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7 Best Quality Breast Milk Storage Bottles in India

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 05, 2023 / Written by Samyuktaa Kunnummal / Reviewed by Bhavya Koppisetti
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breast milk storage bottles

Breastfeeding is a huge responsibility. And mothers go to various lengths to provide the best for their babies. Expressing and storing milk is just another extension of their love.

Breast milk can be expressed by hand, with a manual or an electric breast pump. After which mothers will definitely need high-quality and, safe breast milk storage bottles.

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Is It Good To Store Breast Milk in Bottles?

Storing milk in bottles is totally fine. Provided they are clean, sterilised and BPA-free. When it comes to storing breast milk, parents may opt for glass bottles, plastic bottles, and freezer bags.


Glass containers do a good job of preserving the milk's freshness in the fridge. But they break more easily in the freezer than their plastic counterparts. As a result, clear hard BPA-free plastic bottles are the best option for long-term usage. It's up to the parents to weigh their options, decide which will serve their needs, and be most practical.

Top Rated Breast Milk Storage Bottles in 2023

1. Best in Versatile Usage: Medela Breastmilk Bottles

These two 250mL bottles are at the forefront of the list for a good reason. Madela aims to provide the best experience for both you and your child with this one.

The BPA-free bottles are compatible with the Medela breast pump and shield so that they are convenient to express and store the excess milk in. Included with lids and disks, the bottles keep the breast milk safe and fresh, making them great feeding bottles too.

Specifications: ‎6.9 x 13 x 14.2 cm; 110 Grams

Pros: High Quality, Leak-proof, No discolouration after use.

Cons: The bottles are clear, so can be hard to see the ounce markings.

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2. Best in Compatibility: Adore Breast Milk Storage Bottles

Here’s a product you will adore, no pun included. These three easy-to-handle 250ml bottles are the most efficient bottles on the market. It is compatible with most of the major breast pumps out there.

The bottles are freezer safe and can be cleaned with a steriliser the convenient way too. Also, the shape and adorable size of the product make it a perfect bottle for feeding the baby with just the addition of the teat (not included).

Specification: ‎21.8 x 11.2 x 8.8 cm; 170 Grams

Pros: Bottle Warmer Safe, Good quality and easy to clean.

Cons: May not be able to withstand being sterilised in hot water.

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3. Best with Solid Lid: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bottles

Dependable and durable are two words that can be used to describe this product. These bottles are both BPA and BPS-free. They are equipped with solid lids, unlike the others, which ensure a leakproof experience and are compatible with any Lansinoh Pump and NaturalWave Nipple.

The reusable breast milk storage bottles are long-lasting, thick, and made of the highest quality. Many parents find the 160 mL bottles to be the optimal size for storing and feeding their babies.

Specifications: ‎12.7 x 11.76 x 10.8 cm; 160 Grams

Pros: Dishwasher safe, Easy to hold, fits Lansinoh nipples well.

Cons: The lid may leak.

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4. Best in Design: MaxStrength Breastmilk Storage Bottles

Your search for durable, easy-to-use breast milk storage bottles ends here! The six-piece, wide-neck bottles carry 180 ml each. Designed to withstand any leaks, the products are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

The sturdy and ergonomic design of the bottles makes it easier to hold and store the liquid gold for a longer timeframe. While they might be a bit on the expensive side, they are worth it in the long run.

Specifications: 21.59 x 20.6 x 6.91 cm; 340.19 Grams

Pros: Easy to clean, compatible with Spectra S1 pump.

Cons: The measurements may seem a little off.

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5. Best for Travel: Dr Brown's Breastmilk Collection Bottles

These sets of four 120ml Dr Brown's breast milk storage containers are narrow-necked with a simple design, perfect for travelling. The shape also helps older babies to comfortably hold and feed from it.

The high-quality bottles support freezer storage and help to keep the nutrients of the breastmilk intact. The product's clear markings assist breast-pumping mothers in monitoring while expressing. This will be a great addition to your collection.

Specifications: 10.41 x 12.45 x 10.41 cm; 113.4 Grams

Pros: Dishwasher safe, Easy to hold.

Cons: May leak.

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6. Best with Nipple Caps: Motif Duo Breast Milk Storage Bottle

To conclude our list, we have this set of two 180ml Motif Duo Breast Milk Storage Bottles. The clear bottles come with nipple caps, a first on our list, to keep the milk and the nipple (not included) safe after a hearty feed.

The bottles are free from BPA and can be used as feeding bottles right after expression. A true gem indeed!

Specifications: 22.91 x 17.81 x 7.59 cm; 108.86 Grams

Pros: Easy to assemble and clean

Cons: The measuring scale is hard to read.

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Factors To Consider While Buying Breast Storage Bottle

When searching for the best breast milk storage bottles, it is best if you ask yourself these questions before going ahead with the purchase. Are you going to use it simply for storage? How many are you looking for? Are you looking for a glass or plastic one?

Once these are answered, with the factors below, you will find yourself with the best breast milk storage bottle perfect for your needs.

a. Look for ones that are BPA and BPS free:
Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) are chemicals that may leak from plastic utensils and have the potential to harm your infant. These chemicals affect an infant's brain and hormone system while also increasing their risk of cancer. So, it is best to be alert and keep away from bottles with them.

b. Select the one compatible with your breast pump
It is optimal to maintain a cohesive ecosystem in your pumping journey. Look for breast milk storage containers that are compatible with your breast pump. If you are planning to use the same bottle for feeding, then you need to take that into consideration as well. Compatibility is an important factor in choosing the best products for yourself and your baby.

c. Make your cleaning journey simple
Pumping can get tiring, so it is best to reduce the load any way we can. Reaching for a dishwasher and steriliser-safe bottle will help you to make this routine easier. Such products can usually be pumped in, stored, and fed all in one bottle. Making the following steps of washing and sterilising a hop, skip, and jump as well.

d. Convenience with great price point.
Baby products tend to be a bit pricey. Buying with a set ecosystem in mind will help you avoid all the necessary costs due to confusion. Look for the bottles that check all the boxes but also suit your wallet well.

In essence,

Investing in the right breast milk storage bottles will help you tons. From pumping, and storing to feeding, a reusable bottle will benefit you and the environment at large too. We hope we helped you find the perfect one for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Better To Store Breast Milk in Glass Bottles?

Glass bottles are great for storage for longer periods of time since they don't emit any chemicals and are environmentally friendly. But they are easier to crack and heavy, so it is best to select a bottle with all your needs in mind.

2. How Long Are Breast Milk Storage Bottles Good For?

It is recommended that you check the shelf life printed on the label before purchasing a bottle. High quality breast milk storage containers will not chip or crack for a long time. However, it is best to replace them after six months.

3. Is It Good to Store Breast Milk in a Plastic Bottle?

It is not advised to store milk in regular plastic bottles at home. Bottles designed for storing breast milk are unique. They are generally reusable, made of hard plastic, and BPA-free. They are built to last and are ideal for being used by babies.

4. How Long Can Breast Milk Be Kept in A Bottle?

It depends on the modes of storage. When refrigerated, milk can last up to four hours. In the freezer at six and the deep freezer for 12 months at a time. But it is best to use up the milk kept at room temperature within four hours.

5. Is It Better To Store Breast Milk in Bottles with Nipples?

No, storing breastmilk with the nipple attached to the bottle is not recommended. The nipple's opening provides easy access for bacteria to your liquid gold. So, it is best to store milk with the lid tightly closed.

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