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6 Tips To Getting Back To Work After Childbirth

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Sep 05, 2022 / Vetted by Dr Jasmin Rajesh, MBBS, MD (Ped.)
Getting Back To Work

You have spent the last few months taking care of your baby and building a bond, but now it is time to go back to work. Along with the excitement of going back to work after childbirth, you may also feel scared and anxious about leaving your child in someone else’s care. This, together with mom's guilt, makes the process more challenging. But, with time, you will be able to juggle your work and baby responsibilities smoothly.

Your decision of going back to work after childbirth will depend on a number of factors, including your own work and family circumstances and how well your child adapts to change.

Things to take care of before starting work

The following are the tips for child care before going back to work:

a. Plan your work schedule:
Plan your schedule as per your childcare arrangements, travel time, and any leave that you might need in case your child is sick. If possible, choose to work from home or part-time or flexi-hours work to keep up with your child’s schedule.

b. Select childcare services: 
If you feel that you cannot work from home or part-time and no one else can take good care of the baby in your absence, you should consider childcare services.
The appropriate age to send your baby to childcare depends on your work schedule and your child. Childcare services accept children between six months and six years of age. Selecting a childcare service should be based on the following factors:

  • Childcare providers should be trained in early childhood care and education. 
  • The childcare facility should have large, safe, and clean indoor and outdoor spaces as well as well-defined indoor and outdoor playtime routines. 
  • The caregivers should be able to keep your child engaged and interested in age-appropriate activities. 
  • The childcare facility should follow the guidelines for the children-to-caregiver ratio. 
  • The caregiver should know how to give first aid and CPR.

c. Schedule your time:
When you get home from work, you will have home chores to complete. Design a routine for child care before going back to work that fits your family and your baby’s needs. If possible, avoid bringing your work home.

d. Do not forget yourself:
Eat healthy meals and get enough sleep. Plan for activities that help you relax – go for a short walk, do yoga, or read a book.

e. Share responsibilities:
Communicate with your partner and work as a team to care for your child and manage the housework. Prioritize your household chores and divide them evenly. Discuss who can take time off if your child falls ill.

f. Plan your baby’s meals:
If you are breastfeeding, establish a breastmilk pumping routine for child care before going back to work, so your body gets used to the pump and you can produce enough milk. The milk can be stored in a freezer and used to feed your baby when you are at work.
If your baby is eating solid foods, prepare meals in advance. Check if you can pump in a quiet and comfortable area at your workplace and store the milk for later use.

Preparing your baby to stay without you

Before you resume working, your baby also needs to get accustomed to you not being around. Here are some returning to work after maternity leave tips:

1. Practice staying away from your child for short durations: Let a friend or relative or grandparents take care of your baby for an hour. You may also stay with your baby in childcare for a few hours. You can gradually increase the hours apart until your child can stay without you the entire day.

2. Create a goodbye ritual: Pick a goodbye ritual that your baby likes, whether it is an elaborate handshake or multiple kisses. You may also leave a blanket or toy for their comfort. Keep the ritual short and positive.

3. Check in on your baby regularly: Childcare centres have different policies on how you can stay in touch. They may send you pictures and videos throughout the day, or they may keep a diary for you to know what occurred during the day.

4. Return when you promise: Promise your child that you will return at a specific time and keep your promise. This way, your child will start trusting you and being independent when you are not around.

5. Make the most of your time at home with your baby: Spend as much time as you can with your baby. Enjoy bath time, storytime, or simply cuddling with them.

Although you may feel anxious, nervous, and guilty about not being with your baby, stay calm as your baby picks up on your emotions. Follow all the returning to work after maternity leave tips and all the routines before going back to work after childbirth.

It’s just a matter of time until your baby gets used to you working. Come home and cuddle your baby to melt all the day’s stress away.

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