped opening that allows easy access to the breasts. A normal bra would require you to take it off completely while breastfeeding. But that’s not the case with nursing bras. Pumping bras allow mothers to express milk even while their hands are full with other tasks. The best nursing bra is supportive, easy to use, comfortable, and soft on the skin too. Here’s a selection of the best-quality nursing bras online:,

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Best Quality Nursing Bras in India

1. Best in Adjustable Straps: Jockey Wirefree Nursing Bra

Jockey Wirefree Nursing Bra

When it comes to buying high-quality nursing bras, Jockey is definitely a trustworthy brand. This nursing bra by Jockey has adjustable straps so that moms can adjust its fitting according to their comfort. There are no pads or underwires in this bra, which makes it super comfortable and easy to wear for a longer duration.This bra offers complete breasts coverage. It provides extra support with its U-shaped back closure. Lastly, what makes this bra so soft and comfy is its combed cotton and elastane material.

Material: 92% Cotton, 8% Lycra
Available Sizes: 34B to 40DD
Pros: Wirefree, Non-padded, easy to hook or unhook
Ratings: 4.4/5

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2. Best in Sweat-Resistant: CEE 18 Cotton Non Padded Nursing Bra

CEE 18 Cotton Non Padded Nursing Bra

Some women may sweat or lactate more as their breasts grow when they start to breastfeed. This nursing bra by CEE 18 is non-padded and comes with tiny breathable holes that will keep your breasts from getting sweaty. Breastfeeding your baby will be a breeze with this bra's detachable side buckles and its one-hand clasp openings. Along with this, it will also help reduce the pressure on your shoulder with its U-shaped back and non-slip adjustable straps. It even comes with double hooks that can be adjusted for a better fit. This is one of the best-quality nursing bras because of its soft and comfy fabric.

Material: 100% Cotton Hosiery
Available Sizes: 32C to 40C
Pros: Perfect coverage, label-free, side bank that conceals armpits
Cons: Colour may bleed during wash.
Ratings: 4.2/5

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3. Best for Complete Coverage: Momtobe Women's Cotton Nursing Bra

Momtobe Women's Cotton Nursing Bra

This supportive nursing bra by Momtobe provides full breast coverage. It has no itchy underwire or pads, so you can wear it all day and night. With its detachable side buckles, breasting or pumping can be easy at any time and at any place. This bra works well for women who have sore nipples as it is made of soft and breathable fabric. This cotton fabric allows for sufficient airflow, which is essential for preventing the unpleasant odour of sweat from the breasts.

Material: 100% Cotton
Available Sizes: 30C to 42
Pros: Stretchable fabric, skin-friendly, double hooks
Cons: Washing may cause some colour loss.
Ratings: 4.2/5

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4. Best for Pumping: Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra

This pumping bra by Simple Wishes is great for hard-working moms. You can pump up to 16+ ounces of breastmilk and simultaneously complete your chores, too. This bra keeps your hands free, as it has a double-layered design that supports breast pumps. It is suitable for the long run as it is made of good-quality fabric and dyes. There is no chance of nip slips with this full-cup coverage bra. Because it is made of soft fabric, it is gentle on babies and mothers too. The main purpose of this product is to make breastfeeding easy with its detachable clasp and multifunctional straps.

Material: Main fabric: 72% polyamide & 28% elastane. Mesh: 87% polyamide & 13% elastane
Available Sizes: XS/ Large
Pros: Toxin-free, seamless, supportive
Cons: Quality of velcro not up to mark.
Ratings: 4.5/5

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5. Best in Seamless Bras: Medela Non-Wired Nursing Bra

Medela Non-Wired Nursing Bra

This stylish wireless nursing bra by Medela is just what you need to make breastfeeding easier and simpler. It has a low, plunging neckline, which allows moms to wear deep neck tops. There are no wires, pads, or seams that will make this bra suitable to be worn at night. You can definitely wear this while sleeping or relaxing, as it doesn’t cause any itching or irritation and has a soft, breathable fabric.

Material: 92% Nylon and 8% elastane
Available Sizes: S/M/L
Pros: Comfortable fit, easy to use, stretchy material
Cons: Fabric may not be very abosrbent.
Ratings: 4.5/5

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6. Best in Supportive: Motherhood Maternity Women's Wrap Front Nursing Sleep Bra

Motherhood Maternity Women's Wrap Front Nursing Sleep Bra

This nursing bra is perfect for pregnant women because it doesn't have any irritating underwires and can be worn all day and night. It is suitable during every stage of pregnancy, from before the delivery to postpartum, and will provide firm support to the breasts. Along with being comfy, it has a wrap-style front, which makes breastfeeding seem like a breeze. This non-padded nursing top is a must-have because of all these features.

