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Dr. Rukaiya Mithaiwala (PT)

Specialty: Child health and development, early intervention, developmental disabilities, functional rehabilitation, parenting, educational games and activities
Education: BPT, MPT (Pediatrics), Yoga Alliance Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, Certification in Autism Intervention
Experience: 5 years

Dr Rukaiya Mithaiwala (PT) is a physiotherapist specialising in the field of Pediatrics. Post her Masters degree, she has worked for over 5 years, with children with developmental concerns. Using her background in the field of healthcare, Dr Rukaiya aims to create evidence-based informative content around child health and early development. She aspires to equip parents and caregivers with the tools they require to support their child's physical and cognitive development 

When she is not writing, Dr. Rukaiya works full time as the Deputy Director of therapy services at ADAPT (Formerly the Spastics Society of India). She tried to ensure that therapy is fun and engaging for children, keeping them excited and motivated. She strongly believes that parents play a key role in helping children reach their full potential.