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6 Best & Safe 2 Year Old Baby Swings in India

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 12, 2023 / Written by Gitanjali Udaykumar
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Best & Safe Swings For 2 Year Old Baby in India 2022

Running around a toddler leaves every parent gasping for air. When your child is constantly running, jumping, and crawling in your home, even a few minutes of quiet may seem distant. A baby swing could be the answer to all of your problems. The sensation of flying through the air while feeling the breeze hit your face is one of the most captivating things for a child. So tuck your baby away in a swing and be assured that you're giving yourself a much-needed break while your baby has loads of fun.

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Is swing good for a 2 year old baby?

At 2 years old, babies achieve many movement milestones and are very enthusiastic to try out different types of activities. Swinging, which most people only think of as fun, can be very good for your baby's health and growth. Swings help them develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness because they make the best use of both their mind and body. It can also contribute to your baby’s social skills when they interact with their peers. It's quite difficult to get restless babies to focus, and swinging can help with that too. A swing for a 2 year old can help your toddler develop muscle tone, coordination, and posture while compensating for the need for balance simulation.

Are swings safe?

Letting your child swing under your supervision is as safe as any other activity. For the most safety, choose a swing with a safety harness and don't go over the weight limit or other rules. Teaching your toddler safe swinging rules, like not jumping onto or off a swing while swinging, can make this activity completely safe while also being fun. 
While the market offers you a plethora of options, this blog can guide you with getting a baby swing for a 2 year old best suited to your needs.

Top Rated 2 Year Old Swings

1. Best for Durability: eHomeKart 3 in 1 Wave Adjustable Baby Swing

eHomeKart 3 in 1 Wave Adjustable Baby Swing

There is no better swing for 2-year-olds than this. The swing has two detachable parts, the backrest and the front support, that can be converted with appropriate safety measures based on the child's age. Its detachable parts also allow for more wiggle room and movement. The swing is made of safe, non-toxic virgin plastic, which makes it very durable over time. Since the product's material is weather-resistant, it can also be used outside. The maximum weight limit for this swing is 25 kg.

Specification: 40.6D x 40.6W x 30.5H Centimetres; 2540 Grams; plastic
Suitable for: 24 months and up
Pros: Detachable parts, durable plastic material
Cons: The rope is a bit short
Rating: 4.3/5

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2. Best In Functionality: Mothertouch 2-In-1 Swing

Mothertouch 2-In-1 Swing, Dot (Multicolor)

This swing is the next best thing on the list. It has two adjustable positions that can be used for sitting or sleeping, providing maximum comfort and entertainment for your baby. Comfortable foam-padded cushioning covers the swing seat. It's fitted with a swing safety belt that protects your baby from falling out. The sturdy swing can support a maximum weight of 15 kg while still remaining lightweight. Rest assured, the powder coat finish on the product will definitely endure the test of time.

Specification: ‎35 x 5 x 48 cm; 1 Kilograms; Polyester
Suitable for: ‎24 months - 3 years
Pros: Recline back seats, sturdy seat belt
Cons: The rope is a bit short
Rating: 4/5

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3. Best for Portability: Shopoflux Swing for Kids

Shopoflux® Swing for Kids

Imagine being able to entertain your kid anywhere with a swing. This swing can certainly help with that. Because of its compact and lightweight design, as well as its completely foldable material, you can transport this swing almost anywhere. This feature, on the other hand, does not compromise on quality by including study ropes and adjustable seat belts. The seating material is washable, making it perfect for any mess your baby might make. There are many attractive colours to choose from. The use of wood for the frame ensures that the product has a long shelf life.