Available Sizes: S to 3X
Pros: Washable, soft, comfortable fit
Cons: Size may run small.
Ratings: 4.2/5

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7. Best in Padded bras: Furn Aspire Cotton Lightly Padded Maternity Bra

Furn Aspire Cotton Lightly Padded Maternity Bra

This lightly padded bra offers a perfect fit with its extendable hook. It is made of spandex and cotton material, which makes it suitable for any weather or season. Breastfeeding becomes easy with it, as it has a front opening button that comes off easily. This bra's elastic support will hold your breasts in place, so you can say goodbye to unpleasant wired bras that keep you up at night. It also provides full coverage and comfort with light padding of 0.5 cm. Overall, this product is worth buying as it is useful during pregnancy, lactation, and weaning periods too.

Material: Cotton 96 % + spandex 4%
Available Sizes: 34 to 42 ( B and C)
Pros: High-quality straps, U-shaped back
Cons: Not size inclusive
Ratings: 4.2/5

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8. Best for Breastfeeding and Pumping: MiEstilo Cotton Blend Non Padded Maternity Bra

MiEstilo Cotton Blend Non Padded Maternity Bra

This nursing bra by MiEstilo is made of soft cotton material and has front drop-drop clasps. These clasps are very strong and durable, and it's easy to take them off to breastfeed or pump milk. It is made of breathable fabric, which makes it an everyday nursing bra that can be worn during the day and at night. There is no doubt that this bra is super comfortable with its adjustable straps and hooks at the front and back that can be adjusted according to size. It also prevents leaks and spills, which is a nice bonus.

Material: Cotton Hosiery
Available Sizes: 32B to 44B
Pros: Hidden nursing clips, wire-free, double-layered cups
Cons: Bra straps may be flimsy.
Ratings: 4.1/5

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9. Best for Support: Ahc Spandex And Nylon Nursing Bra

Ahc Spandex And Nylon Nursing Bra

Ahc Spandex and Nylon Nursing Bra is specifically designed for breastfeeding and pumping. It has a seamless stitch, which makes it extremely comfortable to be worn throughout the day and night. To secure the breasts in place and to provide easy access during breastfeeding, this bra has firm clasps that are easily detachable. With its wide flanks, adjustable straps, elastic underband and sideband, it provides strong support to the breasts. This bra is made of soft and lightweight fabric, which evaporates sweat quickly and doesn’t cause any irritation.

Material: Nylon and spandex
Available Sizes: M/L/XL
Pros: Wireless, stretchy and breathable fabric
Ratings: 4/5

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10. Best in Non-Padded: Inner Sense Wire Free Nursing Bra

Inner Sense Wire Free Nursing Bra

This non-padded nursing bra is a must-buy as it is made from soft, anti-odour, anti-fungal material that is skin friendly. It is best suited for sensitive skin types because it has no underwire and no pads. This bra provides peak comfort with its straps that do not cause any irritation and clasps that can be opened easily with just one hand during breastfeeding. Lastly, it guarantees complete coverage and a spill-free experience.

Material: Organic Cotton Bamboo Elastane fabric
Available Sizes: 32 to 40 ( B,C,D)
Pros: Sweat absorption, adjustable, seamless
Cons: Bra’s fitting may become loose after a few washes.
Ratings: 4.1/5

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11. Best for Flexibility: Motherly Nylon Heavily Padded Nursing Bra

Motherly Nylon Heavily Padded Nursing Bra

Motherly's nursing bra with removable pads makes it possible for mothers to breastfeed their babies anywhere, at any time. It has hooks that can be detached easily with minimal effort to adjust the size accordingly. Along with this, it comes with straps that can be snapped out with just one hand for easy breastfeeding. The removable pads and deep V-neck design offer firm support to the breasts, making this the best nursing bra for women.

Material: 90% Nylon + 10% Spandex
Available Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Pros: Sweat absorption, soft fabric, wide sideband
Cons: Pads may not be comfortable.
Ratings: 4/5

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12. Best in Size-Inclusive: BRAVADO! DESIGNS Original Maternity & Nursing Bra

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Original Maternity & Nursing Bra

This everyday nursing bra is super comfy and size-inclusive, as it is available in a range of sizes. It is made of breathable cotton material that is soft on the skin and has no underwires that might cause discomfort. With its T-back design that has no closure, it secures breasts in place, offers complete coverage at the front, and provides strong breast support. Additionally, it has removable clasps for easy breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. Apart from being comfortable and supportive, it has a V-shaped neckline, which makes it stylish too.

Material: cotton-modal
Available Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Pros: Available in different cup sizes, wide bottom band
Cons: Material may be a bit see-through.
Ratings: 4.5/5

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What Should You Look For In A Nursing Bra?

