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10 Best Anti Colic Baby Feeding Bottles in India 2023

Lifestyle / Last Updated on Apr 05, 2023 / Written by Pavitra Dave / Reviewed by Bhavya Koppisetti
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Best Anti Colic Baby Feeding Bottles 2023

Feeding bottles are an essential tool for every new parent. Feeding bottles make feeding a more convenient process. It helps you give a flexible feeding experience not only time-wise, but both parents can feed the little one. This helps to take the weight off mothers' shoulders, especially working women. However, most parents avoid using these handy tools because they think that feeding bottles can increase the risk of colic, which is where a specially designed anti colic milk bottle comes in.

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What is an Anti Colic Bottle?

An anti-colic bottle is specially curated to prevent gas from entering the little one's tummy. If you find yourself burping your little one often after every feed, or if your little one acts fussy, these bottles make bottle feeding so much easier.

Anti-colic bottles have special technologies that help get the least amount of air into your baby's tummy, in turn preventing a wide variety of issues like colic, reflux, and other gas issues. These technologies prevent your baby from swallowing more air, making them the best bottles for gas and reflux issues.

Purchasing an anti colic feeding bottle for your newborn is strongly advised so these gas problems can be kept at bay from the jump. To assist you on your feeding journey, here is our top 10 list of anti-colic bottles that will help you choose the best anti colic feeding bottle in India for your little one:

Top Rated Anti Colic Baby Feeding Bottles 2022

1. Best for Good Teat Grip: Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottle

This bottle is scientifically proven to reduce gas, colic, or any other feeding issues. The anti-colic valve technology helps to prevent gas from entering your little one's stomach. This makes it one of the best anti colic feeding bottle in India.

The orthodontic wide nipple of the Philips avent anti colic bottle makes it easy for the baby to grip the teat and have a comfortable feeding experience. The teat further has a ribbed texture that prevents treat collapse and ensures that your little one has a smooth feed without any spillage or mess being made. The bottle also offers an easy cleaning process because of the wide bottle mouth. Lastly, the easy-to-hold bottle is BPA free and very safe to use.

Dimensions: 7 x 14 x 16.2 cm; 180 Grams
Suitable for: 1 month - 3 years
Pros: Excellent quality and durability.
Cons: bottle may have leaking issues after frequent usage
Shop at: ₹565.00

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2. Best for Easy Cleaning: Comotomo Baby Feeding Bottle

This feeding bottle is made from 100% medical grade silicone. This makes it easy and comfortable to hold and squeeze, so you can regulate the flow of the milk too. This is a rather wide bottle, so washing and cleaning it is pretty easy. The nipple of the bottle is pliable, so your little one will have an easier time gripping and latching onto the bottle. You get 2 anti colic milk bottle with this product. You can always have a spare one for emergencies. Additionally, it comes with colic-proof vents to ensure no gas is trapped in your little one's tummy.

Dimensions: 15.56 x 7.94 x 13.02 cm; 272.16 Grams
Suitable for: 0 months and up
Pros: Easy to assemble
Cons: The lid of the bottle may be flimsy.
Shop at: ₹4,182.75

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3. Best for Safety: Luvlap Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle

This Luvlap feeding bottle comes in a special ergonomic shape with a slim neck for easy holding and feeding. The grooved nipple design makes it easy for the little ones to latch on. This bottle is 100% PP free as well as BPA-free, which makes it extremely safe to use as well as sterilise. Additionally, it is also toxin-free, so you can feed your little one without worrying about any chemicals going into their system.

Dimensions: ‎120.9 x 61 x 144.3 cm; 130 Grams
Suitable for: ‎0 months and up
Pros: Portable
Cons: Small opening makes it difficult to clean with hand.
Shop at: ₹225.00

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4. Best for Durability: Speedex Stainless Steel Infant Baby Feeding Bottle

This stainless steel bottle is portable and safe to use. You won't ever have to be concerned about leaks or cracks again thanks to the 304 food grade steel construction. Since this bottle is made without plastic, toxins are also not a concern. This also makes it great for the environment. The bottle is also leak-proof, so you don't have to worry about spillage or any other mishaps. The silicone anti-colic nipple will also keep your baby from sucking in air during feeding.

