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Stacking Toys For Babies: Age Guide, Benefits, Best Stacking Toys

Developmental Toys / Last Updated on Mar 29, 2023 / Vetted by Samyuktaa K
Stacking toys

Stacking toys are some of the few educational toys that both children and their parents adore. The act of placing one stack on top of the other helps the baby's innate curiosity while they have the time of their lives bonding with their parents. With these old-school wooden stacking toys, your little one can begin their early STEM learning over a lazy afternoon.

By the time they turn one, they will have learned the true pincer grasp that is needed to stack toys.  

At What Age Do Babies Start Stacking Toys?

Infants may not be able to stack right away. They’ll need some time to explore the rings or cubes. It is preferable to familiarise them with the toy under supervision beforehand. 


a. Six months+

On their journey to become acquainted with the blocks, they will gnaw at the wooden blocks and hold them close, practising their radical palmar grasp. Around the age of eight months, they will even bang two blocks together to excite the noise that wooden blocks make when they collide.


b. Twelve months+

A baby's first placement of one block over the other occurs around the age of 12 months. While you will need to introduce them to the entire ordeal at first, they will gradually pick up on the activity and follow along. The trial-and-error process is never-ending. They’ll stack a block or two and push them down. They practice their pincer grasp while they learn the "impact" part of the exercise. Your toddler will begin stacking around the 18th month. Although stacking two or three blocks in one go will be the norm at this time, by the 22nd month, they will be stacking five to six. The slow but steady arc of progress is laying the groundwork for future growth.


c. Twenty Four Months+ 

Stacking toys for a two-year-old is always about more than just stacking. The burst of joy that crashing down a well-built tower gives the little one is just as significant as the well-built tower itself. The process helps them make mistakes, learn from them, and try again. Assembling a building gives children the confidence to try new things, find their way, and fit in with the world around them, boosting their self-esteem. By the time your toddler turns three, they will be making elaborate castles and towns with their own creativity.

Stacking Toys Benefits For Babies

Aside from the traditional soft toys, stacking toys are a household staple. They give your toddler the "building blocks" they need for overall development. Wooden stacking toys help your babies develop a wide range of skills essential to their early development, from the moment they pick up a block to inspect with their hands and mouth to the time they are constructing cities of their own.

1. Fine and gross motor skills

Wooden stacking toys are a terrific way for babies to develop their fine motor skills. For infants, the blocks represent a different developmental milestone than for toddlers. Infants initially use their mouths to explore and gather sensory information. They gradually curl both their hands to grab a wooden block and pass it from one hand to the other, crossing midlines. Along the way, they will improve their hand-eye coordination, palmer and pincer grasp. Stacking toys also helps toddlers with their gross motor skills like coordinate their movements. Exercising stability and balance to keep their structures from falling.

2. Spatial Awareness

Stacking toys are fantastic for developing babies' spatial and visual perception skills. They learn the relationship between objects, their shapes, sizes, and spatial patterns with each block they align over the other. Such concepts are also essential for understanding the rudiments of personal space in everyday life. Spatial perception provides the basis for gross motor skills like movement, reaching, crawling, and walking.

3. Language development

Motherese has arrived to take an active part in this one. When you introduce new concepts to your toddler at such an early age, they absorb them like a sponge. The inclusion of fundamental concepts such as up, down, front, and colours broadens their understanding of language and aids in smooth communication. Furthermore, incorporating the alphabet, numbers, and sequencing with motherese prepares them for future formative learning.

4. STEM Learning

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This method of education focuses on allowing children to learn constructively while engaging them in activities that stimulate their curiosity and problem-solving abilities. Building blocks introduce toddlers to standard math while improving their analytical skills. Stacking toys for toddlers encourages them to think independently as well as in teams, encouraging effective communication and cognitive skills.

Which Stacking Toys Does BabyG Recommend?

Stacking toys range from the traditional, beautiful wooden sets to the more modern building blocks that come with numbers and alphabet flashcards to keep your babies entertained well into their toddlerhood and so on. Here are a few wooden stacking toys that BabyG recommends:

1. Rainbow Stacker - Set Of 7 (Beech Wood)

This rainbow stacker set would be a fantastic addition to your baby's toy collection. The non-toxic beechwood semi-circles do more than indulge their creativity. Designed in different shapes, sizes, and colours, the toy provides an impeccable juncture to introduce these to your little ones, broadening their vocabulary while strengthening their fine motor skills.
The size of the rainbow stacking toy is perfect for your little one to begin their journey of baby-led learning. These stacking toys are the ideal size for your baby to inspect and manipulate while developing dexterity and spatial perception.
Age: 9 Months +

2. Stacker Set

This natural wood stacking toy will last your infant well into their toddlerhood. The beautifully handcrafted stacker set is available in three stages that should be introduced to your baby as per their developmental milestones. The anti-bacterial beechwood set introduces your growing toddler to the concept of size gradation, all while exercising their fine motor skills with palmer grasp, hand-eye coordination, and wrist development.
Age: 9 Months +

3. The Rocket Magnetic Stacker

Here's a fun rocket magnetic stacker to woo your toddler with. The bright red spaceship introduces the concept of magnets. Understanding the principle of attraction and magnet play develops the baby’s language skills while boosting their coordination and fine motor skills. The bright rocket stacking toy is the perfect size for your baby to grab onto and explore.
By taking the toy apart and putting it back together, they work on their problem-solving skills and learn to count and sort shapes. Mastering these skills provides the basis for your baby’s STEM education ahead.
Age: 18 Months +

4. Around Town Blocks Building (68 pcs)

Once your baby has gotten the hang of stacking toys, they will love building a whole town in this one. These wooden stacking toys include blocks, trees, community vehicles, and plenty of different elements that present an excellent opportunity for you to introduce them to various aspects of the world while broadening their vocabulary.
Sustainable and eco-friendly, such as stacking toys for toddlers, promote their creativity while promoting their spatial and motor skills.
Age: 24 Months +

Stacking toys are fun and provide a stellar opportunity for you to spend a good amount of bonding time with your precious little ones. The activity allows children to experiment and make decisions that they can repeat and learn from. Stacking toys for toddlers is essential for boosting self-esteem and STEM skills, making them ideal for their higher studies.

To the parents that go the extra mile, Happy Parenting!

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