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10 Best Feeding Pillows with Back Support in India

Lifestyle / Jan 19, 2023 / Written by Priyanka Sonkushre
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10 Best Feeding Pillows with Back Support in India

Moms are responsible for ensuring their babies receive sufficient breast milk for healthy development and to stay away from sickness. Remember, breastfeeding is no joke. A new mom must breastfeed her newborn several times a day for months on end. Improper feeding posture can cause problems like arm, neck, and back pain, leading to unavoidable discomfort for moms.

Proper gear, like a feeding pillow, can help breastfeeding moms avoid distress and enjoy a pain-free breastfeeding journey. Are you a new mom looking to purchase a breastfeeding pillow? Or a dad who wants to ensure his wife has a comfortable breastfeeding experience? If yes, take a look at some of the best feeding pillow with back support available in India.

Our Top Picks

Are breastfeeding pillows safe?

A breastfeeding pillow is safe for the baby as long as you are around and your baby is awake. When you're feeding your baby while using a nursing pillow, you are present to keep a check on your baby. This ensures the utmost safety for your baby. Some people make the mistake of leaving their sleeping baby on the nursing pillow so that their baby does not wake up. However, this can be a safety hazard and can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, never leave your sleeping baby on a feeding pillow.

Top Rated Back Support Breastfeeding Pillows

1. Best for Detachable Cover: KRADYL KROFT 5 in 1 Baby Feeding Pillow

KRADYL KROFT 5 in 1 Baby Feeding Pillow

This pillow is designed to provide comfort and support while you feed your baby. It helps in elevating the baby to a suitable position while breastfeeding so you don't develop back pain. You can use it as a prop for tummy time, as a bolster for lounging, and as a nursing pillow. It is made with breathable, hypoallergenic material and has a detachable cover for easy cleaning. It is a lightweight pillow you can quickly pull around your waist and begin your feeding session. Use this pillow to make feeding time a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your baby!

Specification & Items in Box: ‎30 x 30 x 9 cm; 900 Grams, 1 item
Suitable For: ‎0 months and up
Pros: Easy to use, Comes with a belt, Value for money
Cons: The buckle attachment seems fragile
Rating: 4.3/5

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2. Best for Multiple Uses: HEGZI Feeding Pillow

HEGZI Feeding Pillow

This feeding pillow has a belt for back support so that moms can comfortably feed their babies without developing elbow strain or back pain. The pillow works well for different feeding styles. In addition to serving as a nursing pillow, it can also be used for multiple purposes, such as propping, tummy time, or sitting, depending on the baby's age. The pillow comes with a 100% cotton cover that is machine washable. Its cute animal prints make it a perfect accessory for your nursery. If you are looking for a soft and cosy back support pillow for nursing in an affordable price range, you can check out this product.

Specification & Items in Box: ‎57.1 x 15.2 x 45.7 cm; 0.9 Kilograms, 1 item
Suitable For: 6 months and up
Pros: Versatile, Lightweight, Portable
Cons: Pillow cover stitches may loosen with time
Rating: 4.4/5

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3. Best for Firm Support: My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow

Crescent-shaped nursing pillows are generally soft and cushiony. But if you are looking for a firm pillow, that can support you and your baby while breastfeeding, you can look into this product. The pillow has a firm back support to maintain posture during long feeding sessions. Made of 100% cotton, it fits snugly around the waist and assists the baby in latching securely. As the pillow is not very bulky, unlike some crescent-shaped pillows, it can be easily carried along on outings or long car rides. The product comes in lovely prints in neutral colours that will be perfect for your baby girl or baby boy.

Specification & Items in Box: ‎60 x 11 x 42 cm; 453.59 Grams, 1 item
Suitable For: ‎2 months and up
Pros: Includes storage pouch
Cons: May not be suitable for every mother
Rating: 4.5/5

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4. Best Water-Resistant Pillow: Dormyo Cradle Breastfeeding Pillow

Dormyo Cradle Breastfeeding Pillow

Make nursing an enjoyable experience with the Dormyo Cradle pillow. Use this as a breastfeeding pillow, a backrest, or a tummy time partner for your baby when they are a little older. The pillow comes with a water-resistant and washable cover to protect it from messes and spills. It also has a strap and buckle system to fit you snugly and a small pocket to keep essentials close by. Whether your baby is used to the cradle position or the football hold, this nursing pillow will work just fine and provide the same comfort to both of you in different feeding positions. Another thoughtful feature that earns this product an extra point is the concealed zipper, which ensures your baby is not hurt by the metal zipper at any time.

