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10 Best Quality Feeding Pillows in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 24, 2023 / Written by Supriya Ghalsasi
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Best Feeding Pillows in India 2023

Every baby requires love and affection, as well as the constant need for touch. Breastfeeding is one way you can bond with your child. When it comes to new mothers, the need for breastfeeding is very frequent. This constant need to feed the baby can cause back and neck pain. You need not worry, for the baby feeding pillow is here to assist you.

A baby feeding pillow, also known as a breastfeeding nursing pillow, is a plush pillow designed specifically for supporting a baby's head and neck while they feed. Here is our list of the best feeding pillows in India to ensure that you and your baby have the most relaxing feeding experience possible.

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Are feeding pillows necessary?

Feeding pillows are recommended by doctors for cesarean mothers. Nursing pillows aren't required, but they can be extremely useful in the first few months after giving birth. Women who have just given birth often use a feeding pillow because they aren't yet accustomed to nursing their baby nonstop. It's soft and simple to use, making it a delight for the mother and the baby.

10 Best Feeding Pillows in India 2022


1. Best Detachable Cover: Kradyl Kroft Baby's 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover

Kradyl Kroft Baby's 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover

This colourful and versatile pillow is a must-have in your nursery. While the feeding pillow offers your baby the best possible support, it also provides excellent arm support for nursing mothers.

Individuals with allergies can rest assured that this item has been vacuum sealed and is completely safe for use. The product comes with a removable zippered cover that can be used for play or rest depending on the baby's age.

Pros: Bestseller, Value for money, and Easy to use
Cons: It’s big, so may not be very travel-friendly
Dimensions: 50.8 x 60.96 x 17.78 cm; 900 Grams
Suitable for: 0 months and above.

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2. Best Portable: Get It Cotton 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover

Get It Cotton 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover

Here's a tightly woven cotton pillow that is not only soft and comfortable for babies, but, according to the reviews, also an excellent back pillow for nursing mothers. Designed to be portable, the pillow is easy to clean, and it is hypoallergenic, making it safe for babies to sleep on. As the baby gets bigger and needs the pillow more, it can be used to feed, prop up, do tummy time, and sit up.

Pros: Gender neutral, easy to wash, and portable.
Cons: The belt isn’t free-size, though suffice for the period you will need it
Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 4 cm; 450 Grams
Suitable for: 0 months and above

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3. Best Water Resistant: HOOPA 2 in 1 Feeding Pillow

HOOPA 2 in 1 Feeding Pillow

This two-in-one reclined pillow is just what you need for your month-old newborn. The solid structure and ergonomic design allow your baby to feed and digest the milk better. And once you are done with quick feedings, you can use the sturdy pillow as a carrier too!

The water-resistant pillow supports different feeding positions like cradle hold, cross cradle hold, and football hold.

Pros: Soft removable mattress, Waterproof, and Travel-friendly
Cons: No concerns
Dimensions: 61 x 27.9 x 15.2 Centimeters
Suitable for: 0 months and above

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4. Best Adjustable: HEGZI Back Support Feeding Pillow 

HEGZI Back Support Feeding Pillow

This Hegzi feeding pillow is one of the best feeding pillows with a belt. Its belt helps your arms and back by lifting your baby into a more ergonomic position when breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The pillow raises the baby, relieving strain on your shoulders, arms, and back. It is safe for your baby and feels comfortable and cozy.

Pros: Chemical-free, Can nurse anywhere, Machine washable, Belt is great
Cons: No Concerns
Dimensions: ‎57.1 x 15.2 x 45.7 Centimeters

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5. Best 100% Cotton: Baybee New Born Portable Breastfeeding Pillow 

Baybee New Born Portable Breastfeeding Pillow

When looking for a safe, non-toxic feeding pillow for your newborn, this Baybee pillow is the way to go. Portable and washable, the pillow makes a good addition to your home and is a great support for nursing mothers feeding their munchkins. A number of reviewers remarked that the pillow was the ideal size for their infant. The 100% cotton pillow aims to provide your baby with comfort and breathability through the warm sunny days.

Pros: 100% cotton, Fits all sizes, and Portable
Cons: Gentle wash needed
Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 10 cm; 480 Grams

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6. Best Versatile: Haus and Kinder Newborn Nursing Feeding Pillow

This breastfeeding nursing pillow is the most adaptable pillow for supporting your child while feeding, tummy time, or sitting. It is designed to provide back, wrist, and arm support while breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby. The pillow's highlight is that it is breezy, making feeding time more convenient for both mother and baby.

