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12 Best Toys for 4 Year Olds in India 2023

Growth & Development / Last Updated on Apr 04, 2023 / Written by Pavitra Dave
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12 Best Toys for 4 Year Olds in India 2023

Little ones love their toys. Apart from how fun these toys can be, they are great developmental tools for the little ones too. Buying the right toys that leave your little ones fulfilled and boost their development is very important. Having the right tools can shape your little one's future and personality, so be careful. Early childhood is an essential time in your kids' lives. Enforcing good values is important, and doing so with the best toys for 4 year old India is a perfect way!

Our Top Picks

Top Rated Toys For 4 year old India 2023

1. Best for Creativity: Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

Let your little ones' creativity spark with this toy for 4 year old boy india. This toy is great for any 4 year old that is inquisitive and is in the learning stages. The building blocks set inspires imagination while reducing the little ones' screen time. The 100-piece wooden block set with 9 different geometric shapes will surely help to trigger their minds into some creativity. Additionally, it comes in four bright colors that make playtime so much more fun! Lastly, this toy helps to build resilience in the little ones through the rebuilding process. It is truly a timeless toy and fun for any age!

Dimensions: 22.86 x 8.89 x 34.29 cm; 100 Grams
Suitable for: ‎36 months - 8 years
Pros: Develops motor skills.
Cons: Blocks may run a little small.
Shop at: ₹6,970.00

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2. Best for Word Formation: The Learning Journey Match It! Spelling, Multi Color

This puzzle comes with 20 sets and a total of 70 puzzle pieces. There are three or four-word letter pieces included in this box. These little word pieces make word formation easy since they also come with attractive images printed on the puzzles. Puzzles like these not only improve the little ones' alphabetical skills but also improve concentration. This puzzle can be a great catalyst for great brain development. And lastly, since the sets are self-correcting, the little ones will most likely get the answer right and that will help improve the little one’s self-confidence greatly.

Dimensions: ‎27.94 x 6.35 x 20.32 cm; 136.08 Grams
Suitable for: ‎3 years and up
Pros: Puzzle pieces made with top-quality cardboard
Cons: Writing is only in lowercase, which may not be ideal for some.
Shop at: ₹3,661.00

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3. Best for Learning Numbers: ThinkFun Zingo 1-2-3 Number Bingo Game

This is one of the best educational toys for 4 year old. It helps to build arithmetic ability and keeps the little ones' eagerness for learning alive. The basic gameplay of this toy is to slide the zinger and match the number tiles to the cards in front of you. It has 2 levels of play, 72 number tiles, and 6 double-sided cards to match the tiles to. It also helps them build social skills since this is more of a board game that they can play with their fellow friends too! If not, it can be amazing to play it as a family. Simply brilliant!

Dimensions: ‎22.86 x 10.16 x 27.94 cm; 480 Grams
Suitable for: ‎4 - 10 years
Pros: It's easy to clean up after play.
Cons: The zinger may be a little flimsy.
Shop at: ₹6,058.00

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4. Best for problem-solving skills: Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Learning Set

This construction set of 163 pieces of different-shaped blocks is sure to keep your little one busy for a long time. Your little ones can be kept busy for hours and create their own little masterpieces. It comes with a variety of different tools like nuts, bolts, wheels, and blocks that can help them create their own fun toys to play with. Playing with these pieces also gives them an idea of practical issues and how to combat them, further improving their problem-solving skills. If the wheels of their little car fall off, they will be willing to fix it up themselves, making them more independent individuals.

Dimensions: 28.19 x 16.76 x 16.51 cm; 1.04 Kilograms
Suitable for: kids over 3 years of age.
Pros: It can be played with friends too, improving social skills.
Cons: The tools that come with the box may not be enough.
Shop at: ₹6,289.00

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5. Best for Imagination: ButterflyEduFields Magnetic Shape Tiles

Help unleash your little one's creativity with this set of toys for 4 year old baby girl india. Your little one can make unlimited shapes on their own and create awesome figures straight out of their imagination. A pack of ten reference worksheets is also provided with the box, so your little ones can get some inspiration for their next big ideas and creations! Since these shapes are magnetic, you can also stick them onto your fridge or any other magnetic surface around your home. If the little ones keep seeing these shapes around the house, they are more likely to remember them well and have great shape recognition skills.

Dimensions: 1.5 x 22 x 25 cm; 380 Grams
Suitable for: ‎3 years and up
Pros: Very portable
Cons: The magnetic board may not be as sturdy
Shop at: ₹459.00

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6. Best for Fun Bath Time: GOODLOGO Bathtub Toys

A non-toxic bath time toy is a great addition to your little one's toy collection. This product will make bath time way more fun and interactive than before. It is one of the best bath toys for 4 year old. The package comes with various little toys like rotating little stars and propellers, multiple water outlets, a bear colander, etc. It's simple to use; all you have to do is pour the water and watch the magic happen. The powerful suction made of silicone will stick to your bathroom walls efficiently and won't let you down! This is a great tool for parent-child interaction and improves bonding time with your child. Since they grow up so fast, these kinds of toys help you treasure the last few early years with your child.