Specification: 9.5D x 9.5W x 114H Centimetres; polyester
Suitable for: 6 months to 3 years
Pros: Portable, washable
Cons: Best suited for infants
Rating: 4.4/5

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4. Best Value for Money: Baby Swing Foldable Jhula

Baby Swing Foldable Jhula

This swing has every basic feature you could want at the most affordable price. The swing, which comes with heavy-duty ropes and padded cushion seating, provides the best weight distribution for increased safety. This swing has a reclining back that will support your baby even while he or she is sleeping. The swing's safety bar protects your excitable toddler from any mishaps. The foldable swing is easy to use and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. This product's maximum weight recommendation is 20 kg.

Specification: 1600 Grams; textile
Suitable for: 0-5 years
Pros: Economical, soft cushiony seating
Cons: Best for toddlers
Rating: 3.9/5

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5. Best Outdoor Swing: Maanit Garden & School Outdoor Toy Swing

Maanit Garden & School Outdoor Toy Swing

An outdoor swing should be made of the best material possible to withstand weather damage. This powder-coated steel swing set is rust-proof and weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use with toddlers. The product's frame can be securely fastened to the ground with the included hardware. Lightweight, quick-to-assemble components ensure minimal effort. The swing has a high-back, no-slip seat complete with a safety harness to keep your baby safe and secure at all times.

Specification: 10D x 25W x 18H Centimetres; Alloy steel
Suitable for: 18 Months to 5 Years
Pros: Weather-resistant material for outdoor, anti-slip seats
Cons: Due to its large size, not suitable to be crammed indoors
Rating: 4.1/5

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6. Best for Style: Patiofy Handmade Premium Square Swing for Kids & Baby

Patiofy Handmade Premium Square Swing for Kids & Baby

Now even a baby swing can match your home's aesthetics. Well, here is an absolutely beautiful baby swing for a 2 year old that brings comfort and luxury to your home. The beautiful net pattern on this swing can complement almost any modern interior. It can carry weights up to 150 kg and the surrounding support system ensures complete safety. All of this makes it the perfect gift for all your little ones.

Specifications: 30 x 30 x 3 cm; 350 Grams; polyester
Suitable for: ‎0 - 5 years
Pros: Attractive, can withstand more weight
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4/5

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What To Look For in a 2 Year Old Baby Swing?

While swings are a completely fun and safe activity, taking some precautions can help eliminate unforeseen accidents. So here are some pointers that can help you choose the best baby swing for your 2-year-old.

  • Safety: There is nothing more important than your baby’s safety. Look for swings that have an attached safety harness, bars or belts. The quality of heavy-duty ropes and hooks is also imperative. The stitches on the seat and edges of the swing frame should also be properly done. As toddlers are always on their toes, go for swings that fit your baby perfectly and have no chance of them slipping out due to restlessness. Make sure you stick to weight limits to avoid any accidents.
  • Comfort: If your baby is uncomfortable in the swing, chances are they will never sit still in it. Check the material of the seat thoroughly. Some materials may cause rashes on your baby, which should be avoided. If it's made of plastic material, it should have ridges or be anti-slip. Your baby should comfortably sit in the swing without any congestion and have enough back support.
  • Portability: Once your baby has experienced the thrill of swinging, it will be difficult to convince them to get off. It's possible that they'll be so stubborn that they'll eat while swinging, which could result in food spills. You'll want to make sure that your swing can be taken apart, carried, and cleaned without too much trouble. Lightweight swings are the best because they are very travel-friendly.


Swinging can be a great activity for your toddlers at the same time help their body in disguise. Understand you and your baby’s needs and pick a suitable swing. As long as you keep an eye on your baby, let your baby have their best memories and swing away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it good for baby to sleep in swing

Swing is an activity device and should only be used to entertain and relax your baby. It is not recommended that babies sleep in a swing.

2. What kind of swing should a 2 year old use

Bucket swings are best for the safety of your child; however, your baby is at an age where they’d prefer more freedom to swing on their own, so going for a high-back baby swing set is an ideal choice.

3. What age should a baby stop using a swing

Your baby should stop using the swing as he grows out of it or gets too heavy for safe swinging. Always upgrade your swing according to your baby’s age.

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