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10 Breastfeeding Nursing Covers & Shawls in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Mar 09, 2023 / Written by Alisha Fernandes
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10 Breastfeeding Nursing Covers & Shawls in India 2023

Both infants and bystanders can occasionally exhibit a curious disposition while breastfeeding. When feeding in public or at someone else's home, nursing covers and shawls are effective in providing privacy and keeping you comfortable. They are easy to use and maintain, making them a practical choice for special occasions as well. With this, you can ensure your baby is duly fed without being distracted. With this carefully curated list, selecting a breastfeeding nursing cover & feeding shawl is now a breeze. Continue reading to know more about the best breastfeeding wearables.

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Best Stylish Nursing Covers & Shawls in India 2023

1. Best in Stretchable Nursing Covers: Feather Hug 360° Premium Nursing Cover

Feather Hug 360° Premium Nursing Cover

A premium quality nursing cover like this one is the most convenient nursing cover that can be used for multiple requirements. This unique blend of fabrics is machine washable, and it is made from flexible fabrics that are easy to clean. There is no need to worry about weight gain or not fitting this nursing garment. It stretches perfectly without hampering the breathability of your baby. Due to its adaptable nature, this is also the best multi-use breastfeeding cover. You can use it to cover your baby’s car seat, pram, or stroller. When breastfeeding, it provides 360° coverage, and for multitasking convenience, you may decide whether to keep your arm inside or outside the cover.

Material: Cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex blend.
Pros: Multi-use, blocks unwanted particles like dust, can be used throughout the year.
Cons: The material may not be suitable for all skin types.

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2. Best with Adjustable Strap: Motherly Nursing Breastfeeding Shawl

Motherly Nursing Breastfeeding Shawl

Created with 100% cotton, this nursing shawl ensures the utmost comfort and is gentle on the skin. The neckline can be fully adjusted with its efficient D-shaped ring. The flexibility also has a sturdy neckline that allows you to peek at your baby with ease while ensuring comfortable air circulation. This nursing cover also comes with a waist strap and button helping you develop the right posture as your baby snuggly fits in the cover. Lastly, you can reuse this cover to protect your baby from the sun, at diaper changing stations, and make car seats extra comfy.

Material: Cotton
Pros: Durable, abrasion resistant, pocket for burping cloth.
Cons: It may take a bit of time to get adjusted to the shape.

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3. Best in Breastfeeding Shawls: Lula Mom Breast Feeding Nursing Shawl

Lula Mom Breast Feeding Nursing Shawl

Specially designed for situations when you feel apprehensive to breastfeed, the Lula Mom Breast Feeding Nursing Shawl is convenient to use. The eye-catchy striped patterns help in uplifting your mood while protecting your privacy. The tassels give you a fresh look while keeping your baby entertained. This featherweight shawl is the best breathable breastfeeding cover and is suitable even for sunny days. You can fold this into a mini-pack while travelling to save some extra space when you’re on the go. You can also repurpose this shawl as a neck scarf or even as a baby blanket.

Material: Cotton
Pros: Easy to wash, soft, height-adjustable strap.
Cons: The product print may differ slightly from the images.
Rating: 4/5

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4. Best in Soft Nursing Covers: Warhammer 7 in 1 Nursing Cover

Warhammer 7 in 1 Nursing Cover

Here’s a comfy nursing cover created with 100% organic cotton. Such fabrics are environmentally friendly and extremely cosy. Your baby will feel comfortable all day long because of the softness of this nursing cover. This cover is also gentle on sensitive skin allowing you and your baby to bond lovingly. It is also highly versatile as a multi-use breastfeeding cover. It can be used to protect your baby from harsh sun rays or even when you need to cover your baby's carrycot. You might soon see your child grow connected to this item because it's fantastic for cuddling.

Material: Cotton
Pros: Attractive design, soft, multiuse.

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5. Best for Visual Stimulation: Sunkizzrs Cotton 360 Degree Nursing Cover

Sunkizzrs Cotton 360 Degree Nursing Cover

The classic black and white stripes on this nursing cover are great for your baby’s visual stimulation. In the initial stages, babies develop their vision effectively by looking at contrasting bold patterns. This nursing cover serves as a great privacy protector while helping your baby develop focus and concentration. It also comes with a teddy bear applique patch that adds a pop of colour and cuteness. The flexible 4-way stretch makes it convenient to use for car seats, high chairs, prams, etc. Thanks to its 360° coverage, you can now continue breastfeeding without any worry.

Material: Rayon blend
Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, breathable.
Cons: The rayon blend may not be suitable for all skin types.

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6. Best with Graphical Design: Metplus Multi Purpose Nursing Cover

Metplus Multi Purpose Nursing Cover

Cute babies are irresistible to touch and sometimes this touch carries germs that could harm babies. This is why the lightweight breastfeeding cover comes with a clear and bold message stating that hygiene is expected before touching. The material is stretchable making it suitable to cover high chairs, car seats, and much more. You also get a flexible neckline that allows you to check on your baby to ensure they have latched on. It also protects your baby from unwanted particles of dust. The material is perfect if you’re looking for something that is not very flowy and doesn’t rise with a gush of breeze.

