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10 Best Potty Training Seats in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Feb 22, 2023 / Written by Gitanjali Udaykumar
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10 Best Potty Training Seats in India 2023

Potty training is an important developmental milestone for children because it marks the transition from infancy to toddlerhood and, eventually, full independence in toilet use. The easiest way to potty train your little one is to get them a potty seat. It can make the potty training process seamless and less stressful for both the child and the parent.
While there are a number of options on the market, it may leave you confused as to which one is best for you. With this blog, we aim to help you find the best potty training seat india best suited for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Is potty seat good for babies

A potty seat can benefit your little one in more ways than you think. Some of these benefits are:-
  • Potty seat provides a sense of familiarity and comfort for the child. Since the seat is small, it helps to reduce anxiety and fear when it comes to using the toilet.
  • The long your kid spends in a diaper the more you have to buy. It can save money in the long run as diapers are expensive.
  • It also helps children feel more confident and capable as they take pride in their ability to use the toilet independently.

Top Rated Potty Training Seats in India

1. Best with Foot Ladder: Lsarimo Foldable Potty Training Seat

Lsarimo Foldable Potty Training Seat

A potty seat with a foot ladder can make potty training more effortless and fun. The highly stable ladder can help your child go up on the seat by themselves without falling or losing balance, ensuring safety. The compact design makes assembly, folding, and storage easy. The double handrail comes in handy for your little one to grab onto for extra support. The base of the ladder comes with an anti-skid rubber pad that adds to the stability of the product. The soft, cushiony seat ensures comfort while your kid is on the toilet. The unique design that fits universally and is splash-proof makes this potty seat all the more worthy.

Specifications: ‎36 x 40 x 65 cm; 478 Grams
Suitable for: ‎12 months and up
Pros: High-quality, easy to clean, non-toxic
Cons: Fitting could be improved
Rating: 4.5/5

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2. Best for Foldability: BabyTeddy Baby Potty Seat

BabyTeddy Baby Potty Seat

Although a potty seat with a foot ladder might seem cumbersome, this one is surprisingly compact. The product is both compact and easy to fold which makes it effortless to store it even in small spaces after each use. The ladder makes it easy for your little one to use the toilet and even flush it independently, which goes a long way in potty training. The wider step base and anti-skid rubber pad on each of the legs add to the stability of the product. The seat features a soft, comfortable cushion for your kid's delicate bums. It comes with two handrails for better balance while on the seat. The height adjustability is a unique feature that sets it apart, as it can accommodate children of all ages.

Specifications: ‎67.09 x 40.79 x 10.2 cm; 2.21 Kilograms
Pros: Easy to assemble and clean, high-quality, adorable design
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.4/5

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3. Best for Quality: Baybee Baby Potty Training Seat

Baybee Baby Potty Training Seat

Nothing beats a product made with high-quality, non-toxic and durable materials. This potty is one such reliable product that would last you for a long time. Your child will be more comfortable and have a better grip thanks to the ergonomic design's rounded, smooth edges combined with a backrest and armrest. The product is also lightweight, which makes it highly portable and can be placed anywhere. It's much simpler and cleaner to maintain a high level of hygiene because the inner bowl can be removed. The raised baffle also works as a splash guard to keep urine from splashing onto your child, which is a plus.

Specifications: ‎30 x 27 x 32 cm; 1.06 Kilograms
Pros: Sturdy design, portable
Cons: Sizing could be improved
Rating: 4.4/5

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4. Best with Detachable Bowl: LuvLap Adaptable 2 in 1 Potty Training Seat

LuvLap Adaptable 2 in 1 Potty Training Seat

A potty seat with a detachable bowl is so much more convenient than a regular one. It makes cleaning effortless, and you get a hygienic toilet seat every time. The higher back gives immense spinal support and perfect posture for your little one. The smooth, rounded edges add comfort and safety to the seat. The detachable bowl and rim are unique features of this product. The detachable rim can be fitted onto any toilet, making it easy to transition from kids' toilets to adult toilets. The detachable bowl helps maintain hygiene as it is easy to clean. The lightweight and compact design also makes it ideal for travel.

