Jhanvi Arora - Content Writer

Jhanvi is a passionate writer with a love for stories, smiles, and the endless possibilities of the world. Her love for writing is evident in her ability to capture the beauty and complexity of life through words. She finds inspiration in everyday experiences and uses her writing to express her bewilderment, arguments, realizations, and love for the world.

As a dedicated content writer, Jhanvi focuses on creating informative and engaging content for parents who are navigating the challenges of raising a child. She brings her unique perspective and personal experiences to her writing and is committed to providing helpful insights and resources for parents everywhere.

Fuelled by caffeine, a touch of mild narcissism, and a love for Bollywood drama, Jhanvi is always playing around with words in her notes app. She believes that writing is a powerful tool for self-expression and is constantly striving to improve her craft.

Whether she's exploring new ideas or delving into the latest parenting trends, Jhanvi's writing is always infused with her signature blend of passion, humour, and heart. Her deep interest in the subject matter, combined with her research mindset, makes her a trusted source of information and advice for parents looking for guidance in their parenting journey.