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 20 cm; 120 Grams
Suitable for: ‎0 - 3 years
Pros: You also get an extra nipple for free along with the bottle.
Cons: hard to read the measurements marked on the bottle.
Shop at: ₹399.00

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5. Best for easy to hold : BeeBaby Comfort Slim Neck Baby Feeding Bottle

This slim anti-colic milk bottle will ensure you a hassle-free experience. The sealing disc as well as the screw neck feature in this bottle make it spill-free. The cap of the bottle also has a leakproof design. Having 3 layers of protection from spillage makes this bottle good for on-the-go feeding. You can carry this bottle around without worrying about the milk leaking. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and grip for the mother. The bottle can be gripped by your baby too if they are a little older. The dome-like shape of the teat helps the baby get a more comfortable latch. The anti-colic system and milk flow are both controlled by the teats, further ensuring that no gas enters your child's stomach.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 19 Centimeters; 80 gram
Suitable for: ‎8 months - 4 years
Pros: It can also be used to store breastmilk.
Cons: Teat may be a little hard.
Shop at: ₹219.00

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6. Best for Angled Teat: Chicco Anti Colic Bottle

This is one of the few anti-colic gas bottles on the market with an angled teat. This angled teat helps your little one get a more natural feeding feel while ensuring there isn't too much strain on the baby's neck. Not only is the rounded teat angled, it is clinically tested that the extra soft silicone used is as natural as a mother's breast. This bottle gives the little ones a more natural feeding feel, so it's great for newborns too. The bottles also feature a twin anti-colic valve to prevent air digestion. It comes in a great, unique design that your little ones will love.

Dimensions: 13 x 8.5 x 13 cm; 112 Grams
Suitable for: 0 - 3 years
Pros: Easy to clean
Cons: flow may be a little fast for the little ones.
Shop at: ₹579.00

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7. Best for Natural feeding : U-Grow Wide Neck Baby Anti Colic Feeding Milk Bottle

The pack of two bottles helps to give your little one the most natural feeding experience. These are great anti colic feeding bottle for newborn. The teats are made keeping in mind a mother's breast. This helps with nipple confusion too. The naturally anti-colic valve will prevent colic too. The high quality BPA-free materials used for making this bottle help to give it a premium feel that you might not get with other bottles. The bottle is also extremely lightweight and easy to use. Finally, the bottle's wide neck will make cleaning and liquid pouring simple.

Dimensions: 32 x 7 x 7 cm; 190 Grams
Suitable for: ‎3 months and up
Pros: Easy to hold
Cons: Bottle doesn't close securely sometimes
Shop at: ₹389.00

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8. Best with Anti-Colic Valve: Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle

Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle

Here is a bottle for your baby that is made from non-toxic materials and is BPA-free. Its ergonomic design is great for kids as it provides extra grip making it anti-slip. The Eazy-Flow Technology and advanced colic system keep your colic concerns at bay. The soft silicone teat is wide that fosters a convenient natural latch. The high-quality durable glass and unique grooved interior make it a great option for growing babies. It also comes with a spill-proof lid and a drip-proof collar for ease of use.

Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 18.3 cm; 60 Grams
Suitable for: 12 months and up
Pros: Physio teat, pack of 2, international quality standard
Cons: There could be leakage if not assembled properly

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9. Best for Portability : R for Rabbit First Feed Glass Anti Colic Bottle

Yet another great anti colic glass feeding bottle. The carefully designed bottle is great to hold and have a grip on. It is also extremely lightweight, despite being a glass bottle, which makes this product so unique. The spill-proof cap that this bottle comes with will ensure the same. Additionally, the soft silicon nipple is great for babies to latch on to as well as for the little ones' gums. The bottle provides all these features in a calming blue colour.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 19 cm; 400 Grams
Suitable for: ‎6 - 12 months
Pros: Measurements are easy to read on the bottle.
Cons: faster flow, so not suitable for newborns.
Shop at: ₹495.00

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10. Best in Vented Bottles: Dr. Brown's Narrow Neck Options

Dr. Brown's Narrow Neck Options

Vented bottles like this one are great when you are on the lookout for a bottle that reduces gas buildup and colic in babies. Dr. Brown’s vented bottles come in a 100% vacuum-free feature that is beneficial for better sleep. It can be used with and without the vent as your baby grows. The high-grade silicone is a great option when you want to give your baby a bottle with a super soft teat. Lastly, the bottle is easy to clean, fill and assemble.

Dimensions: ‎5.8 x 5.8 x 24.9 cm; 125 Grams
Suitable for: ‎0 months and up
Pros: Vibrant pink colour, anti-colic bottle, angled nipple.
Cons: No concerns

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Tips To Buy the Best Anti Colic Feeding Bottle?

Here are some things to consider while buying an anti colic milk bottle:
  • Lightweight: Depending on your lifestyle, buying a lightweight bottle is usually advised so you can carry it around everyone and not disrupt feeding. The more lightweight the bottle is the more convenient it is for on the go.
  • Bottle Mouth: We suggest wide mouths since they are easy to clean as well as pour any liquid into. The wide bottle mouth may be easy to lean by hand making it more convenient for the parents and helps to keep the bottle safe and clean always.
  • Leak-proof: Ensure that your bottle is leak proof or at least comes with a cap to avoid any mishaps. Ensuring that your bottle is leakproof will help prevent any mishaps during feeding since it will be securely attached.

How do anti colic bottles work?

Anti Colic bottles are specially designed to reduce and minimise the amount of gas going into your little one's stomach. It does the same by trapping as much gas into the bottle while your baby is feeding. It draws away the air from the teat and traps it in the bottle, preventing it from entering your little one's stomach while feeding. They help to have a neutral flow speed, so your baby does not intake a lot of air along with the milk. Another great thing about these bottles is that they reduce spit-up after feeding time too. So if you're facing any of these issues while feeding, an anti colic gas bottle is the way to go.

In essence,

Buying an anti colic feeding bottle for newborn or older babies is recommended and advised. Especially if your baby feels uneasy or experiences discomfort while feeding. Anti-colic bottles help to reduce that and help to give your little ones a better feeding experience. Despite this, if your baby continues to have a gas issue, we advise that you speak with a pediatrician in your area for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between anti colic and regular bottles?

Anti colic bottles have technology, especially taking into consideration gas and other digestive problems that a little one may have while feeding. These bottles have anti-colic technology that basically traps air in the bottle itself, thus reducing the gas intake of the baby. Regular bottles do not have this special technology as anti-colic bottles, so if your baby is not fussy during feeding with these regular bottles, you are good to go. However, if your little one faces any type of discomfort or gas, switching the anti-colic bottles is a good idea.

2. When to start and stop using anti colic bottles?

You can start using anti colic bottles right from when your little one is a new born till about 6-8 months of age. However, every child is different, and you can extend the use of these bottles for a longer period of time. Basically, until your baby stops showing symptoms of gas, discomfort, or reflux after or during feeding. If your baby still suffers from these, we suggest you contact your local pediatrician.

3. Which material is best for a baby feeding bottle?

This depends entirely on you and your baby's needs and lifestyle. There are three main types of materials for feeding bottles; they are plastic, steel, and glass. Plastic bottles are extremely common since they are durable and don't break easily. However, steel and glass are safer and more environmentally friendly. So we advise you to choose a bottle that best suits you and your little one's needs.

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Comotomo is my top pick. By far the best bottle available in India.


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