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12 Best Pregnancy Shoes in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Mar 09, 2023 / Written by Arya Dubey
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12 Best Pregnancy Shoes in India 2023

Pregnancy is a delicate phase of your life, and it's important to provide your body with all the comfort it needs. During this phase, the body experiences a tonne of changes from head to toe. As every part of your body goes through some significant changes, your feet also grow and swell, causing you a great deal of discomfort and pain. Hence, it's important to invest in the right pair of shoes to provide your feet with soft, featherlike support while you can still continue your regular chores without any worry.

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Importance of shoes in pregnancy

During pregnancy, all kinds of fluids and hormones are released into your body to relax your joints and ligaments, thereby also relaxing your feet. On top of that, your body weight adds to the pressure on your feet, causing them to swell. This results in the feet not fitting into regular shoes and causing aches and pains. Your body also experiences backaches or joint aches. With the right pair of shoes, you’ll feel your pain withering away. The market now caters to providing you with millions of options just to make your motherhood as smooth and comfortable as possible. If you’re a working mom or an athletic mom or prefer staying at home, you can choose among these best pregnancy shoes to wear at any place or time.

Top Rated Pregnancy Shoes In India:

1. Best in Slip-ons: Sparx Women's Sx0123l Loafers

Sparx Women's Sx0123l Loafers

These best-selling slip-ons with a mesh outer fabric are so soft and lightweight, it almost gives you the feeling of gliding over the clouds. With its fabric being super flexible, these work best when you go for a little stroll or a run. Its round-toe style puts less strain and gives your toes more room. As these are machine washable, you can wear them day and night, outdoors or indoors, without any worry! These are available at reasonable prices in different eye-popping designs.

Material: Mesh fabric
Weight: 600 Grams
Pros: Good quality loafers, Comfortable, light-weight, trendy
Cons: Might have fitting issues

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2. Best for Work: Skechers Womens Flex Appeal 4.0 Vivid Spirit Sneaker

Skechers Womens Flex Appeal 4.0 Vivid Spirit Sneaker

These sneakers from Skechers have a jacquard mesh quality with a shock-absorbing midsole. With its soft cushioned memory foam insole, it provides great stability to your feet and good arch support. These sneakers are best for everyday work as they can leave you in comfort without any soreness or aches. Although the price might seem on the higher side, these are true to their worth. These are wearable anywhere, anytime, and easily washable.

Material: Jacquard Mesh
Weight: 600 Grams
Pros: soft cushioned feel, great for everyday use
Cons: Might be a little tight to slip on

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3. Best Orthopaedic shoes: DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Memory Foam Women's Shoes

DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Memory Foam Women's Shoes

, If you are an everyday walker, a gym enthusiast, or a shopping freak, these pairs are willing to tag along with you during your pregnancy or anytime in your routine. These are padded & cushioned with memory foam to relieve you from sores and foot pain. These are durable and breathable, protecting you from burns, sweat, or blisters. It eases the pressure off your heels, stabilises your balance, and makes you ever-ready to go anywhere.

Material: Lycra
Weight: 280 Grams
Pros: Soft, comfy insoles with proper arch support, good for everyday use
Cons: Not waterproof

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4. Best Walking Shoes: KazarMax Women's Xxiv Ballerinas

KazarMax Women's Xxiv Ballerinas

These come with super-elastic rubberized Eva soles providing you with the flexibility to walk comfortably on any surface. You don't have to worry about putting on your laces as these come with wide sturdy straps making it easy for you to slip on or remove these shoes whenever you want. Your feet will remain cool under such fabric. These come in different floral prints & designs for you to choose from, making your everyday fit pretty and in style.

Material: Air mesh memory foam
Weight: 440 Grams
Pros: Its hand washable, lightweight, and can sustain rough and tough use.
Cons: There may be sizing issues

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5. Best for Winters: Bourge Womens Mules

Bourge Womens Mules

These are pull-on mules available in different hues and variable sizes. Made with textile material with an Eva bounce-back sole and cushioned insole. With soft foam inserts and sustainable material, these are comfortable during vigorous exercises and are durable throughout the year. These mules fit extremely well with socks, which adds extra warmth and comfort during the winters. So pull on your socks and snuggle your feet in these comfy mules!

Material: Textile
Weight: 253 Grams
Pros: High performance, durable and stylish
Cons: there may be sizing issues

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6. Best for Runners: Adidas Girl's Hyperon W Running Shoes

Adidas Girl's Hyperon W Running Shoes

These Adidas shoes will make you run the extra mile, whether you are one of those athletic moms or just prefer to keep yourself healthy and fit. With the super grip quality of the Eva midsole and its non-slippery outsole, you can still plan for treks even while you're pregnant. Gives perfect closure to your feet with its laces tied on.

