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Best Spill Proof Baby Sippers For Water & Milk in India

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 15, 2023 / Written by Samyuktaa Kunnummal / Reviewed by Bhavya Koppisetti
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Best Sipper for Babies in india For Water & Milk

A sipper is nearly every baby's right of passage between a bottle and a cup. After weaning your child from breastfeeding and eliminating the need for a bottle, your little one can begin to practice independent feeding with the help of a sippy cup. A staple in every household, sippers are a great indicator that your baby is growing up and they need the best at their disposal to support all their developmental needs. Let us make your search for the best sipper for babies in India easy.

Our Top Picks

Is sipper bottle good for baby?

Ideally, babies should be off the bottle by 12 months. That said, weaning is a slow and gradual process. Here’s where the good old sippy cups help with the transition. They help keep babies from contracting tooth decay from the constant use of bottles. Sippy cups provide babies with the optimal flow required for drinking, which is just a step ahead of the bottle but not quite at the intensity of an open cup.

Top Rated Baby Sippers For Water & Milk in India

1. Best in Flexible Spout: Munchkin Gentle Transition Trainer

This set of two trainer cups is the first milk sipper bottle for a baby on our list. The soft and flexible silicone spout lets kids as young as four months transition to cups, ditching the bottle entirely. Not only is it spill-proof, but the vibrant cup also comes with easy-to-grip detachable handles for when your baby develops enough motor strength to grab onto the bottles. Each cup is 4 Ounces, perfect for handling.

Specifications: ‎18.44 x 24.13 x 20.32 cm; 158.76 Grams
Suitable For: ‎4 months and up
Pros: Has clear measurement readings, Great quality, Easy to clean
Cons: Babies can bite through the soft spout.
Rating: 4.5/5
Shop at: ₹3,384.00

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2. Best for Smoother Transition: Philips Avent Natural Trainer Sippy Cup

Your search for a clear sippy cup ends here. The 5 oz cup comes with a soft silicone teat and a spout. The familiar nipple helps babies get used to the bottle, which ends up making the transition to spouts and cups easier. Also, the nipple is fast-flowing to jump-start the change. The handles of the cup are detachable and easy to hold, to encourage early self-feeding. All the parts in the set are dishwasher-safe and made from BPA-free materials.

Specifications: ‎9 x 12.5 x 18.3 cm; 108 Grams
Suitable For: ‎4 months and up
Pros: Leak proof, Versatile usage, Clear measurement readings.
Cons: Babies might bite through the soft spout.
Rating: 4.6/5
Shop at: ₹3,794.00

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3. Best with Touch-Flo Valve: LuvLap Hippo Spout Sipper

If you are worried your little one will be able to make the leap to a cup, then this Luvlap Sipper is the one to go with. The sipper's touch-flo mechanism ensures a spill-proof experience since the valve opens only in response to the user's suction. The water bottle holds 225 ml, making it ideal for infants. Your child's attention will be immediately drawn to the brightly coloured bottle, and it will remain there thanks to the ergonomic design and easy-to-grip handle.

Specifications: 19.1 x 19.1 x 8.1 cm; 100 Grams
Suitable For: ‎6 months and up
Pros: Handy, good quality
Cons: The cap may leak, the spout may be too big for infants.
Rating: 4/5
Shop at: ₹193.00

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4. Best with Weighted Straw: R for Rabbit Premium Bubble Sipper

Convenient and spill-proof, babies and their parents will love this sippy cup. The 300 ml cup features a weighted straw that ensures an uninterrupted, steady flow of liquid even when the baby is lying down to drink. The bottle's straw is made of soft BPA-free silicone and is covered with a lid cover for added safety. Your kiddo will adore the cute design and easy-to-grip handles on their adventures exploring the world.

Specifications: 0.01 x 5 x 17 cm; 150 Grams
Suitable For: ‎Kids
Pros: Water intake can be tracked, Durable, Leak-proof.
Cons: Could use better packaging, needs high suction.
Rating: 4.1/5
Shop at: ₹399.00

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5. Best with Removable Silicone Handles: Dr. Brown’s Options+ Wide-Neck Transition Sippy Sprout Bottle

This product is great for babies that already use Dr Brown bottles for feeding. This 270-ml bottle has a familiar design that helps support infants in the transition. The BPA-free silicone handles are detachable and work with a wide variety of narrow bottles and cups. One of the reasons this makes the best sippy cup for baby is because the bottle features a soft silicone spout and is vented for an anti-colic experience.

Specifications: ‎7.62 x 14.48 x 22.61 cm; 20 Grams
Suitable For: 3 months and up
Pros: Durable spout, Easy to handle and clean, Leak-proof.
Cons: Features a fast-flow spout
Rating: 4.6 /5
Shop at: ₹899.00

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6. Best in Convertible: Mee Mee 2 in 1 Spout and Straw Plastic Sipper Cup

This is the go-to product for kids that love animals and are learning to use a cup. This baby water sipper makes a great investment since it includes a spout and a straw, allowing your child to complete a developmental milestone with a single bottle. The 210 ml sippy cup is leak-proof and BPA-free, and it has clear measurement readings so you can keep track of your child's liquid intake. This non-toxic, vibrant sippy cup, which has a detachable grip handle and a travel cover cap, also makes an excellent baby shower gift.
Specifications: ‎10 x 8 x 16 cm; 120 Grams
Suitable For: ‎6 months - 2 years
Pros: Good Design, Easy to clean, Worth the money.
Cons: May leak with use.
Rating: 4/5
Shop at: ₹246.00

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7. Best with Anti-Colic Valve: BeeBaby Soft Silicone Spout Sippy Cup

Here’s a lightweight bottle with an ergonomic design that fits the baby’s tiny hands comfortably. The touch-flow technology in the spout also has an anti-colic valve, which ensures a spill-proof sipping experience but also a safe one. Its detachable handle, neck, and cup cover are easy to assemble and clean. The soft silicone spout is designed for an easy latch. While the 250 ml sipper is BPA, BPS, and latex-free, it is also dishwasher-safe for parents' convenience.

