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11 Best Kids Alarm Clocks in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Feb 01, 2023 / Written by Dhruvi Haria
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11 Best Kids Alarm Clocks in India 2023

Alarm clocks made exclusively for children can be a valuable tool for teaching them the value of time. These kids alarm clocks can help them learn basic life skills like how to tell time, wake up on time for school, and develop a sense of time management. The presence of an alarm clock in the bedroom can be extremely beneficial for young children who may not have access to phones or smart-home devices.

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Are alarm clocks good for kids?

Alarm clocks can be a beneficial tool for kids because:
  • They can help teach them how to tell time
  • Understand when it's the appropriate time to wake up
  • Develop time management skills
  • Be a visual reminder for your kid to wake up for school or other activities
  • Develop independence and a sense of responsibility
  • Help your kid learn to be responsible for setting and keeping their own schedule

Top Rated Alarm Clocks For Kids in India 2023

1. Best in Loud Alarm: Pesoma Table Top Alarm Clock

Pesoma Table Top Alarm Clock

The Pesoma Alarm Clock is a terrific alternative to a classic alarm clock that will appeal to both children and teens. An affordable and efficient alarm clock that uses sound and vibration to wake your children. The loud alarm is helpful for children who are heavy sleepers, have slight hearing loss, or are deaf. It is designed in the shape of an adorable bunny that is sure to be your child’s favourite. The numbers on the clock are easy to read. The product also has illuminated hands for easy visibility at night or in the dark. This classic analogue alarm clock fits easily on nightstands and desks and can be used anywhere at home.

Weight: 200 g
Power Source: Battery Powered
Pros: Value for money, Loud Alarm, Easy to read
Cons: Lacks snooze button, Battery operated

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2. Best for Learning Time: Learning Resources Tock The Learning Clock

Learning Resources Tock The Learning Clock

Tock the Learning Clock is an excellent choice for children learning to tell time. This charming learn-to-tell time clock for kids features analogue hour and minute hands and a digital clock display. Tock has two modes of time teaching: musical fun and educational mode. In the musical fun mode, Tock rewards kids for accurately setting the hour and minute hands by playing engaging, dance-ready melodies. Tock's question mode lets kids test their knowledge of the time displayed on the clock's digital display by matching the analogue hands to the digital display. Tocking the learning clock also helps kids get a good night's sleep with a nightlight feature. The product also has a colour-changing “OK to Wake" light, making it an absolute must buy for kids.

Weight: 570 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered
Suitable Age: 3 years and above
Pros: Easy to read numbers, high quality
Cons: On the expensive end

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3. Best for Affordability: Crayola Glass Twin Bell Edition Vintage Look

Crayola Glass Twin Bell Edition Vintage Look

When hunting for an alarm clock for your child, you will undoubtedly come across something funky but rarely vintage. This product is constructed of metal and has a unique appearance! Each hour is represented by a different hue, making it simple to read and tell the time. There is a sense of peace in the silent ticks, and precision is ensured by the precise movements. The alarm is easy to use, and with traditional battery functioning, it will quickly find a home on your child's bedside table!

Weight: 299 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered
Pros: Easy to Read, Value for Money
Cons: No concerns

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4. Best for Unique Design: Emerge Miniature Bicycle Bike Shape Alarm Clock

Emerge Miniature Bicycle Bike Shape Alarm Clock

The appealing retro-styled bicycle integrated into the desk alarm clock is a novel design alternative for your child who has recently learned to ride a bicycle. This kids' alarm clock is made of high-quality plastic coated with a durable and colorfast metal paint technique. This attractive vintage desk clock is powered by a meticulously crafted quartz movement that does not tick or disturb you while working or sleeping . The alarm is simple to set up and comes with standard battery operation. The design can complement the aesthetics of any modern home. It is also a great gifting option for any occasion.

