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10 Best Baby Nail Cutters & Clippers in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Jul 03, 2023 / Written by Alisha Fernandes
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10 Best Baby Nail Cutters & Clippers in India 2023

The first look at a baby’s adorable little fingers surely fills anyone’s heart with joy. As their tiny fingers grow, you will see their nails growing too. These sharp nails can result in them scratching themselves, as they do not have full control over their movements. With so many options available, there is a nail cutter for each parent to suit their baby’s needs. Read on to learn all about tools to help you trim your baby’s nails.

Our Top Picks

Top Rated Baby Nail Cutters & Clippers in India 2023

1. Best with Finger Handle: BEABA Beaba Nail Cutter

BEABA Beaba Nail Cutter

Nail cutters for babies are usually small in size to trim nails without harming them. Here is a nail cutter that comes with an accessible handle to uphold your finger for the precise cutting of nails. The sturdy stainless steel body and ergonomic handles give your fingers a practical grip. You can cover the nail cutter with its cover once you’ve finished trimming nails. This nail cutter also comes with a ring that can be hung in your baby’s nursery. This nail cutter can be effortlessly sanitised with 90% rubbing alcohol, ensuring that it remains hygienic and safe.

Suitable For: 0 to 8 years
Pros: Good grip, easy-to-store case, ergonomic shape.
Cons: The size might be big for certain newborns.

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2. Best with Magnifier: Mee Mee Gentle Nail Clipper with Magnifier

Mee Mee Gentle Nail Clipper with Magnifier

Trimming your baby’s nails to perfection can be easily achieved with this nail cutter. If you are someone who wants to be particularly wary of accidentally cutting through your baby’s skin, this baby nail cutter with a magnifying glass is your best bet. You get a good close-up view of the nails with the help of its heightened magnifying glass, which can be detached. The blades are made of rust-free material for durability. Lastly, this nail clipper is made in accordance with international standards of hygiene and safety, so you can be assured of nothing but the best for your little one.

Suitable For: 0 to 3 years
Pros: Smoothened edges, scaled for small nails, bright colour.
Cons: The handle of the magnifying glass might not be very durable.

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3. Best in Non-Porous Nail Filers: Angel Love Baby Nail File

Angel Love Baby Nail File

This nail file is best for newborns who have soft nails that are steadily developing. Often, with newborns who spring into action every second, using a nail filer like this is ideal. This nail filer is made from good quality Czech float glass that is gentle on the nails. Thanks to its non-porous nature and soft grit, it does not harbour any germs. Though it has a soft grit, you can rest assured that this will be a part of your baby's nail cutter kit for years to come. Another benefit of this nail file is that it will get the job done without the chance of causing any injury. It is also great for kids who are not so keen on the ticking sound of nail cutters.

Suitable For: 0+ months
Pros: No sharp edges, durable, comes in a pack of 3.
Cons: Positioning the filer at the correct angle may be challenging at first.

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4. Best All-In-One Set: LuvLap Baby Nail Clipper Set

LuvLap Baby Nail Clipper Set

Here’s a baby nail cutter kit that is perfect for manicure day. Depending on the growth and sharpness of your baby’s nails, you will require different tools to make sure your baby has clean and well-shaped nails. In this kit, you will get a nail filer and scissors that help you cut tiny nails without hampering the nailbed. You also get one of the best baby nail clippers for quick and easy nail clipping. Additionally, you will get a tweezer that can be safely used to clear your baby’s nostrils of any dried mucus or any particles in their ears, nails, or navel. This set is made from good quality materials like plastic that's BPA-free and stainless steel for better durability.

Suitable For: 0 months and up
Pros: Rust-free, anti-slip handles, rounded edges.
Cons: Tweezers may be difficult to handle and need to be sterilised well.

