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9 Best Hands Free Breast Pumps in India

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 14, 2023 / Written by Priyanka Sonkushre / Reviewed by Bhavya Koppisetti
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9 Best Hands Free Breast Pumps in India

The arrival of a baby changes the life of a new mom. There's so much to do and take care of that taking time out exclusively for pumping milk can be difficult. Thanks to new-age technology, it is now possible for moms to collect their precious breast milk without confining themselves to the couch or bed, allowing them to move freely during the pumping session.

Looking for a similar tool that allows you to stay hands-free while you cuddle your baby or finish your chores while pumping? If so, read on as we recommend the best hands-free breast pumps available in India.

Our Top Picks

What is a Hands-Free Breast Pump

A good hands-free breast pump, aka wearable breast pump, is a great alternative to traditional breast pumps. These small devices fit comfortably inside a bra and support discreet pumping. As there are no bulky attachments such as bottles or tubing in the device, you can comfortably move around while pumping your breast milk.

Are hands-free breast pumps good?

Wearable, hands-free pumps are a good choice for moms with busy schedules. You may be working or have multiple kids, requiring you to be constantly on your toes during the day. Hands-free pumps can support you in proceeding with your day-to-day activities without requiring you to pause. These pumps are portable, discreet, wearable, and comfortable, allowing you to collect breast milk while working, tending to your children's needs, or on the go.

Top Rated Hands-Free Breast Pump in India

1. Best for Good Battery Life: Momcozy Portable Hands Free Breast Pump

Momcozy Portable Hands Free Breast Pump

This silicone hands free breast pump allows breastfeeding mothers to multitask while using it. The pump supports massage and suction modes with five levels of intensity to stimulate milk expression. It has a suction range of 280-300 mm of Hg. Its food-grade silicone body is safe for milk collection. The pump has an attached container with a 180-ml capacity. The best part of this pump is that it automatically shuts down after 20 minutes, and its low noise level does not disturb a sleeping baby. Charge it completely, and you can use it 4–6 times before you need to plug it in again.

Specification & Items in Box: 18.11 x 15.19 x 9.19 cm; 449 Grams, 1 item
Pros: Good battery life, Made of skin-friendly material
Cons: You may experience leakage issues
Rating: 3.8/5

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2. Best for Pain-free Pumping: Bellababy Hands Free Pump

Bellababy Hands Free Pump

Bellababy is a double breast hands free pump that you can use to express milk from both breasts simultaneously. The pump is designed with four modes and nine adjustable suction levels that help in stimulating milk flow and facilitating milk expression. Its unique design allows you to easily use the device anytime, anywhere. A bright LCD lets you monitor motor settings while pumping. Even though it has strong suction, it provides a pain-free pumping experience. And let's not forget its soft silicone body, which makes the pump comfortable to use.

Specification & Items in Box: 15.24 x 10.16 x 5.08 cm; 1.24 Kilograms, 1 item
Pros: Easy to Clean, Quick assembly
Cons: Could be a little noisy
Rating: 3.6/5

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3. Best for Multiple Flange Size Options: Akaho Low Noise Hands Free Breast Pump

Akaho Low Noise Hands Free Breast Pump

Akaho breast pump is another product available in the wearable breast pump category. The device is equipped with three modes: massage mode, suction mode, and mixed mode. It also has nine adjustable gears that help provide maximum comfort. The product is designed to prevent leakage and reflux during pumping. The LED display and touchscreen technology help you use the device easily. As the product is BPA-free and made of non-toxic material, you don't have to worry about it causing milk contamination. Another good point of this double hands free breast pump is that you get to choose between four different flange sizes to fit your needs.

Specification & Items in Box: 29.01 x 17.91 x 9.91 cm; 762 Grams, 1 item
Pros: User-friendly design, Easy to clean
Cons: May need practise to put together
Rating: 4.3/5

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4. Best For Quiet Pumping Experience: Mosbaby Electric Wearable Breast Pump

Mosbaby Electric Wearable Breast Pump

If you are looking to invest in a single breast pump that's small and easy to carry along, you can try out the wearable breast pump by Mosbaby. It also has two different modes and adjustable intensity levels that cater to different needs during milk expression. Using this device, you will be able to discreetly pump milk without attracting unwanted attention. The soft silicone BPA-free flange fits nicely onto the breast, and the USB-chargeable battery can be quickly recharged when it runs out. This pump also has a closed system and thus prevents spillage. You also get three different nipple shields so you can ensure the best fit during milk collection.