Dimensions: 7.49 x 7.7 x 10.92 cm; 331 Grams
Suitable for: 3 years and up
Pros: Each piece has attractive and fun details.
Cons: You may have to try a few times before the suction sticks to the wall well.
Shop at: ₹4,217.00

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7. Best for Virtual Learning: Interactive AR Dinosaur Toys

Kids nowadays love their screens. Instead of completely taking away screen time, use this habit to your advantage with this toy. Time travel to the Jurassic age with this unique and first-ever AR globe/app-based toy. It's also extremely easy to use; just scan the globe with your device and make your kids learn about the different dinosaurs that were spread around the globe before the meteor crash. Turn it into a fun story time, and your kids will now be well-versed in the history of dinosaurs and the various types that ruled the earth millions of years ago.

Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 30 cm; 1.41 Kilograms
Suitable for: ‎4 - 10 years
Pros: It also comes with an activity book with stickers as well as a guide.
Cons: The app may be difficult to navigate for the child alone; parental supervision is required.
Shop at: ₹1,480.00

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8. Best for Gifting: CocoMoco Kids Solar System Outer Space Puzzle

This 30-piece jigsaw puzzle also has a coloring activity at the back. If your little ones love space and coloring, this is the best fit for them! The little one has to solve the puzzle carefully. That will help with their hand-eye coordination as well as concentration. Once done with that, they can flip over their completed puzzle and color the back however they wish to, reinforcing creativity and imagination. It enhances cognitive skills and teaches the little one about patience too, which makes it a unique gift for 4 year old.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 7 cm; 230 Grams
Suitable for: ‎24 months - 6 years
Pros: It comes with an amazing, sturdy tin box for storage.
Cons: The pieces may be small.
Shop at: ₹286.00

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9. Best for STEM Learning: Beech Wood Building Blocks with 53 Flashcards

This pack of wooden blocks and flashcards that encourage learning is a great way to incorporate STEM learning in an aesthetic and stylish way. The smooth wooden blocks make this one of the best montessori toys for 4 year old. These blocks allow children to explore their creativity and imagination while also learning the alphabet, numbers, and basic arithmetic calculations.

Suitable for: 24 Months +
Pros: They are very safe to use.
Cons: It's hard to clean up little toys after playtime.
Shop at: ₹ 1,869

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10. Best for interactive learning: Plugo STEM WIZ Pack

This toy combines three AR-powered STEM-based challenges for your little ones. It combines technology with learning so that the little ones can get the maximum advantage from both. With the help of the Plugo app, the little one can solve the challenges as seen on the screen. It comes with a gamepad, a letter kit, a numbers kit, as well as a link kit to really improve alphabetical, numerical, and gross motor skills. All of these are packed into one product! Lastly, this app has something for kids in pre-K to grade 4. Your child can learn and grow along with this app and product.

Dimensions: 12 x 24.5 x 4 cm; 10 Grams
Suitable for: ‎4 - 12 years
Pros: Compatible with a great range of devices
Cons: The on-app gaming experience may not be up to par.
Shop at: ₹4,499.00

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11. Best for Smart Learning: Smartivity Jungle Explorer Activity Kit

This activity has basically everything your 4-year-old might need for the best development. It is an amazing learning toys for 4 year old. It is a 5-in-1 activity packaged product and comes with a range of different little pieces your child is sure to love. Some of the activities include a tree house to assemble, a ‘Photo Run’ puzzle/board game, a DIY rocking elephant and so much more! These activities are carefully articulated keeping in mind the development of motor skills and cognitive skills like attention, memory, reasoning, etc. This is truly a multi-purpose product!

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13 cm; 665 Grams
Suitable for: ‎6 - 14 years
Pros: Easy to assemble and disassemble
Cons: Needs parent supervision
Shop at: ₹559.00

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12. Best for Improving Motor skills : The Wobble : The Balance Maze

With so many modern toys on the market, the amount of time kids are spending indoors is increasing. This balance maze balancing toy is one of the best outdoor toys for 4-year-olds. It challenges your little one's balance and gross motor skills. Not only will your kid have to learn how to balance on the wobble, but they will also have to bring the ball toward the center of the maze while doing so. It will increase brain activity and teach them how to multitask. It's a great way to bond with your kids and gives you hours of fun-filled laughter and memories.

Suitable for: 30 Months +
Pros: Made with the best quality wood
Cons: Kids may hurt themselves, so only allow them to play under close supervision.
Shop at: ₹ 4,400

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How to choose best toys for 4 year olds?

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing a toy for the little one:
  • Always remember to buy good quality toys without sharp edges or any other hazards.
  • Ensure the toys are non-toxic and safe for your little one.
  • Choose open-ended toys that can spark up the imagination and creativity to turn the 4-year-old into an independent-minded individual,
  • Choose toys that best suit your child's developmental and habitual needs, or else they might not play with the toy or even enjoy interacting with it. For example, if your kids have a keen interest in dinosaurs you can buy them one that is dinosaur themed, this will also make them feel seen and heard.
  • Storage is another concern many parents have if you are low on space in your house consider buying smaller, packable, or foldable toys for your little one so once playtime is over you can tuck them in neatly somewhere without over-cluttering your home with too many toys.

Wrap Up,
Toys are an essential element of growing up. Educational toys for 4 year old are very important since this is the stage of early childhood that will shape them in a better way. Kids at this age are very curious about the world and the right toy can really help them get that kickstart to their learning process, both at home and at school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What toys can we gift to a 4 year old?

1. Construction or building toys like wooden blocks or puzzles can be a great gift and one of the best toys for toys for 4 year old boy india.
2. A unique gift for 4 year old like dolls or storytime is something that makes the best gifts for toys for 4 year old baby girl india.
However, you can buy any gift for the little ones as long as it sparks their interest and helps in developing and enriching them and their growth.

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