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8 Best Selling Graco Strollers in India 2022

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 06, 2023 / Written by Priyanka Sonkushre
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Best Selling Graco Strollers in India

A stroller is a hand-pushed, wheeled vehicle used by parents to transport their kids. It is a must-have baby essential as it makes travelling with kids a whole lot easier. Whether you want to go shopping, for a walk, or on a vacation, you can use a stroller to safely carry your child from one place to the other.

Multiple brands manufacture and sell strollers. Choosing the right pick for your family's needs can get confusing as there are many products available. In this article, we will enlist strollers from one of the best brands in the market, i.e., Graco.

Our Top Picks

Is Graco a Good Stroller Brand?

Graco is one of the leading stroller brands in the world. Its products are considered to be sturdy, safe, and reliable. The brand has a wide range of strollers and joggers to meet the varying travel needs of a family. So, let's look at the best Graco stroller India products available on the market.

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Top Rated Graco Strollers in India 2022

1. Best for Lightweight Travelling: Graco Snugrider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier

This compact Graco stroller is great for those who are looking for a lightweight product. The frame is made of aluminium and accommodates all Graco infant car seats. It has a basket to store on-the-go essentials and has two cup holders for your water bottle or coffee.
The stroller is easy to fold and fits easily in the trunk of a car. Soap and water are all you need to clean it up when needed.

Specifications: ‎66.04 x 43.18 x 25.4 cm; 7.08 Kilograms
Suitable For: Infant
How To Fold: You can fold the stroller with the easy one-hand folding operation.

  • Push the button placed between the cup holders to unlock the stroller.
  • Next, use one foot to push the back of the storage basket.
  • The stroller automatically folds up and gets locked for easy storage.

Pros: Portable travel solution, Ultra-lightweight
Cons: Does not support too much weight on handlebar
Shop at: ₹33,957.00

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2. Best for Twins: Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Double Baby Stroller

This double Graco stroller is great for families with two kids. Offering more than ten riding positions, your kids will definitely love travelling in this stroller. Superior quality wheels support a smooth ride. It also comes with a parent tray and a removable child tray for ease of use.
You can simultaneously use two Graco SnugRide Click Connect Infant Car Seats in this stroller, making it convenient to travel with two kids.

Specifications: 111.76 x 60.96 x 104.14 cm; 14.97 Kilograms
Suitable For: 6 months and up
How To Fold: The stroller allows one-hand standing fold with an automatic lock.

  • Fold both canopies and push them forward along with the front seat.
  • Now push the grey button and twist the handle while moving forward.
  • The stroller folds easily.

Pros: 3 and 5-point harness systems, Can accommodate two children
Cons: On heavier side
Shop at: ₹20,249.00

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3. Best for 3-in-1 Travel Solution: Graco Modes Nest Travel System Stroller with Car Seat

Here is a 3-in-1 Graco stroller with car seat. It can also be used with an infant pramette or as a toddler stroller. You can set the car seat rear or forward-facing and adjust its height according to your preference. The best part of this stroller system is that it includes a car seat for your baby.
Additional features of this travel system Graco stroller include a storage basket, cup holders, and a large canopy for shade.

Specifications: 65.41 x 90.17 x 119.38 cm; 13.61 Kilograms
Suitable For: ‎1 month and up
How To Fold:

  • First of all, remove the car seat from the stroller.
  • Slide the button on the handle and slightly push the handle down.
  • A snapping sound will indicate the stroller has folded completely.

Pros: 3-in-1 stroller, Adjustable height, Includes infant car seat
Cons: Takes up a good space
Shop at: ₹1,07,097.00

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4. Best for Convenience: Graco NimbleLite Baby Stroller

This baby stroller accepts all Graco car seats and weighs less than 15 pounds. You can quickly shift your baby from the car to the stroller. It has a 5-point harness system for the safety of your child. It also lets you recline the seat as per your child's comfort to keep them comfortable.

Specifications: 53.34 x 87.93 x 107.32 cm; 5.44 Kilograms
Suitable For: 6 months to 3 years
How To Fold:

  • First, remove the car seat and ensure the brakes are engaged.
  • Now press the buttons on the side of the stroller frame and twist the handlebar.
  • Keep pushing the handle till you hear a snapping sound confirming the stroller is ready for storage.

Pros: Lightweight, Convenient to use, Can be used with all Graco infant car seats
Cons: Can get wobbly due to lightweight in uneven ground
Shop at: ₹24,999.00

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5. Best for a Comfortable Stroll: Graco Modes Nest Baby Stroller with Height Adjustable Reversible Seat

This Graco product has 3 strollers in 1 – the infant car seat, infant bassinet, and toddler stroller. The slide2me feature allows you to switch the car seat in three different height positions. The seat can be reversed so you can face your child when required.
The 5-point harness safeguards your baby, and the storage basket takes care of your essentials. Buy any Graco infant car seat for use with this stroller.

Specifications: 65.41 x 90.17 x 119.38 cm; 9.96 Kilograms
Suitable For: 0 - 3 years
How To Fold:

  • Press the two buttons on the sides of the handlebar.
  • Pull the handle up a little bit and then fold it down.
  • You'll hear a snap meaning your stroller is ready for storage.

