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Babies and Air Travel: Complete Guide with FAQ & Tips

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Mar 22, 2023 / Vetted by Dr Sandip Gupta, MBBS, MD, FNB-PICU
Babies and Air Travel

Excited about your baby’s first airplane journey? You may be worrying about whether carrying your baby on a flight is safe, but with the right precautions, you can have a safe plane journey with your little one.

Baby’s Air Travel FAQ with Tips

Here are some answers to your questions about your baby’s air travel.

When Do Babies Start Flying?

While there are different age limits set by different governments and airlines, infants younger than 48 hours of age are not allowed on flights. Premature infants have to wait longer to fly.

According to the American Association of Paediatricians, you can travel with your one-week-old infant on an airplane. They also suggest that you get your baby a seat of their own. Talk to your paediatrician if your baby has a lung or heart problem and is at an increased risk of infection.

Which is the best seat for your baby on the airplane?

You should select a comfortable seat that allows easy access to your belongings. You may carry your baby on your lap if they are less than 2 years old and you do not have a separate ticket for them. You can choose your seat based on the following:
  • Choose a seat in a row that has more space, such as a bulkhead. Avoid the exit rows.
  • Choose a window seat if possible. Aisle seats see a lot of passing carts and spillage of served beverages.
  • Some international flight carriers offer sky cots or bassinets for babies under six months after paying add-on charges.
  • While traveling with your family, you may want to book three seats in the same row so the seat can become one large seat for you and your child.
  • You can get an inflatable seat extender so that your child can sleep on it instead of on your lap.

Can I use a car seat on an airplane?

It is best to contact your airline for regulations for carrying a car seat inside the aircraft. It is also necessary to check if your car seat has the right certification for use on an airplane.

You should properly restrain your child in a car seat that meets the aircraft standards, especially until your child weighs more than 18 kg and can use the aircraft belt. Use a car seat appropriate for your child.

Can I pack milk for my baby for the duration of the flight?

You may carry expressed milk or formula milk with you. Pack the powder and the water separately. You may check the allowable quantities of liquids inside a cabin. It is better to request an exemption on the minimum allowable quantities and also for the X-ray screening for liquids.

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Precautions To Take While Your Baby Travelling in Flight

Although it is safe to carry babies and children on a plane journey, you need to take the following air travel precautions. Here are a few baby air travel hacks so that your baby can have a safe and comfortable flight:
  • Constrain your child in the seat safely using a child restraint system.
  • Carry with you a bag of snacks and medicine for your baby and a few toys to keep him/her engaged. These are absolute air travel essentials when travelling with your baby.
  • To decrease ear pain during descent, encourage your baby to suck on a bottle/pacifier. Ask your doctor if you can carry a pain reliever for your baby. Older children can try chewing gum.
  • Ask your doctor if your child can travel if they have had an ear infection or surgery in the past 15 days.
  • Carry a bag containing pacifiers, extra clothes, diapers, and trash bags to pack used diapers.
  • Dress your baby in light and comfortable clothes. If your baby is crying, soothe them and check if they are hungry or have a wet diaper. Keep your baby dry.

Flying with your baby needs a lot of preparation. Take time to plan your journey accordingly. Contact your airline for the seating details and your needs before you fly. It is best to talk to the pediatrician before you decide to take your baby on an airplane.

We at BabyG are here to address every question with regards to your baby. So look no further and come join our community of like-minded parents.



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