Specifications: ‎37.6 x 37.6 x 18.2 cm; 1.28 Kilograms
Pros: easy to use and clean, value for money
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.4/5

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5. Best for Convertibility: R for Rabbit Ding Dong 4 in 1Potty Seat

R for Rabbit Ding Dong 4 in 1Potty Seat

A convertible potty seat is the product to buy as it can be used for a longer period of time. You can easily transition your child from a small, independent toilet to an adult toilet. The product features 4-in-1 products, including a detachable lid, rim, bowl, and step stool. The detachable rim comes with a highly comfortable cushioned seat. With the detachable bowl, cleaning is quicker and easier. The product can be converted into a dual-height step stool, which can help your kid climb up to the toilet seat in the bathroom.

Specifications: 39.1 x 37.4 x 18 cm; 1.85 Kilograms
Suitable for: 5 months- 4 years
Pros: Durable, multipurpose, high-quality
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.4/5

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6. Best for Design: LuvLap Ted Club Baby Potty Training Seat

LuvLap Ted Club Baby Potty Training Seat

An adorable design for a potty seat is a great way to encourage your kid to use the product. This product acts as an independent toilet for your little one. It comes with grab-on handles for proper support and balance. The slide-out tray that acts as a detachable bowl makes cleaning the product an easy task. Every part of the potty seat is made of non-toxic, durable plastic without any sharp edges, ensuring utmost comfort and safety. The anti-slip rubber base gives the product extra stability and keeps it intact. Overall, it's a great ergonomic potty training seat in this range of products.

Specifications: 35.6 x 35.6 x 22 cm; 1.38 Kilograms
Suitable for: ‎6 months and up
Pros: Good quality, easy to clean
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.4/5

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7. Best in Independent Toilet: WISHKEY Plastic Comfortable Western Style Potty Seat

WISHKEY Plastic Comfortable Western Style Potty Seat

If you want your child to get used to an adult toilet and eliminate any fear attached to it, then this is the product for you. The toilet comes with a soft, comfortable cushion for your kid. All parts of the toilet are made of BPA-free PP material, which makes it completely safe for your child. The tank doubles as a storage cabinet for essentials and a backrest for optimal spinal support. The wide base, along with an anti-slip strip, keeps the toilet in place while in use. The product’s amazing design, including a realistic flip-up seat, makes it an absolute must-buy for an easy transition.

Specifications: ‎43 x 27 x 34.5 cm; 1.7 Kilograms
Suitable for: ‎12 months - 4 years
Pros: Sturdy, value for money
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.4/5

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8. Best for Comfort: Syga Potty Sitting Ring

Syga Potty Sitting Ring

Kid’s bums are better suited to a soft cushiony seat than a regular one, and that’s exactly what this product offers. This potty seat can fit on any standard-size toilet, making it highly convenient. It comes with handles to provide extra support for your little one. The raised back also aids in good spinal support. The PU cushion can be separated from the plastic frame for easy cleaning. The product is made from BPA-free PP material, making it child safe. It's a worthy investment if you are looking for the best cushioned potty training seat.

Specifications: ‎32.7 x 29.4 x 8.7 cm; 434 Grams
Suitable for: ‎18 months and up
Pros: Lightweight and travel-friendly
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.3/5

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9. Best with Splash Guard: Zollyss Potty Training Seat

Zollyss Potty Training Seat

A potty seat with a splash guard can help you save time and energy spent on cleaning the mess. The Zollyss potty training seat is easy to use and has a splash guard to keep urine from spilling out. The non-slip rubber grip keeps the product intact while in use, adding to its stability. It is made of high-quality, BPA-free material that is sure to last you a very long time. The product comes with hooks for easy storage after use, which makes it one of the best portable potty training seats on this list.

