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8 Best Baby Floor Mats For Crawling in India 2023

Lifestyle / Mar 17, 2023 / Written by Pavitra Dave
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8 Best Baby Floor Mats For Crawling in India 2023

When you are expecting a child, one of the things you absolutely need to get is a good set of floor mats. The best baby mats for crawling offer a clean and risk-free environment for your little ones to develop as they get older. Baby floor mats are typically brightly coloured and made of plush material. This gives your child a wonderful play area and a place to develop both physically and mentally. Baby mats are a fantastic way to encourage healthy playtime and keep infants occupied for a long time. Here are some of the best baby floor mats for crawling in india.

Our Top Picks

Do Babies Really Need Crawling Mats?

A baby's first toy is likely to be a crawling mat, which is why they are so important. A baby mat keeps the baby safe and clean. Baby crawling mats give kids a secure area to play in and keep them from hurting themselves on hard floors. Additionally, since the majority of the mats have printed animals and letters on them, these play mats can be an excellent educational tool. Your child will undoubtedly be entertained and visually stimulated for hours on end thanks to the vibrant colours on the best baby mats.

Top Rated Baby Floor Mats For Crawling

1. Best for Reversible Mat: Koochie Koo Foldable Foam Floor Mat

Koochie Koo Foldable Foam Floor Mat

This BPA-free playmat has adorable animal prints on both sides that will look great anywhere in your home. This eco-friendly floor foam mat for crawling is incredibly durable because it is made of high-quality EVA foam. It features a soft surface that is knee-friendly for the little ones. The mat is odourless and very lightweight, and it offers excellent shock absorption while also being very simple to clean. In addition, it is simple to fold thanks to its 5-fold folding design, which results in it being extremely portable. Because of its size, this mat is the ideal baby mat for tummy time and crawling. Lastly, since it does not have any sharp edges, it is very safe for babies.

Unique Features: High-quality foam retains its shape.
Material: EVA foam material
Suitable For: 12 months - 2 years
Pros: Odourless, easy to fold and waterproof
Cons: Not very absorbent
Ratings: 4.4/5
Price: ₹2,049

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2. Best for Slip- Resistant: Skylofts Waterproof Double Side Floor Mat

Skylofts Waterproof Double Side Floor Mat

This rollable mat features a variety of colourful and eye-catching designs that are sure to win your child's heart. It is also flexible and soft, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This mat is very slip- resistant, making it ideal for daily use, too. Investing in slip-resistant mats is crucial to ensuring a safe playing environment and avoiding accidents. Due to its cushioning and softness, this foam mat makes the best baby crawling mat for hard floors. This top-notch floor mat is a must-have for crawling, rolling, or even tummy time.

Unique Features: Extremely foldable and easy to carry anywhere.
Material: Foam and plastic
Suitable For: ‎1 month and up
Pros: Lightweight, easy to store and portable
Cons: Designs may vary from the pictures shown
Ratings: 3.8/5
Price: ₹499

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3. Best for Multipurpose: Vic Kid Baby Play Mat

Vic Kid Baby Play Mat

This BPA-free mat features appealing letters and animal prints on both sides. This not only makes the mat safe and enjoyable, but it also makes it educational. Because of its plush surface and ability to soak up sound, the mat ensures that playtime is both peaceful and enjoyable for all involved. The inbuilt maximum insulation in this mat keeps babies warm during playtime. This mat is made of a water-resistant material, making any spills and leaks simple to clean up. In addition, this mat has a thickness of 0.8 centimetres and can be utilised not only as a sleeping mat but also as a yoga mat and picnic mat. Overall, your children will have a wonderful time playing, growing, and developing on this safe play mat.

Unique Features: The inbuilt insulation feature keeps babies warm.
Material: Foam
Suitable For: 6 months and up
Pros: Easy to fold, large size and phthalate-free
Cons: Measuring scale on the mat is not accurate
Ratings: 4.3/5
Price: ₹1,399

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4. Best for Safety Certified: Baybee Multi Purpose Baby Play Mat

Baybee Multi Purpose Baby Play Mat

This Baybee play mat is certified by European safety standards and boasts an EN71 certification, so you will be assured of your little one's safety with this purchase. Because of its high-density XPE layer and shock-absorbing properties, this large baby mat will protect your infant's knees and joints from injury. This high-quality mat will not only shield the hips, spine, and joints of children, but it will also shield the floor beneath it from damage and any other stains that may occur. Last but not least, this BPA-free baby floor mat designed for crawling is lightweight, portable, simple to carry, and easy to store.