Pros: Removable cover, Funky design, Soft and Breezy
Cons: Hand wash needed
Dimensions: 53.8 x 16.3 x 42.7 cm; 710 Grams
Suitable for: 0 months to 2 years

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7. Best Washable: Montu Bunty Wear Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow

The Montu Bunty is one of the best feeding pillows for babies because it relieves stress by assisting parents in maintaining proper feeding posture. It has a skin-friendly design, is non-toxic, and does not pose any choking hazards. This pillow wraps around your waist, leaving no gaps between you and your baby, allowing parents to have a secure feeding session.

Pros: Safe, Secure, Skin Friendly, and Corrects feeding posture
Cons: Non-returnable
Dimensions: 44 x 12 x 44 cm; 500 Grams
Suitable for: 0 months and above

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8. Best Design: Motherly Flurry Fickle Baby Feeding Pillow

This breastfeeding nursing pillow has a very quirky and unique design that makes nursing more enjoyable and visually appealing. The pillow provides a head position for your child to lie on, making breastfeeding or bottle feeding easier for you. It is made of 100% cotton with a 100% polyester core, making it foldable and easy to wash.

Pros: Portable, Lightweight, Good fabric, and Easy to wash
Cons: No concerns
Dimensions: 49.6 x 45.1 x 14 cm; 690 Grams
Suitable for: 0 months and above

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9. Best Back Support: Dormyo Cradle BreastFeeding Pillow

The feeding pillow with back support, the dormyo cradle breastfeeding pillow, is soft and can accommodate a variety of feeding styles. This product differentiates itself from the rest because it is uniquely designed and includes attached pockets for parents to store baby essentials. It features an invisible zipper and an adjustable buckle to keep your baby in the proper feeding position.

Pros: Large size, Made of microfibers, Adjustable, Invisible Zip, and Secure
Cons: Large size, takes more space
Dimensions: 55.88 x 63.5 x 17.78 cm; 1 Kilograms

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10. Best Strap Lock: Momsyard 5 in 1 Magic Breastfeeding Pillow

These feeding pillows with deluxe straps help breastfeeding mothers relieve back, neck, and arm strain. The product is made of BPA-free material, making it suitable for baby use. It is incredibly flexible and has a body-hugging design that makes breastfeeding sessions more comfortable.

Pros: 100%cotton, Easy to wash, and Comfortable.
Cons: Gentle wash needed
Dimensions: 53 x 41 x 15 Centimeters 

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How to Choose the Best Feeding Pillow?

New parents will be concerned about both the mother and the child. Here are some points to consider while shopping for a feeding pillow for you and your little one:
  • Material: When purchasing a feeding pillow, ensure that the material is BPA-free, made of cotton, and made of fabrics that are breathable and suitable for your baby's skin. Also, ensure that the material is non-toxic and non-choking.
  • Shape and Size: Select a feeding pillow that is both comfortable and convenient for both you and your child. The size of the feeding pillow is important because large and bulky pillows will not be useful for feeding your baby and will be difficult to transport due to their size. Always choose a pillow that does not leave any gaps while feeding. There are a lot of different shapes for nursing pillows. Some start with the letter C, and others start with the letter O.
  • Easy to wash: Choose a feeding pillow that is simple to clean after use, as there is a chance that your baby will spill milk after the feeding, or that your milk will be expressed before the baby latches.

How to wear a feeding pillow?

The goal is to hold your baby in a way that is gentle but also completely safe. Here are the right ways to wear a nursing pillow so that it fits you and your baby snugly and comfortably.
  • Wrap the feeding pillow around you before placing your baby on it.
  • Use the provided straps to tighten or loosen the pillow to your liking.
  • Position the baby so that his tummy is facing your tummy.
  • While feeding, ensure that your baby has correctly latched onto your breast.

In essence,

Breastfeeding mothers can greatly benefit from feeding pillows, and bottle-feeding fathers can find them useful as well. The pillows can help ease the strain on your arms, shoulders, and back. A feeding pillow can also help improve one's posture while breastfeeding. Lastly, you should choose a pillow that suits your baby and your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of feeding pillow is best?

A comfortable feeding pillow that is appropriate for you and your baby could be the best type of pillow. When it comes to their baby, everyone's preference for comfort and security is different. Some people prefer C-shaped feeding pillows, while others prefer O-shaped feeding pillows.

2. Is it safe for a baby to sleep on a feeding pillow?

Doctors do not recommend that babies sleep on pillows because it can lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Since the risk of the baby sliding and slipping down while sleeping is high, you should not use feeding pillows for the baby's sleeping.

3. Can a feeding pillow be used for tummy time?

Yes, the feeding pillow can be used for tummy time. However, certain feeding pillows are designed specifically for tummy time; make sure you choose the correct one.

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