Material: Mesh & synthetic
Weight: 500 Grams
Pros: Clean design, sturdy and perfect for exercising
Cons: Can make your feet sweaty, little ventilation

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7. Best for Comfort: Flavia Women Shoes

Flavia Women Shoes

These aesthetically pleasing Flavia shoes are here to steal the show! These comfortable shoes are made with high-quality fabric and a chic design to make your everyday fit a fashion statement. With a lace-up closure, these secure your feet in a cosy position. These are made with a polyurethane outsole and a soft insole for your arch support. Flavia shoes have claimed to sustain all Indian weather, working through dust, dirt, or rain.

Material: Cotton
Weight: 480 Grams
Pros: Cheap price, easy slip-ons even with laces
Cons: Only a few colours available, not washable

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8. Best for Everyday use: Puma Womens Maximal Comfort Shoes

Puma Womens Maximal Comfort Shoes

Most beloved fashion brand-Puma is here with its sturdy sports shoes. Add a touch of style to your everyday work or gym outfit with these shoes. Looks can be deceiving, so even if they look chunky, these are lightweight and easy to wear. Rubberized soles provide perfect stability and your feet will carry themselves with ease even on rough surfaces.

Material: Mesh
Weight: 900 Grams
Pros: Great sports shoes
Cons: Few designs available

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9. Best Breathable shoes: Skechers Women's Go Walk Glimmering Shoe

Skechers Women's Go Walk Glimmering Shoe

Tired of all the sweat and unpleasant odour build-up in your shoes? Say goodbye to your huge, chunky shoes and hello to the breathable and moisture-managing Skechers Women’s go-walk sneakers. Its Hyper Pillar Comfort technology offers the highest level of comfort and rebound while walking. With its rubberized sole and OrthoLite insole, it eases your foot aches and helps your feet to cool down. These shoes will make your walking and working lifestyle more fun. So hurry now!

Weight: Mesh
Pros: Easily washable, perfect fitting and looks great
Cons: Some sizes are unavailable

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10. Best for Indoors: VRITRAZ Unisex Winter Comfy Slipper Shoes

VRITRAZ Unisex Winter Comfy Slipper Shoes

When you prefer being at home, relaxing, and taking your time for leisure, these slippers will prove to be the best for you. You won’t have to worry about any blisters, rashes or any side effects as these are made with skin-friendly, soft fluffy material giving you all the feels of walking on a feather. Contrary to their looks, these are actually non-slip and have a strong grip. These can also work for you even when you occasionally go out. So grab these for your comfy pregnancy days.

Material: Cashmere knit
Weight: 310 Grams
Pros: Ultra-durable Eva rubberized sole, soft-cosy lining
Cons: May become loose over time

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11. Best for All Seasons: ASIAN Women's Elasto Knitted Slip On Shoes

ASIAN Women's Elasto Knitted Slip On Shoes

Shoe shopping is always exciting, but when you are expecting, it can be really tiring to buy new ones for every changing season. You might prefer something that works in mud, dirt, or water. These Asian slip-on shoes are here to save you from all the hassle. These come with EVA TPR soles with orthopaedic memory foam. These are flexible, easy-to-wear slip-on shoes available in trending colours. You don’t have to wait till eternity for it to dry as these can quickly dry out after washing.

Material: Knitted, memory foam
Weight: 390 Grams
Pros: Lightweight, comfortable for walking
Cons: Might have to go for one size smaller

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12. Best for Rainy Season: Crocs Literide Pacer Comfortable Sneakers

Crocs Literide Pacer Comfortable Sneakers

Every shoe enthusiast's favourite brand-Crocs is here to add style and comfort during your motherhood. These sneakers have super-soft LiteRide foam insoles with thick cushioning providing you with sustainable and perfect support for your ankles and feet. Go out in the sun and enjoy your outing on a beach and you’ll come back without any worry of any sustaining dirt patches as these sneakers can dry quickly after washing.

Material: Matlite
Weight: 335 Grams
Pros: Slip-on closure, best for sores and wide feet, waterproof.
Cons: Expensive price

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What To Look For In Pregnancy Shoes?

Now that you’ve scoured through different options, let's look at various factors you can consider while shopping for your perfect maternal shoes.
  • Breathable & flexible: It’s essential to buy the right pair of maternity shoes, as the regular ones can be quite uncomfortable, causing you immense pain, swelling, and even blisters. Your regular shoes will tighten over time as your feet grow. So buying the right pregnancy shoes—which are breathable, comfy, and let you continue with your day—is important.
  • Supportive: One of the most crucial factors in finding the right ones would be to look for good support. The ones that are too big or don't have the right arch support will cause you to strain your back and feet even more. Avoid shoes with heels and look for flats or wedges. We would suggest you go for sneakers or gym shoes, as they provide good support for your ankles and perfectly check off every requirement.
  • Soft & Durable Material: Having to buy shoes every 2-3 months with its features perfectly meeting all your requirements can be quite tiresome. A variety of pregnancy shoes are available that will last for many long months, whether it’s dusty or rainy outside, without even wearing off. Look out for shoes that have soft insoles and a comfortable body. Shoes with mesh fabric or memory foam insoles are quite a shopper’s favourite.