Specifications: 9 x 8 x 16.5 cm; 140 Grams
Suitable For: ‎9 months and up
Pros: Easy to hold, Good quality
Cons: May leak with use.
Rating: 3.9/5
Shop at: ₹235.00

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8. Best with Water Seal Ring: Baybee Insulated Flippo Baby Sipper

When choosing a product for your little one, it is always best to go with a safe and durable one. This BPA-free bottle includes a water seal ring that is to be attached to the inside of the lid to ensure a spill-proof experience. Not only that, the spout on the bottle features a v-type valve that shuts off the flow of water once your baby stops biting it. The 300 ml cup is designed with a weighted straw to help reduce reflux and colic symptoms. You need to take a look at this sipper bottle for toddler.

Specifications: 8 x 5 x 10 cm; 220 Grams
Suitable For: ‎‎0 - 2 years
Pros: Has scale indications, Durable, Good Quality
Cons: Needs high suction for flow.
Rating: 4.1/5
Shop at: ₹339.00

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9. Best with Flip Lid: 1st Step Birdie BPA Free Non-Spill Sipper

Here’s a vibrant and sturdy 300ml straw sipper for baby. This sipper helps babies transition directly to straws, getting them familiar with the flow while handling a sipper. The flip lid on the bottle keeps the straw clean and hygienic at every sip, while the straw is made of silicone and is bite resistant for comfortable and long-lasting use. To support a child's grip on the bottle, it also has a detachable anti-slip handle, making it an ideal sippy cup for your little one.

Specifications: ‎19 x 8 x 8 cm; 400 Grams
Suitable For: ‎6 months and up
Pros: Durable, BPA Free, Non-Toxic.
Cons: May leak with use.
Rating: 3.9/5
Shop at: ₹369.00

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How To Choose The Best Sipper For A Baby?

Moving to a sipper is a huge change for a baby. As a parent, you will want to be on top of all your little essentials even before they actually start using them. For it to sustain in the long run, you have to invest in the best. And here’s how to choose the best sipper for babies in India:
  • Make sure that the cup is handy. Infants only have so much fine motor skills and muscle strength to handle a cup for a period of time. To support their exploration around the house as they grow, a lightweight sipper is the best way to go.
  • Get a suitable type of spout. Sippy cups come in typically four types. Hard and soft spout, straw and spoutless.
  • It should be developmentally appropriate. To put it into perspective, soft spouts are suitable for infants, since their gums are still maturing. After which they can move on to straws, or directly to spoutless cups.
  • They will be used daily. Therefore, sippy cups, like all the other essentials that concern baby nutrition, need to be easy to clean and sterilise.
  • Easy-to-grip handles, leak-proof design and a travel cover are great features to look out for in baby sipper water bottle. 

How To Introduce Sipper To Baby?

Getting your child to try something new will always be met with initial challenges. Some babies may take to sippers quickly, while others may struggle to let go of the bottle. Here’s how to introduce a sipper to your baby.
  • Familiarise early: Once your baby can sit upright and has adequate neck control, they can begin using a sipper. Tip the cup near their mouth to help them understand the purpose of the sippy cup. Your child will need time to grasp its mechanism.
  • Opt for a soft silicone spout: At this stage, most infants will be familiar with their feeding bottles and will take to the soft pliable silicone spouts within a few uses.
  • Begin with milk: If you think your child might be hesitant to drink from a cup filled with water, try pumped milk or formula first. You can quickly move to water once they have taken to the sippy cup.
  • Adjusting with valve: Spill-proof valves are standard on baby sipper water bottles. Despite their usefulness in preventing leaks, these valves typically require more suction to operate. If a young child is just getting started with the process, these setbacks could cause them to lose interest very quickly. Until they are used to the bottle's design, removing the valve is the best course of action.
  • Be encouraging and consistent: As a parent, it is best to set a positive example and encourage every little milestone of your younger one. That said, following through with the change and eliminating all use of bottles within the first year is the best for your child developmentally.

In essence,
Using a cup is a huge developmental milestone. We hope you find the best sipper for babies in India among these to jump-start the process towards effective and convenient self-feeding. Happy Parenting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is straw sipper good for babies?

Yes, a straw sipper for baby helps them get used to the water flow before they can directly grab a hold of a cup mess-free.

2. How To Clean Baby Sippers

Any product that your child feeds off of needs to be cleaned and sterilised. Here’s how to clean your baby sipper: Separate all the parts Rinse every nook and cranny of the parts with a brush in some warm soapy water Make sure to let the parts air dry. Wash meticulously after every use.

3. When to start using a sipper for babies?

When your baby seems interested in solid foods and reaches out for your food or drinks over their bottle. That is a great time to start using a suitable and best sippy cup for baby.

4. Do paediatricians recommend sippy cups?

While they might not recommend sippy cups, paediatricians stress the elimination of the use of bottles for feeding after 12 months. Sippy cups lend a hand in familiarising babies with the concept of cups. But parents should be alert that sippy cups should not be used as comfort objects by babies.

5. What kind of sipper is good for baby teeth?

Silicone spouts are ideal for young children's teeth because they are soft and pliable. These help babies in their teething journey while getting the most out of the means at hand.

6. Is it good to give milk in a sipper?

No, it is best not to leave milk or any other sugary substance, like formula or juice, in a sipper after your baby is done drinking. Such substances can produce mould or other bad bacteria that can adversely affect your child's health if they are not cleaned properly.

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