Specification & Items in Box: ‎18.9 x 15.19 x 11.3 cm; 472 Grams, 1 item
Pros: Great for travelling, Equipped with memory function
Cons: Suction issues may arise
Rating: 4/5

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5. Best Lightweight Pump: Freemie Liberty II Deluxe Hands Free Wearable Breast Pump

Freemie Liberty II Deluxe Hands Free Wearable Breast Pump

Freemie brings a super lightweight, hands-free breast pump for moms looking for a compact and hands-free device for milk expression. As it is made of food-grade plastic material, it is completely safe for collecting milk. A unique feature of this wearable pump is its programmable sleep timer, which allows you to take a quick nap while you are using the device. The pump has a strong suction power of 280 mm Hg to efficiently pump milk and also comes with a battery that can be easily recharged for next use.

Specification & Items in Box: 11.3 x 11.3 x 6.99 cm; 780 Grams, 1 item
Pros: Convenient to use, Two breast flanges included
Cons: May need frequent recharging

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6. Best for Discreet Placement: Befano Upgraded Wearable Breast Pump M1

Befano Upgraded Wearable Breast Pump M1

Befano has upgraded their old model to a completely new device, which you can easily hide under your bra as there is no protruding motor in the device. The pump is spill-proof because of the strategically placed pour-out lid. As the motor does not come in contact with breast milk, it stays safe and can be easily cleaned and maintained. The pump comes with different modes and levels of suction power to support efficient milk expression. You also get flanges of three different sizes, so you don't have to worry about the appropriate fit of the pump.

Specification & Items in Box: 25.4 x 15.87 x 7.92 cm; 658 Grams, 1 item
Pros: Silent operation, Has a closed pumping system
Cons: Touch buttons are sensitive
Rating: 3.7/5

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7. Best for Quick Assembly: Mumeasy Double Hands Free Breast Pump

Mumeasy Double Hands Free Breast Pump

Here is another model that has been upgraded to provide a better experience for breastfeeding moms. It is a simple automatic hands free breast pump with merely five parts which can be quickly assembled whenever needed. The motor is quiet enough to not disturb a sleeping baby, and you can easily adjust it to your liking by tweaking the modes and suction power. Other positive features of this model include a backlit LCD screen and a timer that switches off the motor automatically after 30 minutes of use. Note, however, that this model only includes a single flange of size 24 mm.

Specification & Items in Box: 17.81 x 16.51 x 14.2 cm; 621 Grams, 1 item
Pros: Easy to use and clean, Anti-spill design
Cons: Comes with only one flange size
Rating: 3.9/5

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8. Best for Appealing Design: Horigen Hands Free Breast Pump

Horigen Hands Free Breast Pump

Horigen is a cute-looking wearable single hands free breast pump that comes with a 150 ml bottle, which you can attach to the motor to collect breast milk. The pump comes with a flange set of three different sizes, and each flange is made of safe silicone material for maximum comfort. This model has a stimulation mode to stimulate milk production as well as five intensity levels that can be adjusted while in expression mode. You can comfortably use this product on the go, as it firmly attaches to the breast and creates a tight seal to avoid milk leakage.

Specification & Items in Box: 18.29 x 16.69 x 15.01 cm; 519 Grams, 1 item
Pros: BPA-free, Comes with a reusable bottle
Cons: May need practise to clean
Rating: 3.9/5

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9. Best for Large Capacity: Yowomta Wearable Breast Pump

Yowomta Wearable Breast Pump

Weighing only 0.49 pounds, this affordable hands free breast pump is compact and portable and can make pumping on the go a whole lot easier. It can conveniently fit into a tote bag or a handbag and be placed right under your bra anytime, anywhere, without making you feel uncomfortable. The pump has the usual two modes and nine levels for facilitating adjustment. It also has a fairly large capacity of 180 mL to allow you to collect more milk in one go. And the unidirectional milk flow prevents the backflow of the milk and keeps you from getting messy.

Specification & Items in Box: 13.46 x 10.92 x 6.86 cm; 222.26 Grams, 1 item
Pros: Easy to clean and maintain, Can be charged using a power bank or computer
Cons: Some may find it a little noisy
Rating: 4.1/5

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How To Choose the Right Hands-Free Breast Pump?