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5. Best Scissors for Infants: Rikang Baby Safety Scissors with Circular Cutter Head

Rikang Baby Safety Scissors with Circular Cutter Head

These baby scissors are designed with a circular cutter head, which is the best for cutting the nails of newborns. Newborns commonly have very soft and mildly coloured nails. Hence, it gets difficult to differentiate between the skin and the nail. For the days when you are still getting used to figuring out how to move around your infant's nails, the unique rounded head is quite helpful. These reliable, easy-to-hold scissors are made from stainless steel that will not get rusted easily. Now that you have the proper equipment, you can easily cut your infants’ nails without any hesitancy.

Suitable For: 0 to 3 years
Pros: Instructions provided, ensures safe trimming, good grip.
Cons: Might be a bit challenging to cut the toenails.

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6. Best Easy-To-Use: Tommee Tippee Baby Scissor

Tommee Tippee Baby Scissor

Your baby’s nails require a nail trimmer that is easy to use so that you can avoid any unwanted injuries. Here is a tool that is convenient, easy to understand, and quick in trimming nails. The rounded edges help you stay worry-free while cutting small nails. The sturdy handles are apt to support your fingers for a precise cut. It also comes with a cover to carefully store it when not in use. Keeping these handy scissors in your manicure collection is a must for your ever-growing baby.

Suitable For: 0+ months
Pros: Lightweight, efficient to use, good value.
Cons: If not kept clean and dry, it could get rusty.

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7. Best Speed Controlled Nail Trimmer: B&H Baby Nail Trimmer

B&H Baby Nail Trimmer

Electric nail trimmers generally are the safest option while trimming nails. Here’s a quiet nail trimmer that is automated with the power of batteries. You can aptly adjust the speed of this trimmer for better-polished nails. You also have the option of adjusting the direction of nailheads for optimal angles of trimming. In this set, you get 5 nailheads that consist of 3 varying textures on a foam cushion that can be used for children of varying ages. Spare nailheads for future use are provided, helping you hold on to this set for the years to come. The nail trimmer also comes with a built-in LED light for improved visibility. Additionally, there is a nail clipper to cut nails that have grown excessively. All of these amazing tools come in a compact case that has great portability.

Suitable For: 0+ months
Pros: Multiple attachments, ergonomic shape, vibrant colours.

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8. Best Baby Scissors with Case: GOCART New Born Safety Nail Scissors with Circular Cutter Head

GOCART New Born Safety Nail Scissors with Circular Cutter Head

Scissors are the easiest to use and move around little fingers. The round-edged handles give you a firm grip. The PP lock makes it accessible and easy to regulate the pressure. With these scissors, you get a special case for the blades with these scissors. Covering your scissors helps to avoid any unwanted skin infections and dust build-up. The length of the blade is apt for tiny nails that may not be very visible. If you experience your baby’s nails bending with nail clippers or cutters, using this scissor for precise cuts is your best bet.

Suitable For: 0+ months
Pros: Safe rounded tip, value for money, convenient to use.
Cons: Might not be very durable.

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9. Best in Baby Manicure Sets with Case: Chicco 4 in 1 Baby Manicure Set

Chicco 4 in 1 Baby Manicure Set

The Chicco 4 in 1 Baby Manicure Set has all the right tools in the right size for an enjoyable nail trimming experience. You have all the required tools in one place, the cute panda case to store the equipment helps capture your baby's attention immediately. The handle on the nail clipper lets you secure your fingers without being concerned about it slipping away. The two durable nail filers in this set are absolutely non-abrasive to the delicate fingers of newborns. The stainless steel scissors have curved blades that glide around your baby’s fingers. Keeping in mind that small particles can get stuck in your baby’s nails, the handy tweezers help to clean more efficiently.

Suitable For: 0+ months
Pros: Round ends, better grip, portable.

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10. Best in Electric Nail Trimmers: ZIXAD Electric Baby Nail File Clipper

ZIXAD Electric Baby Nail File Clipper

This electric nail clipper is apt for babies who do not have a lot of patience to sit in one place. As the name suggests this nail clipper works on electricity. Especially with kids who keep moving, this is a hassle-free and safe method to trim their nails. You can change the attachable grinding heads as per your requirement for your growing child. The different grinding heads help with smoothening and shaping your baby’s nails without affecting their cuticles or skin. Despite being an electric clipper, it does not make loud noises that could startle your child. It also has a one-push button, making it extremely convenient to start and stop quickly.

