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12 Best & Safe Kids Bike Helmets in India 2023

Lifestyle / Feb 01, 2023 / Written by Pavitra Dave
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12 Best & Safe Kids Bike Helmets in India 2023

Bike helmets are a great way to guarantee your kids' safety and protection while they're riding bikes, skateboarding, or engaging in any other physical activity. You can make playtime safe and ensure the utmost safety of your priceless children by investing in bike helmets that are robust, absorb shock, and keep them protected. There are various types of comfortable and stylish kids helmet on the market. Here is a complete guide on how to buy the best kids bike helmet in India.

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How to measure for a child's bike helmet

It is extremely important to purchase a helmet that fits your child properly. Without a great, firm, and secure fit on the baby's head, a helmet is useless. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on the measuring process before buying a bike helmet:
  1. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your little one's head.
  2. Do this by placing the measuring tape about an inch over their eyebrows and wrapping it around the lower back part of their head.
  3. Once you have measured their head circumference, check the sizing of the helmet that is close to that circumference number and you’ll have the most perfect fitting helmet for your little one then!

Top Rated Kids Bike Helmets in India

1. Best for High Coverage: Joovy Noodle Kids Bike Helmet

Joovy Noodle Kids Bike Helmet

This Joovy kids' halter comes in an attractive and eye-catching green colour. The visor on the helmet is long and extended for maximum safety and coverage. Your kids can also adjust the fit since the helmet also has an adjustable fit dial. The nylon straps with a pinch guard chin strap make the helmet comfortable to wear and adjust. Additionally, the helmet has 14 air vents that make it breathable and allow your child to wear it for extended periods of time. This helmet meets international quality standards and is one of the safest toddler bike helmet.

Size: Small/Medium
Weight: 276.69 Grams
Adjust System: Pinch guard chin strap
Dimensions: ‎21.59 x 17.02 x 14.99 cm
Suitable For: 3 years and up
Pros: Lightweight, great fit, breathable
Cons: No concerns
Ratings: 4.8/5

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2. Best for Design: Paw Patrol Bike Helmet

Paw Patrol Bike Helmet

This Paw Patrol Bike helmet is definitely one of the best child bike helmet 5 year old. The dog cartoon-inspired design on the helmet will surely be loved by your little ones. This helmet gives great protection due to the padding on the inside. This kids bike helmet is not only comfortable but safe and protective too. The chin straps on this sturdy bike are easy to adjust without any hassle. Lastly, the vents on the helmet make it breathable and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Weight: 390 g
Adjust System: Chin strap with buckle
Suitable For: 3-5 years
Pros: Good quality, sturdy, and breathable
Cons: A little heavy
Ratings: 4.8/5

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3. Best for Lightweight: PESOMA Light Weight Bicycle Helmet

PESOMA Light Weight Bicycle Helmet

This colourful and stylish helmet is a must-have for the ultimate safety of your little one. The helmet has 18 vents for ventilation, keeping your little one cool and comfortable. Additionally, the durable helmet is made of strong and rigid PVC. The helmet also contains EPC foam, which aids in shock absorption and provides your child with ongoing protection. The inner padding and vents keep kids sweat-free and comfortable for long periods of time. Lastly, the detachable sun liner will keep your kids protected from harsh sun rays and protect their eyes and skin too.

Size: Medium
Weight: 210 grams
Adjust System: Quick-release buckle
Suitable For: Kids- Adults
Pros: Shock-absorbent, durable, and safe
Cons: No concerns
Ratings: 4.4/5

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4. Best for Ventilation: Mountalk Adjustable Bike Helmet

Mountalk Adjustable Bike Helmet

Beginning with its adorable pink colour and unicorn patterns, this adjustable bike helmet is a great choice. It's a fantastic girls bike helmet because of its distinct and eye-catching design. Furthermore, the adjustable bike helmet has a fantastic ventilation system. The stylish helmet features 11 air vents and 6 cooling channels to keep your little one cool and comfortable through even hot and humid temperatures. The helmet has 360-degree padding to protect the entire head, which adds to its comfort. These soft inner pads can be removed and are washable, adding to your convenience.