Here are a few pointers that can help you find a suitable pump matching your breast-pumping needs:

Lightweight: As you will be wearing a hands-free breast pump inside your bra, make sure the product you choose is not too heavy and bulky, as it can make you feel uncomfortable. A heavy device may also have issues staying put even when you use adjusters to support its weight.

Type: The breast pumps that come with a pumping bra are also sometimes called hands-free pumps. But if you truly want a completely hands-free pump without any tubing or bottle attachments, you must look for products that fall under the wearable category, as these are the ones you can slide under your bra and go on with your work as usual.

Size: Check for the overall size of the wearable breast pump and also the flange sizes that come along with the product. An ill-fitting pump may not express as effectively as you would like and may also feel uncomfortable. Ensure the flange perfectly fits your breast and is not awkwardly small or large when placed under the bra.

Capacity: If your milk production is on the higher side, a large-capacity wearable breast pump might be a good fit for you as it can collect more milk compared to pumps with smaller capacities. However, if your milk production is normal, you may be well off with a standard-sized pump.

Battery life: A breast pump with poor battery life can be quite cumbersome, as you will need to keep charging it frequently. Therefore, select a product with good battery life, as it can save you from the hassles of plugging in the device for charging time and again.

Price: Last, but not least, is the price. You can find products in the budget-friendly range and expensive ones. Every pump comes with its own unique features. You just need to analyse which ones are your priorities and then find one that comes within your budget.

Tips For Using A Hands-Free Breast Pump

1. Make sure you clean the pump and air dry it after every use so that it is always ready for the next use.
2. Ensure you have the right fit for the flange size to fit you properly.
3. Place the nipple right in the centre of the flange for effective and comfortable milk expression.
4. Try out different suction levels to find the one that's most comfortable for you.
5. Always check the battery level after every session so you can plug it in if you have a draining battery and ensure it's fully charged for your next pumping session.
6. Invest in a few good-quality bras and bra adjusters that can easily hold the weight of a wearable breast pump and keep it in place during the pumping session.

Wrapping Up,

Hands-free breast pumps are a blessing, especially for moms who are constantly hustling and cannot afford to pause for 20-30 minutes multiple times a day. If you're a new mom looking for hands free breast pump options, we suggest you closely analyse your needs and the features of hands-free breast pumps mentioned in our list to zero in on the best device that will support you in your breastfeeding journey.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How does a hands-free breast pump work?

    A hands free wearable pump is a uniquely designed pump with no attached tubes or wires. These pumps have fewer parts compared to traditional breast pumps, so are easy to assemble and use. The small motor attached to the pump body creates suction that mimics a baby's natural cycling suckling motion which triggers a letdown. The expressed milk passes through the flange and gets collected in the container attached to the motor which you can transfer to another container and store in the refrigerator.

    2. Does insurance cover hands-free breast pumps?

    Hands-free breast pump models may not be covered under insurance. The best way to confirm this is to call your insurance provider's customer support number to get information regarding breast pumps and their coverage under your insurance plan.

    3. How to use a hands free breast pump?

    The best part of hands free breast pumps is that they are usually easy to use and assemble. Hence, you do not need to follow a lengthy procedure to begin milk expression. Here are some of the steps you can follow to use a hands free breast pump:
    1. Wash your hands with soap and water to get rid of dirt and germs.
    2. Assemble the product according to the instructions given in the manual.
    3. Gently slide the pump inside the bra and place it in the correct position.
    4. Set the motor at a comfortable speed and press the "on" button to turn on the breast pump.
    5. Carry on with your activities until you're done pumping the milk.
    6. Turn off the motor and transfer the milk into another container before placing it in the refrigerator.
    7. Wash the pump parts once again and leave them to air dry.

    4. When to use a hands-free breast pump?

    There are quite a few situations when a cordless hands free breast pump can come in handy to meet your pumping needs. Here are a few instances when you can derive the maximum benefit from a wearable, hands-free breast pump
    1. While travelling
    2. While doing chores
    3. While tending to your baby's or other children's needs
    4. While working in the office
    5. While putting your little one to sleep
    6. While simply enjoying a few quiet moments before your baby needs you again.

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