Material: 95% rayon and 5% spandex
Pros: Skin-friendly, breathable, and soft.
Cons: The product colour may differ from the images.

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7. Best in Breathable Nursing Covers: Plus size Breastfeeding Cover

Plus size Breastfeeding Cover

This stretchable maternity nursing cover is made from 100% cotton that has anti-bacterial properties. This nursing cover also includes enough buttons to allow you to customise the fit around your chest. With its breathable and tender texture, you and your baby are bound to have a cosy breastfeeding session. There are many other ways to use this cover, like at the park when it's cool and breezy. Simply pull out this portable nursing cover for an added layer of warmth for your baby. It also shields your baby from dust and harmful sun rays.

Material: Cotton
Pros: Ultra soft, lightweight, multi-use.
Cons: The press buttons need to be handled with care.

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8. Best in Easy-To-Wear : Mum's Caress Breathable Nursing Cover

Mum's Caress Breathable Nursing Cover

This poncho-style feeding cover is a valuable addition to your maternity closet. This easy slip-on poncho is ideal for women all the way from pregnancy to postpartum as it helps to conceal the baby bump. The breathable cotton material ensures the safety of babies along with shielding them from unwanted dust and pollution. All in all this poncho is a timeless piece that is worn throughout various seasons. As a result of its lightweight and easy-to-fold texture, it is easily portable. You can also utilise it as a comfy base for your baby while changing nappies or simply to lay them down on this soft luxurious fabric.

Material: Cotton
Pros: Multiple uses, classic print, wide neck.
Cons: Since it's lightweight it may not be suitable for colder regions.

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9. Best for Full Coverage: Easy Feed Poncho Style Nursing Cover

Easy Feed Poncho Style Nursing Cover

With this poncho-style nursing cover, you get good coverage to breastfeed your baby anywhere and anytime. This poncho has an exceptionally long trail that is great to keep handy in breezy situations. The buttons provided give an added layer of security to babies who fidget often. Other short ponchos may fly with the wind, but with its 360° full coverage this poncho will stay in place. While your privacy is efficiently taken care of, this poncho gets converted into your baby’s high chair cover. It can also be used as a cover to protect your kid from sunlight and dust. It has increased portability because it can be quickly folded and packed in your diaper bag.

Material: Cotton
Pros: Value for money, trendy, good to use during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.
Cons: The colour may bleed during the first two washes.

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10. Best in Nursing Aprons: Feather Hug Mother's Cotton Nursing Cover

Feather Hug Mother's Cotton Nursing Cover

This nursing apron is convenient when you wish to keep only one arm under wraps. Designed especially for moms who are always occupied, this nursing apron allows you to multitask while simultaneously feeding your baby. Your child will have a comfortable nursing session thanks to the breathable fabric, which also offers the necessary seclusion while nursing. The adjustable neck strap suits all body types and gives you a good view of your baby for some special bonding. You also get a pocket with ample space to quickly stash away your baby’s favourite toy or even your phone.

Material: Cotton
Pros: Washer and dryer safe, retractable clasp, lightweight.
Cons: The colour may fade away with harsh detergents.

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What To Look For In A Breastfeeding Covers & Shawls?

Selecting the right breastfeeding cover or shawl can be confusing with a variety of excellent options. Here are some tips to help you choose a good breastfeeding cover & feeding shawl.

1. Material: All breastfeeding covers and shawls come in comfortable materials that will not irritate your baby’s gentle skin. However, selecting a material that suits you best is crucial. The weather and your personal preferences can influence the type of material you desire. For warm tropical climates, a lightweight piece is suitable. Whereas in colder climates, a fabric that is a bit warm yet breathable is appropriate. For added convenience, you can search for nursing shawls and covers that are machine washable.

2. Convenience: Most nursing shawls come in a free size that makes it easy to accommodate the free movement of both the mother and the baby. However, some may come without straps or any adjustable functionality. It is important to choose a breastfeeding cover that suits your needs based on the frequency and occasion of use. Determining whether you want a nursing cover that needs to be adjusted or something you don't need to modify is made easier with the help of how-to-wear instructions.

3. Care & Cost: Check the care label to see if it is machine-friendly. It is also better to check the price tag to make a well-informed decision. Though this may seem like a considerable investment, you can keep nursing shawls even for future usage.

4. Multi-Purpose Usage: Purchasing nursing cover provides you with numerous advantages. It provides you and your baby with privacy while also acting as a supportive cover for a variety of needs. It can be used to cover your car seat, high chair/stool, shopping cart cover, or even as a soft blanket for your baby to sleep on. A nursing cover will undoubtedly provide excellent value for money not only during your nursing period but also in the long run.

In essence,
Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding feeding experiences. Irrespective of where you need to be, you can instantly cater to your hungry baby with the help of a breastfeeding nursing cover & feeding shawl. A good quality nursing shawl or cover helps you have a comfortable nursing experience without hesitancy or fear. You won't regret investing in them since you can use them after your baby has passed the breastfeeding stage. With these nursing covers and shawls, going out with your baby will no longer be a hassle. BabyG - Early Development App Wondering how you can stay on top of your newborns developmental needs? Head to the BabyG App today, to discover 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

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