Specification & Items in Box: ‎56 x 63 x 18 cm; 1 Kilograms, 1 item
Suitable For: 0 months and up
Pros: Includes storage pocket, Extra soft pillow, Compressible
Cons: Regular use can flatten the pillow to some extent
Rating: 4.2/5

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5. Best for Extra Support: Baybee Star Printed Portable Breastfeeding Pillow

Baybee Star Printed Portable Breastfeeding Pillow

Here is another skin-friendly feeding pillow, which comes with a cotton slipcover to ensure your baby feeds comfortably and peacefully in both the summer and winter months. The ergonomic design of the pillow allows moms to hold their baby in an elevated position so that the baby does not have trouble latching. Similar to other nursing pillows, this one also supports different feeding styles, which is a must-have feature for any breastfeeding pillow. Plus, keeping the pillow clean is a breeze, as you can easily open the zipper, remove the top cover, and wash it to make it usable and germ-free for your little one.

Specification & Items in Box: ‎60 x 50 x 10 cm; 600 Grams, 1 item
Suitable For: 0 months and up
Pros: Machine washable cover, Hypoallergenic
Cons: Flattens after a few days of use
Rating: 4.1/5

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6. Best Skin-friendly Pillow: Haus and Kinder Newborn Nursing Feeding Pillow

Haus and Kinder Newborn Nursing Feeding Pillow

Haus and Kinder is well-known for their baby products, such as sw addle wraps and feeding pillows. Its elegant-looking pillows come in cute, subtle prints, making them a great addition to your arsenal. Filled with poly fibre and covered with soft cotton poplin material, the pillow provides a pleasant breastfeeding experience. It protects your arms and back from the excruciating pain that may arise if you do not use proper support when nursing. Keeping in mind the fact that a baby's skin touches the pillow's material several times a day, Haus and Kinder uses skin-friendly azo-free dyes that are completely safe for a baby's delicate skin.

Specification & Items in Box: 1 kg 210 g, 1 item
Suitable For: 0-24 months
Pros: Well-designed, Made with natural materials
Cons: Print may fade after a few washes
Rating: 4.2/5

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7. Best in Natural Feeding Pillow: My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow Natural

My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow Natural

This is another feeding pillow manufactured by My Brest Friend. It is also a firm and flat nursing pillow. If that is your preference, you might want to consider this product. The pillow is covered with a plain cream-coloured organic bamboo cotton cover, which is great for the summer months. When you have a baby lying on it for several hours a day while breastfeeding, the light colour makes it obvious when the cover needs to be cleaned. Overall, it is a well-designed pillow that provides adequate support to your arms and back so that you don't get aches and pains from regular breastfeeding.

Specification & Items in Box: ‎744 Grams, 1 item
Pros: Comes with a pouch to keep essentials, Good back support
Cons: A little pricey
Rating: 4.4/5

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8. Best for Softness and Comfort: Queness Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Queness Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Finding the perfect feeding pillow that matches your comfort levels can be challenging. Some pillows are either too firm or too soft. But for moms who want their pillow to be firm enough to hold the baby in place and soft enough to maintain cosiness, the Queness Nursing Pillow and Positioner can be a good choice. It is one of the best back support pillow for breastfeeding. The pillow has an ultra-soft removable cover made of phthalate-free material and is easy to clean and maintain. This will be a perfect addition to any nursery. Hence, it makes a nice gift for any new mom. The product comes in compressed packaging, which means the pillow puffs up when taken out of its original packaging.

Specification & Items in Box: 53.3 x 45.7 x 15.2 cm, 907g, 1 item
Suitable For: 0-12 months
Pros: Non-scratchy material, Machine washable cover
Cons: The pillow spreads apart when used regularly
Rating: 4.7/5

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9. Best for Awake-Time Support: Pexmon Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Pexmon Nursing Pillow and Positioner

While most feeding pillows are filled with fibres, the Pexmon nursing pillow is filled with memory foam and has a cover made of cotton blend material. Its C shape provides adequate support to the mom and her baby. When not using this pillow as a nursing support, you can derive other benefits, such as using it to prop up your baby for burping or as a back support when your baby is big enough to sit for a while. Cleaning the pillow is also easy. Just remove the pillow cover and put it in the washing machine for the shortest wash cycle, then hang it to air dry. Love to buy products with cute prints for your little munchkin? Take a look at this nursing pillow if you just said "yes!"