A Guide To Measure The Pregnancy Shoe Size

It's quite important to measure your shoe size before picking up the right brand. Since your feet are wider now, you would find it a little difficult to buy your perfect pair. If you want to avoid any long-term inconveniences from buying the wrong size follow these steps:
  • Take a measuring tape and calculate the length from the tip of your feet to the bottom heel. Repeat this step for the other feet and consider the length of the bigger feet.
  • You can also take a paper and a pencil and draw the outlines of your feet on that paper provided that your feet should be positioned well for more accurate calculation. The procedure should be followed as above.
  • If you plan to wear socks then follow these steps while wearing them.
  • Now, you can refer to the chart given below or any women’s shoe chart available online. 
UK US EURO Foot length(in inches and cm)
4 6 36/37 8.75 in/ 22.6 cm
4.5 6.5 37 9 in/ 23 cm
5 7 37/38 9.3 in/ 23.4 cm
5.5 7.5 38 9.4 in/ 23.9 cm
6 8 38/39 9.6 in/ 24.3 cm
6.5 8.5 39 9.8 in/ 24.7 cm
7 9 39/40 9.9 in/ 25.1 cm
7.5 9.5 40 10.1 in/ 25.5 cm
8 10 40/41 10.3 in/ 25.9 cm
8.5 10.5 41 10.5 in/26.3 cm
9 11 41/42 10.7 in/ 26.8 cm
Congratulations! You are now well informed about the enormous number of pregnancy shoes available on the market, and the right pair of shoes are just waiting to be bought by you. Hope this blog has satisfied all your curiosity! We are happy to serve you! BabyG - Early Development App As a new mother with a lot on your plate, let us worry about your baby's developmental needs with the BabyG App. Discover up to 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are high heel shoes good in pregnancy?

You can surely go for shoes with heels but ensure the support to your ankles, arch and heels is right and you can easily walk in them. That said, it is advisable to go for flats as there are chances you may lose your balance and fall in heels. Also, remember your top priorities should be comfort and safety.

2. Are crocs good during pregnancy?

Yes, of course. There are crocs available in the market that are easily suitable for pregnant women. It can be quite difficult to tie your own laces, but Crocs provide soft comfort with an easy slip-on. Hence, these can be the best choices of all.

3. Does pregnancy change your shoe size?

When you're pregnant, your feet may swell because your ligaments loosen up and your body produces more fluid and hormones. Your weight also plays a major factor here. While these changes are only temporary, your foot size will decrease but most likely not return to its original size. Even if not, there’s no reason to worry.

4. Can you use compression boots while pregnant?

Doctors have suggested that there’s no harm in wearing compression boots. These boots use compressed air to massage your legs and increase blood circulation. They are excellent for relieving you from swollen feet.

5. Is sole safe during pregnancy?

The right type of sole will provide you with the right balance your feet need and a sturdy support. They’ll prevent you from any slips or falls and give you an excellent grip. Shoes with rubber soles are mostly preferred as they are durable and are ideal as pregnancy shoes.

6. Are running shoes good for pregnancy?

Yes, there are a lot of options available in this category which can serve you during your pregnancy. Features like mesh fabric with supportive insoles and outsoles are mostly seen in running shoes. They also make it easier to walk or run with their durability and strong grip.

7. Does shoe size go back to normal after pregnancy?

Yes, the size changes are temporary and only last while you're pregnant. They return to normal gradually post-delivery. There can be chances that your feet will still remain wider permanently and you may have to wear bigger size shoes. On the brighter side, this gives more reasons to go shoe shopping!

8. Is it bad to wear tight shoes while pregnant

As you might’ve got idea by now, during these 9 months, feet swell which means replacing your regular shoes with more comfy ones. Over time, your feet will expand and you might feel uneasy and painful. It is always recommended to wear a shoe slightly bigger than your usual. And as a result, your feet will have more room to breathe and relax.

9. What shoes are best for swollen pregnant feet?

Sturdy or rigid-material shoes would be harsh on you. It is wise to go for a soft quality, which should feel like a hug to your feet. Shoes with straps or laces would be difficult for you to bend over and tie. Look for pregnancy shoes that are strapless and are easy slip-ons. You can always go for Crocs or ballerinas. Also, there are a wide variety of sketchers available which can provide great comfort to you.

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