Size: XS
Weight: ‎272 g
Adjust System: Dial turn ring
Dimensions: ‎20 x 15 x 15 Centimetres
Suitable For: 1-3 years
Pros: Thick removable padding, durable straps, meets international safety standards.
Cons: Shape of the helmet is not very flattering.
Ratings: 4.6/5

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5. Best for Everyday Use: Schwinn Toddler's Carnival Girl Helmet

Schwinn Toddler's Carnival Girl Helmet

This multicolor helmet will surely be loved by your little one. The lightweight design of this helmet makes it great for everyday use. In addition to that, it has eight flow vents and a superior vented system, both of which work together to prevent sweat and dirt from building up. This helmet has very little maintenance costs. This is due to the fact that the helmet has superior micro-shell security, which will keep your child safe no matter the circumstances.

Size: One size
Weight: 226.8 Grams
Adjust System: Easy-adjust dial system
Dimensions: 20.3 x 15.2 x 38.9 Centimetres
Suitable For: Toddlers
Pros: Easy to adjust, gives great fit and full coverage protection.
Cons: Only suitable for young toddlers
Ratings: 4.7/5

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6. Best for Comfort: Beliesafe Multi Sport Kids Helmet

Beliesafe Multi Sport Kids Helmet

Your children will absolutely adore wearing this helmet while they are outside playing, as it provides an exceptional level of comfort. This helmet features cute horn detailing all around and a dinosaur design. This helmet's unique feature is that it has two detachable liners so that it can be customised to perfectly fit the shape of your child's head. This provides personalised comfort for your child and is simple to clean for your convenience. Additionally, the padded chin strap will add to the overall comfortable experience for your little one. This is a great child bike helmet 5 year old and above.

Size: Adjustable
Weight: 226 g
Adjust System: Quick-release buckle
Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 15 Centimetres
Suitable For: 5-14 years old
Pros: unique design, excellent quality, and soft ridges
Cons: No protection above the ear
Ratings: 4.6/5

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7. Best for Fit: KAMUGO Kids Adjustable Helmet

KAMUGO Kids Adjustable Helmet

This helmet has a simple design that your child can personalise with stickers. Your child will always be safe inside the helmet thanks to the shock-absorbing EPS foam construction. The 0.75-inch thickness of this foam makes it both safe and comfortable. With this helmet, your child can achieve the best fit. This helmet has a system for adjusting the head size in addition to an adjustable chin strap. In order to adjust the tightness of the head harness, the helmet basically has a knob at the back of the head. To ensure the best fit for each child, this is a truly fantastic method.

Size: Adjustable
Weight: 320 Grams
Adjust System:
Dimensions: 24.1 x 22.9 x 12.2 Centimetres
Suitable For: 3-8 years
Pros: Breathable inside foam, lightweight, and minimalistic design
Cons: Quality not up to the mark
Ratings: 4.7/5

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8. Best with Lights: Atphfety Kids Cycling Helmet

Atphfety Kids Cycling Helmet

Little kids will adore the design of the Batman logo on this lightweight helmet. A warning tail light is included on the back of the helmet. This light is extremely bright and features three flash modes. When kids want to ride their bikes or skate around in the evenings, helmets with lights are ideal. Safety is maintained for your child in low light thanks to this security light. In addition to having excellent safety lights, this helmet has a strong PVC shell and is a great option for an anti-shock helmet.

Size: Adjustable
Weight: 200 g
Adjust System: Easy-adjust dial system
Suitable For: Toddler
Pros: Comfortable straps, easy to adjust, attractive design
Cons: Chinguard needs to be positioned comfortably.
Ratings: 4.6/5

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9. Best for Spiderman-Themed: Bell Toddler Spiderman Bike Helmet

Bell Toddler Spiderman Bike Helmet

If your young child enjoys Spider-Man and other cartoon heroes, there is a good chance that they will come to favour this headgear very quickly. The Spider-Man-themed helmet is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical in its design. The helmet has a fantastic design and structure, in addition to being very sturdy. The lightweight helmet has a protected adjustment system, so your child's skin will not get pinched. Lastly, this kid's bicycle helmet is easy to adjust and clips on easily.

Size: One size
Weight: 0.28 g
Adjust System: Chin strap with buckle
Suitable For: 3-5 years
Pros: Affordable and sturdy
Cons: The sizing runs small
Ratings: 4.5/5

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10. Best in High Resistance: FABSPORTS Light Weight Bike Helmet

FABSPORTS Light Weight Bike Helmet

This is one of the most high-resistant and sturdy bike helmets there is, and it's perfect for the little explorer in your family. To ensure its durability and protection, the bike helmet is constructed out of PVC, which has a high density and is very sturdy. Additionally, the stylish helmet has a removable sun visor that will shield your children from harmful UV rays as well as dirt and dust. The helmet's adjusting knob is located at the back and allows for extensive adjustment.