Suitable For: 0 months to adults
Pros: Vibrant colours, portable, gentle on the skin.
Cons: If the nails have grown too long, they will need to be cut before using this nail clipper to smoothen them.

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How To Choose The Right Baby Nail Cutter & Clipper?

Choosing the right baby nail cutter or clipper depends on features like:
  1. Design & Size: Purchasing a nail cutter, clipper, or filer that is bigger in size and has a good design will be beneficial, as it provides a good grip. This will help make the manicure process easier and safer.
  2. Age: Baby nail cutters come in different sizes designed for different ages at times. Hence, it is advisable to read the age range before buying.
  3. Type: There are a few different types of nail trimmers that can all be used to trim nails. They are - Nail cutters, clippers, filers, and electronic nail filers. Take time to understand the functions to buy the most suitable one for you and your little ones’ needs.
  4. Material: While buying, selecting a stainless steel blade will give higher durability. Along with good quality plastic handles that give superior grip.
  5. Supplementary features: You also have the option of selecting from nail trimmers that have more to offer. For example, LED lights, magnifying glasses, cases, etc.

How To Use A Baby Nail Cutter?

It's not complicated to use a nail cutter. Here are the easy steps to use a baby nail cutter:
  • Before using the nail cutter or clipper, ensure all dust and nail particles have been removed.
  • After that, you trim off the nail that is exposed away from the skin.
  • You would need to gently press the nail cutter or clipper's handles to cut the nails.
  • While a nail clipper makes a single and straight cut, a nail clipper can be utilised to manoeuvre around the shape of your baby’s fingers.

Baby Nail-Cutting Tips

Cutting your baby’s nails may feel very intimidating at first. Here are a few baby nail-cutting tips to ease your jitters when cutting your baby’s nails:
  1. First choose the time of the day that your child is fast asleep, drowsy, or relaxed. If you have a toddler who is generally very active, strapping them to the car seat of a high chair is a wise idea. If possible rope in someone who can hold your baby still while you’re at it.
  2. Next, pick a location where there is enough light to enable you to see well. You can prevent any mishaps by doing this.
  3. Now carefully separate the skin underneath your baby’s nails. This will ensure that you do not accidentally cut your baby’s skin.
  4. Once you see the nail clearly, trim the nails evenly with easy-to-use nail clippers or scissors. Specifically, the edges need to be at the same length as the rest of the nail, or else it can cause painful ingrown nails or infections.
To conclude,
Even though cutting a baby’s nails may seem daunting at first, with the right tools you can hone the skill in no time. Now that you know all about nail cutters, we hope selecting the best one for your baby is easy. Nail trimmers provide significant convenience and safety advantages, enabling you to keep a close check on your kid's grooming requirements without fear. With your baby’s nails taken care of, you can pay more attention to your baby’s other developmental needs. BabyG - Early Development App Here's how you can stay on top of all your child's developmental needs: Head to your BabyG App today and get complete access to 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should we start cutting a baby's fingernails?

You can start cutting when you are able to feel their nails hardening. Trimming a baby's nails helps to prevent babies from scratching themselves and to preserve hygiene. Over time, you can start using nail clippers, filers, and even an electric baby nail cutter to get the best results.

2. Do we use a nail cutter for newborns?

No, newborns have nails that are very soft and developing. Their nails do grow and can become sharp. Hence, using a nail filer for newborns is ideal.

3. Which is better nail cutter or scissors?

Nail cutters and scissors both do a good job. If you and not good with handling nail cutters that can leave sharp-edged nails, nail scissors are your best bet.

4. How often do you need to cut a baby's nail?

Babies have nails that grow at a different pace from each other. Hence, it is best to cut your baby’s nails as soon as you observe that their nails have grown excessively or have started becoming sharp.

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