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Day Care Concerns: The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Creche

Lifestyle / Jun 22, 2022 / Vetted by Dr Jasmin Rajesh, MBBS, MD (Ped.)
Crèche Concerns

When you've only recently begun to enjoy motherhood and you need to return to work, but you don't have any family members to care for your child, what can you do? The best arrangement you can think of is sending your baby to a creche or hiring a baby caregiver to take care of your little one. Parents are very apprehensive about sending their kid to a day care or leaving them with caregivers. You must first find answers to all of your questions before making this important decision.

What is the difference between a crèche and a babysitter? What kind of care does a creche provide?

A crèche is simply a nursery or day care where children are cared for by trained personnel. It is usually a licensed centre-based facility with several caregivers caring for a group of children. These are generally safe because they have all the significant government licences. A babysitter, on the other hand, is a caregiver who cares for your baby in your own home. Good day care gives your baby a safe, caring, and stimulating place to learn, play, rest, and eat nutritious food.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a crèche?

There are some benefits of sending your baby to a crèche:

  • Your child is surrounded by a large group and can learn from other children.
  • Your child has more than one caregiver that can help them and they can learn from.
  • Creches are considered safe as they have the required licenses from the government agencies to maintain safety and quality.
  • Your child will have a large selection of toys and other resources to play and learn with.
  • The parents are aware of the schedules and policies in advance.

There may also be some limitations to choosing a centre-based child care for your baby, such as:

  • The day care's hours are not flexible and may not always coincide with yours.
  • Because there are more caregivers, your baby may not always have the same carer.
  • There is a larger group of children that need to be taken care of.
  • Centre-based child care often refrains from taking care of sick children.

What things should I consider while choosing child care?

The search for the best child care requires time and effort, so start early, research, talk to experts, and gather information from a verified resource or agency. Here are a few qualities that a great crèche should have:
  • The day care programme should follow standard health and safety practices.
  • The staff should be well-trained in early child development.
  • The child-to-staff ratio should be low so that your baby receives individualised care and attention.
  • The curriculum should include goals for a child's overall development, as well as activities tailored to a baby's age and routine.
  • The setting should be age-appropriate. Babies and toddlers require calm and safe environments to explore, play, and sleep.
  • The crèche programme should be reasonably priced.
  • The hours should correspond to your needs.
  • Your family should find the location convenient.
  • In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a flood, the centre should have a plan of action in place.
  • The programme should implement discipline policies that allow children to learn and grow rather than punish them.
  • A trained adult in first aid and CPR should always be present at the creche.
  • A day care centre should have the appropriate resources to care for a disabled child. 

You can resume work in peace once all of your concerns have been addressed and you are satisfied with how your baby is being cared for. You may be concerned at first, but as time passes, you will become more at ease with the idea of having a dependable creche.



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