Pros: 3 strollers in 1, Expandable storage basket, 5-point harness
Cons: Does not come with a car seat
Shop at: ₹29,999.00

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6. Best for Quick Fold: Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller

This Graco jogger can be used for infants and toddlers. It supports kids weighing up to 50 lbs. Its 1-second 1-hand folding feature is great for on-the-go convenience. You can attach any Graco infant car seat to this jogger. The tires are air-filled to give your child a smooth ride.
The height-adjustable handle, parent's tray, and large basket add to a parent's convenience. That's why this jogger Graco stroller is one of the best strollers in the market.

Specifications: 134.62 x 59.69 x 111.76 cm; 13.11 Kilograms
Suitable For: Infant and up
How To Fold:

  • Locate the fold-unfold strap attached to the infant seat.
  • Pull the strap upwards and wait to hear the snap sound. It hardly takes a second or two for this.
  • The stroller is now ready to store.

Pros: Smooth ride, 2-in-1 stroller
Cons: Tires can wear over time, great otherwise
Shop at: ₹29,899.00

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7. Best for Jogging with kids: Graco Modes Jogger 2.0 Stroller

This jogger makes walking, jogging, or running with kids easy and fun. It has red reflectors and air-filled tires to support the jogging. The seat can be placed forward or rear-facing and can be positioned in seven different ways.
It has plenty of storage to keep things, and its one-hand fold makes folding and storing easy as pie.

Specifications: 100.33 x 64.77 x 105.41 cm; 14.99 Kilograms
Suitable For: 1 month and up
How To Fold:

  • Make sure the bassinet is facing forward.
  • Place your hand on the switch located on the handle and slide it to the right.
  • Twist the handle forward and push it straight down towards the wheels to fold the jogger.

Pros: Reversible stroller seat, Allows easy navigation
Cons: Not very travel-friendly, otherwise no concerns
Shop at: ₹82,780.00

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8. Best for Families using Public Transport: Graco LiteRider LX Baby Stroller

Weighing only 7.7 kg, this baby stroller is a great lightweight solution for your travelling needs. Its Click Connect system secures the car seat in just one step. You can fold this stroller with just one hand while attending to your baby.
Other features include a storage basket, cup holders, a canopy for shade, and a multi-reclining position for the child.

Specification: 81.61 x 42.6 x 20.6 cm; 5.22 Kilograms
Suitable For: 3 months and up
How To Fold:

  • To fold this lightweight Graco stroller, slide the switch on the handle and twist it forward.
  • Push the handle down until the stroller folds completely. That's the simple one-hand folding feature.

Pros: Lightweight, Large storage basket, Reclining seat
Cons: The seat adjustments are limited
Shop at: ₹8,999.00

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How To Choose the Best Graco Stroller?

There are a few things you must consider before buying a Graco stroller:

a. Age and Weight: Check the age and weight recommendations before buying a stroller for your child as strollers have a maximum age and weight limit. If used by a child who is over the set limits, the stroller may not glide smoothly or may break down.

b. Your Needs: Decide if you need a lightweight stroller, a jogging stroller, a convertible stroller, or a stroller that can accommodate two kids.

c. Safety Features: A 5-point harness is best for an infant or toddler because they need more protection. A wiggly toddler may try to get out of the stroller if not restrained properly. On the contrary, an older kid may be okay with a 3-point harness as they can hold up their bodies and have a better sense of safety.

d. Size: Strollers vary in size. Lightweight strollers are less bulky and require less space, while full-size travel systems need more space for storage.

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Wrapping Up,
As pointed out earlier, Graco strollers are preferred by parents worldwide. They are a perfect blend of safety and convenience. Buying a functional stroller is crucial as it is an investment for your baby's growing years. A good stroller will make your life easy as you can explore the world with your little one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put a newborn in a Graco stroller?

You can only use a stroller for a newborn if it has an infant bassinet. If not, you must wait till your baby has developed consistent head control.

2. How to adjust the Graco stroller seat?

Each model has a different approach to adjusting the seat. Some have a push button to adjust the seat while some can be reclined by simply pulling and pushing the seat from behind.

3. How many types of strollers are available in Graco?

Graco offers the following types of strollers:
1. Lightweight strollers: Best suited for travelling or going on a vacation.
2. Full-size strollers: These are standard strollers and are perfect for kids 3-4 years old.
3. Joggers: Parents who love to jog must buy Graco joggers as they have better manoeuvrability and are built to lower impact while running.
4. Travel systems: These have an option to attach a car seat which can be straightway removed from a car and placed on a stroller for moving forward.
5. Double strollers: These fit the bill when you want one stroller that can transport two kids at a time.

4. Is it good to wash Graco stroller fabric?

You can clean a Graco stroller fabric to maintain hygiene. If it is not too dirty, a quick scrub with mild soapy water and cloth can do the trick. Or else, you can remove the seat pad and wash it on a delicate cycle. Then allow it to drip dry before you install it again.
It is a good idea to invest in a rain cover for Graco stroller for added protection during the rainy season.

5. Is it possible to change the wheels on the Graco stroller?

Yes, you can buy replacement wheels and change the old ones with new ones.

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