Size: One size
Weight: ‎185 Grams
Adjust System: Quick-release buckle
Suitable For: Kids- adults
Pros: Padded chin straps for comfort, detachable inner lining, and lightweight
Cons: No concerns
Ratings: 3.9/5

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11. Best for Safety: SIFVO Kids Unisex Bike Helmet

SIFVO Kids Unisex Bike Helmet

This is one of the safest toddler bike helmet on the market. This bike is extremely safe thanks to cutting-edge safety technology and the combination of the robust PC shell and shock-resistant "expanded polystyrene." Little kids can use it safely thanks to the shock-resistant material's reduced impact. The fact that the helmet offers 360-degree protection and covers your child's entire head further increases the safety of this feature. The circumference of your child's head can be adjusted using the dial on this bike helmet, ensuring a perfect fit for them while they use it.

Size: 19.69-22.44 inch
Weight: 239 Grams
Dimensions: 28.4 x 20.6 x 17 Centimeters
Suitable For: 5-13 years
Pros: Comes with visor, comfortable and stylish
Cons: Colour may fade over time
Ratings: 4.7/5

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12. Best with Chin Guard: ROCK BROS Kids Bike Full Face Helmet

ROCK BROS Kids Bike Full Face Helmet

The toddler bike helmet offers excellent protection for young riders. The helmet is CE-certified for safety and offers multiple protections. The inner side of this bike helmet is made of soft yet shock-absorbing EPS material. This helmet also safeguards the cervical spine thanks to the chin guard. For your child's specific safety requirements, this detachable two-in-one helmet can also be changed into a half helmet or a helmet with a chin guard. Finally, this helmet has a 360-degree back buckle and easy-to-adjust buckles for your child's comfort.

Size:: Medium (20.9-22.8inch)
Weight: ‎380 Grams
Adjust System: 360-degree adjustable buckle
Suitable For: Toddlers
Pros: Breathable, reduces air resistance, and sweat-proof.
Cons: Maybe a little heavy
Ratings: 4.4/5

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How To Choose The Right Kids Bike Helmet?

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a bike helmet:
  • Adjusting system - Buying a helmet with adjusting wheels at the back is advised. This is so that a tighter head circumference fit can be provided, keeping the helmet safe and in place.
  • Dividers - Dividers are the straps used to secure the helmet to the head and run along the side of the face. For the maximum level of comfort for your child, dividers made of nylon or with padding attached are great.
  • Good ventilation system - This is an important feature to look out for. A good ventilation system will increase your children's comfort by keeping their heads cool and sweat-free for hours.
  • Lightweight - By purchasing a lightweight helmet, you'll lessen the strain or additional weight your child must carry while playing outside or riding a bike.
  • Lights or reflectors- This is a great feature to have to further make helmets safer. The reflectors on the back of the helmet will aid in preventing any mishaps or unforeseen circumstances.
Bike helmets are an essential part of growing up, and it is best to instil the importance of safety in your little ones from a young age. We hope we helped you in your quest to find the best and safest toddler bike helmet. We have provided you with some wonderful choices while keeping the safety of your children in mind. Happy Shopping! BabyG - Early Development App Wondering how to stay on top of all your munchkins' developmental needs? Head on over to your BabyG App today, and get complete access to 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a child have to wear a helmet on a bike in india

A helmet must be worn at all times by children riding any type of two-wheeler, according to new traffic regulations.

2. What age can a child wear a bike helmet

Children as young as four months old can begin wearing helmets. Helmets for bikes can be used not only for safety but also for shaping the developing skull.

3. Should a 2 year old wear a helmet

Yes. At this age, toddlers will have a strong neck support system and be able to support the weight of the helmet. Wearing a helmet is essential if your children enjoy riding scooters or bicycles.

4. Can kids wear a full face helmet

Wearing a full-size helmet is not recommended for children under the age of five. However, since they also include chin protection, children older than that can wear them, making them safer for older toddlers.

5. Is MIPS required in kids bike helmet

Even though MIPS isn't required, kids should get a bike helmet with this protection system. This is because MIPs can lessen the impact of a fall and are a great extra safety tool for kids.

6. Does visor necessary when kids wear helmet

Your children can be shielded from harmful sun rays and airborne debris by wearing a visor. While not absolutely necessary, this is still a benefit.

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