Here are things you must consider before buying a nursing bra:

Bra pads and underwire: Always look for nursing bras according to your size and comfort. If you feel uncomfortable with pads and underwire, go for a non-padded, wire-free nursing bra. These bras are extremely comfortable and can be worn for longer periods of time as compared to padded and wired bras.

Adjustable straps or clasps: A nursing bra that has clasps that can be removed during breastfeeding makes the best nursing bra for all pregnant ladies. It must have straps that can be adjusted according to your size and comfort.

Material: Make sure to buy a bra that is made of soft cotton material, as it is breathable and gentle on the skin. A spandex nursing bra can offer great flexibility and durability, but it’s not as breathable as cotton. Lastly, always buy bras made of non-toxic materials that are safe for moms and babies too. A nursing bra’s material must absorb sweat or any other liquid, it must not allow spillage or leakage.

Nursing Bra Types

Nursing bras come in a variety of designs, suitable for specific purposes. Here are different types of nursing bras:

Sleep Bra: When women start to breastfeed, their breasts become heavier. They often feel like wearing a bra while sleeping too. So sleeping bras are specifically designed with a criss-cross pattern and a V-shaped neckline that allows for easy breastfeeding. This kind of bra provides optimum breast support and is extremely comfortable.

Pumping Bra: A pumping bra comes in handy when you need to pump milk through a machine without using your hands. This bra is designed to be firm enough to hold the breast pump machine. It is suitable for women who have to breastfeed and complete their chores simultaneously.

Clip-down bra: This type of bra comes with detachable clips that can be snapped for easy access during breastfeeding. It is super easy to detach these clips with one hand while handling the baby with the other. These types of bras provide skin-to-skin contact during breastfeeding.

Pumping and Nursing Bra: There is nothing better than a bra that can be used for breastfeeding and pumping too. These bras are a must-have product as they have detachable clips and space for using a pumping machine too. With this bra, breastfeeding and pumping can become extremely easy.

A maternity nursing bra is as important as any other pregnancy clothing. To ensure the comfort, well-being, and health of pregnant women or new moms, it is crucial to provide them with the best nursing bra. It not only makes breastfeeding and pumping milk easier but also helps relieve shoulder and back pain. With its soft material and adjustable straps, it makes women feel comfy and loved in their natural post-pregnancy bodies. To sum up, when shopping for a nursing bra, you should never settle for anything less than the best. BabyG - Early Development App

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose a nursing bra size?

Start by figuring out your band size. To do this, measure your rib cage and subtract that number from the size of your bust. Your bra cup size will be based on the number you get. After that, look for bras with your cup size and comfort in mind.

2. Are nursing bras and pumping bras the same?

No. Nursing bras come with clip-down clasps while pumping bras have open space for the pumping machine. But some bras are all-in-one and can be used as nursing and pumping bras both.

3. When is the best time to get measured for a nursing bra?

Breasts go through changes during pregnancy, hence the best time to get yourself measured for a nursing bra is just a few weeks before delivery.

4. Is it ok to wear a regular bra while breastfeeding?

Regular bras do not have removable clasps and space for breast pumps. Additionally, they aren’t as comfortable as nursing bras. Hence, using a nursing bra will prove much more helpful and comfy while breastfeeding.

5. Which type of nursing bra is best for breastfeeding?

A nursing bra with clip-down clasps is the best while breastfeeding. It provides easy access to breasts and also provides skin-to-skin contact. Bras that are made of lightweight, absorbent material also help during lactation as they are leakproof.

6. Is a padded bra good for breastfeeding?

Padded nursing bras give breasts a good shape and form while also avoiding any leakage or spills. So, yes, padded bras can be good for breastfeeding, but it totally depends on whether the mom finds them comfortable or not.

7. Are nursing bras supposed to be tight?

No, a nursing bra must never be too tight. You will not receive proper ventilation and may develop rashes or redness because of tight bras. It needs to have a comfy fit so that women can carry out their everyday activities feeling comfortable.

8. Is it ok to wear a nursing bra at night?

Yes, it is completely okay to wear a nursing bra at night. But make sure your bra allows proper airflow, is gentle on skin, and doesn’t cause discomfort while sleeping.

9. When to start wearing nursing bras?

When women feel their breasts are becoming heavy and are causing discomfort, it is the right time to wear a nursing bra. Women can either wait until the 8th month of pregnancy or wear it even in the first trimester.

10. When to stop wearing nursing bras?

There isn’t a specific time to stop wearing nursing bras. Women can continue wearing a nursing bra until they are breastfeeding their babies.

11. How many nursing bras should you own?

Since nursing bras are sweat-absorbent, spillage free, and easily washable, three bras are enough during and post-pregnancy.

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