Specification & Items in Box: 250 g, 1 item
Suitable For: 0 months and up
Pros: Easy to care for, Portable, Value for money
Cons: The middle stretch panel may get wider with regular use
Rating: 4.2/5

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10. Best Affordable Feeding Pillow: Get It Cotton 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow

Get It Cotton 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow

Get It Cotton's feeding pillow is one of the most reasonably priced feeding pillows available in India. The gender-neutral blue star design of this product looks cute and pleasing. The pillow cover is stitched out of 100% cotton material and therefore has high breathability, which is necessary to maintain comfort. To ensure cleanliness and maintain hygiene, you can give it a nice wash and sun-dry it before inserting the pillow again. Get It feeding pillow prioritises comfort, ensuring the baby is not uncomfortable during the feeding session and is well fed.

Specification & Items in Box: 450 g, 1 item
Suitable For: 2 months and up
Pros: Hypoallergenic cushion cover, Travel-friendly
Cons: Smaller compared to other feeding pillows
Rating: 4.2/5

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How To Choose the Right Back Support Feeding Pillow?

All moms will agree. Breastfeeding is an exhilarating experience. But it can get tiresome if one does not use proper support during frequent feeding sessions. A feeding pillow with an adequate back support makes the journey smoother for new moms. Feeding pillows are designed to help maintain posture and support the arms, back, and wrists. But how do you know which one is best for you? Check the following parameters:

Size: This is an important aspect to look out for. Not all feeding pillows are the same size. Some are large, while some are small. Select a pillow depending on your waist size. It must fit snugly around your waist to support you well during breastfeeding.
Material: The pillow cover must be made of natural fibres. Generally, a cotton cover will be the best, as it is a soft and breathable fabric. Try to avoid pillows that have a polyester pillow cover, as it will be quite uncomfortable for your baby to lie on.
Firmness: This is generally a personal choice. Some moms like to use a firm pillow, while others are happy with a soft one. Usually, a pillow that is neither too firm nor too soft is best for breastfeeding support.
Maintenance: The pillow must have a removable cover that can be easily replaced when needed. The material must be machine washable, so you can run it through a wash cycle without worrying. You wouldn't want to hand wash a pillow cover when you already have so much to do!

It is best if you get a chance to try a pillow and analyse how well it supports you before you make a purchase. If you can take some time out of your busy schedule, we advise you to visit a nearby store and try out a few pillows before settling on one. After all, it will save you from discomfort and make your life with a newborn more enjoyable.

A feeding pillow with back support is one of the best investments you can make as a new mom. You can conveniently use a feeding pillow after a normal delivery. It is suitable for C-section moms too, as it protects the incision and keeps pressure off the delicate area. While a feeding pillow is not necessary, it makes the lives of breastfeeding moms easier by providing them with the much-needed comfort they deserve as they selflessly care for their little ones. BabyG - Early Development App Here's how you can stay on top of all your child's developmental needs: Head to your BabyG App today and get complete access to 1000+ Development Activities, Milestones and Growth Reports, Meal Plans, Recipes, Bedtime Stories, Tips and a Global Community of like-minded parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can you use feeding pillows?

There is no timeline for how long you can use a feeding pillow. Some moms use it all through their breastfeeding journey, whereas others use it only for a few months. Usually, moms use a feeding pillow until their baby is 4-6 months old. Around this age, the baby's head and neck control are established, and they may seem more comfortable without the pillow when breastfeeding.

2. Which type of pillow is best during feeding?

A medium-firm, crescent-shaped pillow is a good choice to support you when nursing. A little firmness ensures the pillow doesn't turn flat after a few months of use. And the crescent shape is ideal as it covers the entire waist area and has ample space to hold a nursing baby. Also, a pillow with a cotton cover is the best, as the material has good breathability and is gentle and safe for a baby.

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