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11 Best & Fun Baby Bath Toys For 3 Year Old in 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 04, 2023 / Written by Supriya Ghalsasi
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 Fun Baby Bath Toys 2023

Bathtime is a great opportunity for parents to do something creative and entertaining for their babies. There are some babies who are grumpy and don't like bath time, but there are also those newborns who are ecstatic and love playing in the water. These toys can be a lifesaver for parents of fussy babies who dread the idea of bathing. Here is a collection of fun bath toys for 3 year old, so that not only can you relax, but your little one can also have a good time.

Our Top Picks

Top Bath Time Toys For 3 Year Old Babies

1. Best Floating Bubble - Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy  

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

This is one of the unusual and entertaining bathtub toys for 3 year olds that bobbles and spins in the water. These toys are easy to grasp and play with. These fascinating water balls come in four different characters, which grab the attention of your little one. It is completely sealed tight to prevent mould from growing inside and is safe for your munchkin.

Dimensions: 16.51 x 6.35 x 18.42 cm; 190.51 Grams

Suitable for: 4 months and above

Pros: Airtight, Durable, and Affordable

Cons: Hard plastic 

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2. Best Motor Skill Development - Skip Hop Zoo Pull and Go Submarine Bath Toy

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

The Skip Hop Zoo Pull and Go Submarine Bath Toy is a dynamic submarine that glides on water and helps develop motor skills as well as learning about concepts like floating and sinking. This fun bath toy is made of plastic that is BPA and PVC-free, making it safe for infants to play with. It has a quirky and creative design that will fascinate your child during bath time.

Dimensions: 11.43 x 7.62 x 9.53 cm; 0.12 Grams

Suitable for: 3 months to 4 years

Pros: Develops motor skills, BPA-free, and Unique design

Cons: String breaks easily

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3. Best Rubber - Storio Rubber Colorful Floating Baby Toys

Storio Rubber Colorful Floating Baby Toys

Storio Rubber Colorful Floating Baby Toys are another fun bath toy that comes in 12 exciting rubber animals such as a cat, elephant, dog, seal, chicken, penguin, fish, frog, rabbit, pony, bear, and duck. These compact rubber animals are made of food-grade plastic, which makes them simple to grasp and play with. They float in the water and are bright enough to attract your child's attention. It is one of the best bath toys for 2-3 year old since it improves hand-eye coordination while also developing sensory skills.

Dimensions: 22 x 4 x 26 cm; 256 Grams

Suitable for: 6 months and above

Pros: Value for money, Lightweight, and Chu chu sound

Cons: Colour fades after multiple uses

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4. Best suction - Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toy

Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toy

This 3 year old bath toy has a strong suction cup that will adhere to any smooth surface, making it impossible to move. These little jellies aid in the development of motor skills by allowing babies to stack them or form a train with them. They are simple to clean and come in vibrant colours that fascinate and captivate the baby. The toy aids in sensory learning, such as improving palmer's grasping ability.

Dimensions: 15.24 x 5.08 x 17.78 cm; 206.95 Grams

Pros: Firm, Easy to stick, and Dishwasher safe

Cons: Hard plastic, Losses suction after multiple uses

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5. Best Foam Letters And Numbers - Click N' Play Bath Foam Letters & Numbers Bath Toys

Click N' Play Bath Foam Letters & Numbers Bath Toys

You won't find a better 3 year old educational bath toy than this one, as they assist babies in learning their alphabets and numbers while bathing. These adorable letters and numbers are made of BPA-free material and come in a variety of colours. They easily stick to the bathroom floor, tile, or bathtub and help babies put letters and numbers in the correct order, which makes cognitive learning more fun.

Dimensions: 17.78 x 5.08 x 12.7 cm; 70 Grams

Suitable for: 12 months and above

Pros: Easy to store, Helps in cognitive thinking, and Made of food-grade material

Cons: No cons found

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6. Best Stickers - Alex Bath Beep Beep Stickers in The Tub Bath Toy

Alex Bath Beep Beep Stickers in The Tub Bath Toy

Such bathtub toys support your child in creating his or her own travel story by arranging the eye-catching pieces of roads and buses. This bath toy has a fishnet bag that allows the parts to dry quickly after a fun bath time. The toy not only encourages your child's creative thinking but also aids in its grasping abilities. This Alex Bath Beep Beep Stickers in The Tub Bath Toy is the best bath toy for a 3 year old.

Dimensions: ‎25.4 x 5.08 x 18.42 cm; 113 Grams

Suitable for: 2 months and above 

Pros: Encourages creative thinking, aids in motor skills

Cons: Loses stickiness over time

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7. Best 100% Recycled Plastic - Green Toys Sea Helicopter Bath Toy

Green Toys Sea Helicopter Bath Toy

One of the eco-friendly bathtub toys for 3 year olds is this Sea Helicopter. It is made of 100% recycled plastic, making it very eco-friendly while also being safe for your child. The toy contains no BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings, removing the fear of toxins and lead paint. The fact that the sea helicopter can fly and float makes bath time even more interesting and fun.

Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 17 cm; 454 Grams

Suitable for: 24 months and above 

Pros: Eco-friendly, Durable, and Sturdy 

Cons: Sinks quickly

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8. Best Interactive - Goodlogo Bathtub Bath Toys

Goodlogo Bathtub Bath Toys

Goodlogo Bathtub Bath Toys are three-in-one splashing, spraying, and floating toys for your little one. This interactive toy allows parents to easily bathe their child while distracting their little one with its monkey, caterpillar, and star characters. It has multiple activities, such as pouring water, water coming out of the monkey's mouth, and spinning of the fan due to the force of the water to keep your baby stimulated and entertained. 

Dimensions: 22.71 x 22.5 x 8.41 cm; 322 Grams

Suitable for: 12 months and above

Pros: Interactive toy, Multiple uses

Cons: Suction cups don’t work. 

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9. Best Squeaky - WP Duck Family Baby Bathing Toy

WP Duck Family Baby Bathing Toy

The incredibly interesting squeaky duck family will captivate your child with its appearance and sound. These ducks are completely safe for your child because they are made of 100% food-grade and BPA-free rubber. It is a traditional bathtub toy for 3 year old, and the children will find it difficult to put down because it is easy to grasp, light in weight, and has a pleasing yellow colour.

Suitable for: 3 months and above

Pros: Pack of 4, Lightweight, easy to grasp

Cons: They are small and easy to swallow.

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10. Best in Bath Toys: PATPAT® Baby Bath Toys

PATPAT® Baby Bath Toys

This 3 piece adorable cartoon set is a good option for entertaining kids while they get cleaned. PATPAT Sensory Learning Toys promote early eye-hand coordination and are made of food-grade, non-toxic, BPA-free teething material. This bathtime toy comes in a set of three, giving the child more options for fidgeting. It rotates and sticks to the bathroom tiles and floor. Since the bath toy has no sharp edges, it is completely safe for your little one. These adorable toys can be an ideal gift for your near and dear ones.

Dimensions: 19.9 x 19.6 x 3.8 cm; 311.8 Grams
Suitable for: 1 to 3 years
Pros: Safe, Sturdy, and Unique design
Cons: Can loose suction over time

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11. Best Multi-Sensory - Hapsters Baby Creative Textured Squeeze Bath Balls

Hapsters Baby Creative Textured Squeeze Bath Balls

This fun bath toy is lightweight, durable, and multi-textured, assisting babies with tactile and sensory stimulation. The balls are made of non-toxic, BPA-free materials that are safe for the baby to play with. The squeeze balls are ergonomically designed to be easy to grasp and squeeze. It stands out because it not only helps your child grow by improving his or her hearing skills, but it is also fun and can help relieve stress.

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 10 cm; 190 Grams

Suitable for: 6 months and above

Pros: Aids in auditory skills, learn through play, and is Durable

Cons: Hard to squeeze

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Things To Consider While Buying Bath Toys For 3 Year Old

It's important to keep a few things in mind when looking for bath time toys for 3 year olds. Here are some points to consider:
  • Material: When looking for a bath toy, look for one that is made from food-grade material that is also BPA-free, non-toxic, and won't cause choking hazards.
  • Durable: Strong and long-lasting toys are always a hit with kids. Choose a toy that the baby can grasp easily and that won't break if it ends up on the floor or elsewhere.
  • Easy to clean: Pick out bath toys that dry quickly because the longer they stay in the water, the more often you'll need to clean them. Mildew can form on toys left in water for too long, so the toys should be simple to clean and cause minimal inconvenience for the parents.
  • Sensory learning: Every child enjoys and can learn from a bath toy. A bath toy can teach you skills like palmar grasping, motor, creative, and cognitive thinking. Make sure you buy one that promotes sensory learning and other developmental milestones.

In Essence,

Toys for the baby's bath time can be an exciting experience for the munchkin and a great learning opportunity for you as parents. Your baby can be bathed without a fuss while they are playing and learning new skills. As long as you and the baby are content, so are we.
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Moldy Bath Toys: How Dangerous Are They?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Should Bath Time Be For 3 Year Olds?

Bath time for a three-year-old is best in the morning. Establish a routine for your baby to get used to. Bath time should not exceed 15 minutes for a 3 year old because the longer you keep your toddler in water, the more likely it will lead to dry skin.

2. What should I do if my bath toys begin to mold?

Cleaning your baby's bath toys after each use is the best way to keep mold at bay. Scrub them after washing and rinsing them in the vinegar and water solution. After washing, hang them to dry. If the smell persists, rinse them with cold water and hang them to dry again.

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