Weight: 14.5 x 25 x 1.5 cm; 163 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered
Suitable Age: 7 years and above
Pros: High quality , Silent Ticking
Cons: Self-standing can be improved

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5. Best for Kindergarten: Skip Hop Dream Shine Sleep Trainer

Skip Hop Dream Shine Sleep Trainer

This clock doesn't have a time display and relies solely on colour signals to function, making it suitable for children as young as two who are still learning their numbers. It features three light colours: red denotes that it is time for bed; yellow signifies that it's nearly time to wake up; and green denotes that it is time to wake up. This colour-changing alarm clock can also be used as a sound machine, a nightlight, or both. It can also be set to play a soothing melody when it goes off in the morning. You also have the choice of using the battery or the USB cable instead of batteries, which makes this a highly convenient prouct. The auto-off/power-saving function lets you play music or lights for 20 minutes non-stop before it turns off by itself, which is a unique feature of this product.

Weight: 286 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered, USB Cable(adapter not included)
Suitable Age: ‎2 months - 3 years
Pros: Soothing sounds, Bright nightlight
Cons: Timer settings could be improved

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6. Best for Batman Themed : LEGO Kids Super Heroes Batman Alarm Clock

LEGO Kids Super Heroes Batman Alarm Clock

This digital Lego Kid's Batman clock is adored by older youngsters who seek a stylish design. It is the perfect piece of decor for an avid Batman fan. The clock includes an alarm clock and a digital LED display. The figurine’s head acts as the snooze button, which also activates the backlight. You can place this kid's alarm clock anywhere in the room, as it is powered by two AAA batteries. The clock can also be placed in multiple ways, as you can move each arm and leg separately.

Weight: 27.2 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered
Suitable Age: 5 years and above
Pros: Easy to read, portable
Cons: Alarm volume could be mellowed

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7. Best for Affordability: Vozica Table Top Alarm Clock

Vozica Table Top Alarm Clock

This is an inexpensive alarm clock that wakes your kids up with sound and vibration and gets the job done. Children who have trouble waking up, who have mild hearing loss, or who are deaf can greatly benefit from the loud alarm. The product has a cute cartoon design, which is sure to make your little one happy. The clock screen is easy to read, and the hands are illuminated for nighttime or low-light vision. You can push the nightlight button to observe the time in the dark without damaging your eyes. A gentle yellowish LED light will then illuminate the clock display. This child-friendly alarm clock is small and portable and can be quickly set up on a desk or nightstand with minimal space and effort.

Weight: 200 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered
Pros: Easy to read, value for money
Cons: No snooze button

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8. Best for Non-Ticking: Betus Stainless Steel Robot Alarm Clock

Betus Stainless Steel Robot Alarm Clock

If your child is not a fan of the loud ticking of a clock, then this is the product for you. The innovative, non-ticking design of this alarm clock ensures that even the lightest sleepers will not be woken. Its analogue display, second hand, and fusion of contemporary and conventional design make it a great kids alarm clock. Younger children will definitely see this quirky robot as a cool addition to their rooms. This robot has hands that can even hold notes, so you can write sweet messages for your kids to wake up to in the morning. Unlike a digital clock, the clock has two knobs on the back for setting the time and alarm. Betus offers a one-year replacement warranty on this child-friendly alarm clock, making it a worthy buy on this list.

Weight: 45.3 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered
Pros: Easy to set up, unique design
Cons: Build quality could be improved

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9. Best for Multifunctional: Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

With this alarm clock, you can choose between a conventional alarm with seven different sound selections and a sunrise simulator light that progressively gets brighter. In addition to acting as a sunrise simulator, the clock's illumination features seven distinct hues and 20 levels of brightness. It has an FM radio, a front-mounted digital clock, and a nine-minute snooze button that you can use up to five times. It is fantastic for someone searching for more than just a basic alarm clock because it includes a ton of features.