Unique Features: Features a thick shock absorber to protect baby joints.
Material: Foam
Suitable For: 0 - 15 years
Pros: Anti-skid grip, non-toxic and waterproof
Cons: Foam thickness may not be up to mark
Ratings: 4.2/5
Price: ₹1,399

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5. Best for Modern Design: Wolpin Kid Crawling Mat

Wolpin Kid Crawling Mat

This infant crawling mat has stunning, minimalistic yet modern prints of the ocean and cartoon creatures. This mat can also double as a great decor item for any nursery or living room due to its aesthetic design. Your little one will learn something new, have fun playing, and become more knowledgeable about these animals thanks to this design. The mat has textured alphabets and numbers that make it non-slip and help to avoid accidents. The soft texture of this BPA-and phthalate-free mat protects your children from hardwood floors. Finally, the waterproof mat also absorbs sound, allowing for quiet play.

Unique Features: Inbuilt insulation keeps little ones warm while playing on the mat.
Material: Plush
Suitable For: ‎6 months and up
Pros: Easy to fold and store, high- quality
Cons: Thickness not up to mark.
Ratings: 4.2/5
Price: ₹1,449

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6. Best for Waterproof: Hape Double Sided Water Proof Floor Mat

Hape Double Sided Water Proof Floor Mat

Each side of this soft, BPA-free mat features a 3D texture with different animal and letter patterns. These educational designs will definitely help spark the little ones' curiosity. Apart from this, these foldable baby floor mats for crawling are 100% water -resistant. The EPE foam in this mat is moisture-proof, making it easy to clean as well. The mat also included an anti-slip protective film on both sides, making it safe for babies. The prints on this mat resist fading, making it a durable mat for your home.

Unique Features: EPE foam makes this mat very water resistant
Material: Foam
Suitable For: 12 months and above
Pros: Comes with a carry bag, easily foldable and non-toxic
Price: ₹569
Ratings: 4.6/5

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7. Best in Lightweight Mat: MAGIFIRE Double Sided Reversible Crawling Play Mat

MAGIFIRE Double Sided Reversible Crawling Play Mat

With a weight of under 1 kg, this playmat is among the lightest available. As a result, the playmat is transportable and convenient to carry around. Your children will be able to play in a safe environment that is both enjoyable and conducive to their growth when they use the playmat that is free of BPA, non-toxic, and unpleasant odours. The waterproof mat is easy to carry both inside and outside thanks to its two-step folding design. Finally, the thickness of this anti-slip playmat prevents noise and guarantees that your children will have a good time playing.

Unique Features: 0.4-inch thick foam, yet very lightweight and easy to carry
Material: XPE material
Suitable For: ‎1 month and up
Pros: Reversible pattern, easy to clean and educational
Price: ₹1,899
Ratings: 4.4/5

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8. Best for Outdoor Use: Easy Shope Outdoor & Indoor Play Mat

Easy Shope Outdoor & Indoor Play Mat

The XPE material used to make this baby play mat is safe, non-toxic, and odourless. Additionally, this material gives the mat a soft feel that supports young children's knees and joints. It does not stain easily, is 100% water- resistant, and simple to clean. It is extremely safe to use because the BPA-free mat has undergone testing and passed USA toy safety standards. The supersized and informative mat is extremely lightweight and will make for great playtime almost anywhere. The complimentary bag that comes with this mat makes it convenient to transport too. Lastly, the double L textured anti slip design prevents babies from slipping off, making this a safe mat for playing.

Unique Features: Comes with a free bag making it easy to travel around with.
Material: XPE Material
Suitable For: Babies and Infants
Pros: Supersize, soft and easy to fold
Cons: Not very durable
Price: ₹1,847
Ratings: 4.4/5

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Things To Consider While Buying Baby Floor Mat For Crawling

Here are some important things to consider when buying a floor mat for your little one:
  • Anti- Slip: Purchasing an anti-slip mat is essential. These types of mats help get a strong grip, prevent skidding and prevent any other accidents or mishaps.
  • Easy to Clean: Spillage may be common on a play mat, this is why buying one that is easy to clean is extremely important. It will just make the cleaning process less time-consuming.
  • Lightweight: Buying a lightweight play mat is advised since these tend to be easy to fold and carry around. Purchasing a play mat that comes with a carry bag is a great idea too.
  • Thickness: A thick play mat will better protect your little ones' joints and give them better support against the hard ground. Try purchasing mats with a thickness of at least half an inch.
Purchase a play mat that features a high quality BO

Wrap Up
Play mats for babies are a fantastic way to guarantee that your child is secure and shielded from hardwood floors. Playmats can also help your children develop and grow thanks to the interesting information and vibrant colours that are printed on them. We sincerely hope that we were able to assist you in your search for the top baby play mats available in India. BabyG - Early Development App

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay for babies to crawl on hard floors?

Even though it is generally safe, hard floors can prove to be generally slippery. These play mats are soft, which supports joints, keeps kids from slipping, and eliminates other hassles.

2. When to put a baby on a floor mat?

There is no set age for this; you can also let a baby crawl onto the mat. However, since a baby typically begins rolling over, crawling, etc. at around three months old, it is advised to at least wait until that point.

3. Which crawling floor mat material is best for a baby?

The best option is to use playmats made of XPE material. If not, foam play mats make excellent, soft baby mats as well.

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