Specifications: ‎37.6 x 34.2 x 8.8 cm; 240 Grams
Pros: Easy to clean, durable
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.3/5

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10. Best for Portability: Inovera Portable Baby Toilet Seat

Inovera Portable Baby Toilet Seat

For those times when you find yourself in a public restroom that your child is unfamiliar with, a portable potty seat can be a lifesaver. The product is completely foldable and compact, which makes it highly convenient to carry around. It can be folded into a small carry pouch to store in your bag while travelling. The potty seat fits on any standard-sized toilet effortlessly. Overall, it's the best foldable potty training seat for you to choose while travelling.

Specifications: ‎35 x 26 x 2.5 cm; 290 Grams
Pros: Flexible, high-quality
Cons: No concerns
Rating: 4.3/5

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How To Choose The Right Potty Training Seat?

Here are some of the factors that you can consider to get the right potty seat for your child.
  • Space: Parents who have a bit of space to spare, can opt for independent toilets which are space-consuming. If you don't have the extra space, you can go for potty seats which are great in the long run. Potty seats make your child more familiar with the toilet and can get used to it more quickly than an independent toilet.
  • Safety: Always look out for potty seats that have some features for safety and stability. This could include a wider base, feet with rubber padding or a rubber strip on the base. For a foldable potty seat always ensure that the seat is anti-pinch and doesn’t cause any discomfort.
  • Comfort: It is highly unlikely that your child will go potty on a seat that isn’t comfortable for their tiny little bums. Getting a soft cushioned seat which can also be separated from the main frame is a crucial factor.

Good Tips For Potty Training

  • One of the most important aspects of potty training is the readiness of your kid to go for potty training. Positive reinforcement goes a long way as a kid happily agreeing to transition will be easier to teach. If your child understands their own physical needs like the urge to go and tell you so, then you're halfway through the process already.
  • Another way to get them going is to actively involve them in the process. This starts with allowing them to choose the potty seat they best like. This helps them take pride in completing their routine and instil a sense of independence.
  • Look out for physical cues like squatting, squirming or holding their genital area. This means they are ready to go and you need to act fast. Reward them with encouragement when they let you know their urge to go.
Overall, potty seats for babies can be a helpful tool for parents as they work to potty train their children. They can make the process less stressful, save time and money, and make it more fun for the child. We hope this blog helped you find the right potty seat best suited for your needs. Happy parenting! BabyG - Early Development App Wondering how to stay on top of all your munchkins' developmental needs? Head on over to your BabyG App today, and get complete access to 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age should child start using potty training

Typically, your child should be ready somewhere between 18 and 24 months. But this is different in every child, some aren't ready until 3 years old.

2. What is 3 day potty training method

This is a method in which you let your child go diaper free for 3 days so that they understand their physical urges better.

3. How long should a baby sit on the potty

The maximum amount of time your child should spend on the potty is five minutes. Take frequent breaks between making them sit on the potty again

4. Is potty training at 3 too late

No, it isn't. Every child is unique, and some may take longer than usual to get used to it. However, it’ll be more difficult to train if you wait too long.

5. How long is normal for potty training

Ideally, it takes 3 to 6 months to fully potty train your child, but this may differ for each child. Remember, potty training is a time-consuming process, and you need to be very patient with your little one.

6. Is 2 years old too early to potty train

No, it isn't. Your child will probably be ready between the ages of 18 and 24 months. However, readiness varies widely among children; some may not be ready until they reach the age of three.

7. What age should you stop using a potty

As soon as they are ready for the adult toilet. Most children are potty trained by age 3, which is when you can stop using the potty. If this isn't the case with your child, don't worry, as every child is different in terms of readiness.

8. What is the difference between a potty chair and potty seat

A potty chair is a stand-alone toilet for kids, while a potty seat is a product that goes on top of all standard-sized toilets. Some of the stand-alone toilets also have a separate cleaning bowl.

9. Is it better to use a potty chair or seat

A potty seat can get your child more accustomed to a regular toilet, which makes the transition smoother. Whether you choose a potty seat or a potty chair depends on your child's personal preference.

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