Weight: 481 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered, USB charging
Pros: Dual alarms, Sleek design
Cons: On the expensive side

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10. Best with USB Charging: Kids Ok to Wake Clock

Kids Ok to Wake Clock

An alarm clock that can also be charged via USB cable is far more convenient to use than its competitors. In addition to USB charging, this alarm clock also features an emergency battery backup in case of a power outage. This lovely kids digital alarm clock teaches kids when it's time to wake up. The gentle LED lights on this kids alarm clock change colour depending on your settings, going from red (Do not get out of bed) to yellow (it is almost time!) to green (we are all ready to start the day!) This alarm clock is packed with features like easy-to-use controls, two music levels, a nightlight, and an LCD display to help your children sleep better at night. It also comes with a storybook filled with pictures to help unwind your kid after a tiring day.

Weight: 399 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered, USB cable
Suitable Age: 2 years and above
Pros: Bright display, child lock
Cons: Build quality could be improved

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11. Best for Voice-Activated Night Light: MikoDream Kids Alarm Clock

MikoDream Kids Alarm Clock

The voice-activated nightlight is the best part about this alarm clock, which makes it highly convenient. With the help of this adorable, child-friendly alarm clock, your little one will have no difficulty forming sound sleeping habits. Due to its digital display, it is a wonderful choice for young children who are still learning how to tell time. Additionally, it makes a variety of amusing facial expressions, much like a toy, and the temperature reading offers your child yet another learning opportunity. Other features include a dual alarm that wakes your kids up once and ensures a second wake-up alarm. The product also has five unique ringtones and four different volume settings.

Weight: 259 Grams
Power Source: Battery Powered
Pros: Easy to use, one year warranty
Cons: On the expensive side

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What To Look For In A Kid's Alarm Clock?

The plethora of options on the market can make it challenging to know what to look for in a kids alarm clock. There are several options to consider, ranging from intuitive controls to vibrating alarms and nightlights. Let's look at the most crucial elements to evaluate when selecting an alarm clock for your child.
Multifunctional: Kids already have so much stuff, so purchasing another device with a single use merely adds to the clutter. You will use and benefit from your alarm clock far more if you get one that does several functions in addition to telling the time. Hence, an alarm clock that doubles up as a nightlight or a white noise machine adds to its utility.
Ease of Use: Always go for a clock that can be set up by kids themselves. This helps to inculcate the responsibility of managing their own time. If your kid doesn’t know how to turn off their alarm, it will be something you’ll have to do, defeating the purpose of it.
Display Style: There are different styles of clock displays. From analogue to digital, each of them can greatly benefit your child. An analogue clock is perfect for younger kids to teach them to tell time, while older kids prefer digital clocks. Some of the products have both, which is way more convenient than either of the two. For even younger kids who haven’t learned numbers yet, a colour changing alarm clock is the ideal choice.
Alarm Sounds/Styles: Some alarm sounds and styles can be annoying to wake up to. So choose an alarm clock with a moderate ringing volume and a pleasant, not jarring, tone.

Investing in a quality kid's alarm clock is a great way to encourage responsibility. Apart from helping build a bedtime routine. It can help children who face sleep regression, too. We hope we have guided you well in selecting the best alarm clock for your needs. Happy shopping! BabyG - Early Development App Wondering how to stay on top of all your munchkins' developmental needs? Head on over to your BabyG App today, and get complete access to 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age should a child have an alarm clock

Children as young as six years old should be given an alarm clock to help them develop discipline and routine. However, this depends on your child’s readiness as well. Once they have learned to tell time, they can make the best use of an alarm clock.

2. Does colour changing alarm clock helps kids

For young children, colour-changing alarm clocks are worth the investment. Even though they can't discern the time yet, they can determine when it is time for bed and when to get up by the varied colours. It will serve as a visual aid and a gentle reminder for your toddler to stick to the bedtime routine.

3. What is the good wake-up time for kids

Children who get up around the same time each morning are more likely to sleep at set intervals and feel drowsy when it is time for bed. Once you've found a wake time that works for your child, it's a good general rule to try to keep it consistent within thirty minutes or less.

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