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Best Maternity Pads Post Delivery in India

Mom Health / Last Updated on Apr 14, 2023 / Written by Gitanjali Udaykumar
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Best Maternity Pads Post Delivery in India

Motherhood gives you immense happiness, but postpartum can be challenging. With a newborn in the house, your needs might take a back seat to the needs of the baby. Managing your postpartum complications, especially your heavy discharge, can comfort you to a great extent. This is where post-pregnancy sanitary pads, otherwise known as "maternity pads," come into play.

The first six weeks can be quite challenging with heavy bleeding and pad changes every two hours or so. And maternity pads are seen as the most effective way to manage this postpartum discharge. We've compiled a list of our top picks for the best maternity pads after delivery in India to assist you in choosing the ideal ones for your unique needs.

Our Top Picks

What are maternity pads?

Maternity pads are specifically designed to manage postpartum bleeding. Unlike standard pads, they are wider, thicker, and longer. They are known for their high absorption and for lasting longer. Most importantly, they are made of the softest material to be gentle on the intimate area after delivery to avoid abrasion of the stitches.

Maternity Pads Uses

The most common use for maternity pads is to control postpartum bleeding and discharge.
Apart from this, women also use it for:
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Bladder incontinence
  • It can also be worn after the water breaks during labour.

Top Rated Maternity Pads After Delivery

1. Best in Overall Quality: ABENA Premium Maternity Pads

ABENA Premium Maternity Pads

This pad delivers every feature it promises. It's a product that a lot of users swear by for heavy and quick absorption. The wide back ensures leakage protection both during the day and at night. The pad’s absorption technology also locks away wetness, giving you all day dryness. The fluid dispersion technology spreads fluid evenly across the pad, which makes it less likely that lumps will form in the pad. It even has odour protection that gives you a sense of freshness. It's an excellent choice for both heavy menstrual bleeding and bladder incontinence.

Specifications: 65 x 25 x 17 cm; 2.05 Kilograms
Pros: Absorption Capacity up to 850 ml, Comfortable, Thick
Cons: Doesn’t have wings
Rating: 4.3/5

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2. Best in Soft Material: New Mom Maternity Maxi Pads

New Mom Maternity Maxi Pads

A harsh pad may cause itchiness and cloud your mind with discomfort. The New Mom pads are reputed to have the softest material on the market. This helps with protecting your stitches and sensitive intimate area. The high absorption capacity eliminates the need for frequent pad changes. The superabsorbent polymers prevent rewetting and keep you dry. The extra length, width, and elastic gathers give you leak protection from all sides, making this a product worth buying.

Specifications: 21.6 x 17.4 x 7.7 cm; 200 Grams
Pros: High quality, odour control
Cons: Weaker adhesion
Rating: 4.4/5

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3. Best in Sanitary Pants: Clovia Heavy Flow Disposable Panty Style Pads

Clovia Heavy Flow Disposable Panty Style Pads

A sanitary pant is an excellent option because it spares you from having to wear a separate pad. All of your clothing will be protected from leaks and stains thanks to this all-around coverage pad. The core's three-dimensional design allows for absorption for up to fourteen hours. It is incredibly gentle and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for those who want to avoid skin irritations and rashes. Having a simple disposal method is just one more way in which this product can be described as convenient.

Specifications: 20 x 6 x 21 cm; 330 Grams
Pros: Cotton-like top sheet, Soft
Cons: May trap heat
Rating: 4.4/5

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4. Best in Anti-Bacterial: Profiklen Maternity Pads

Profiklen Maternity Pads

Most women avoid using pads because they are afraid of contracting a vaginal infection. Not any longer, though, because of this revolutionary new product. The antibacterial properties of this pad make it ideal for preventing rashes and other skin irritations. For added stability, the large pad has an adhesive on the reverse side. In addition, the capacity to absorb heavy loads is impressive. The breathable material keeps heat buildup in check. It's specifically designed for post-natal bleeding and incontinence.

Pros: Soft on stitches, unscented
Cons: Weaker adhesion
Rating: 4.1/5

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5. Best for Odour Control: Seni Lady Bladder Control Pads

Seni Lady Bladder Control Pads

Given the unpleasantness of period odours, this product includes odour protection as a standard feature. These European-made premium pads have passed strict dermal testing to ensure their softness and luxury. Postpartum bleeding and mild to severe urinary incontinence are the intended uses. The side gathers on this product give you better control over leakage. The wide back and narrow centre give you a snug fit. The dryness provided by the moisture lock technology eliminates the risk of skin irritations and infections. The material is very breathable and skin-friendly, perfect for heavy flow.

Specifications: 20 x 6 x 21 cm; 330 Grams
Pros: Hydrophobic standing gathers for leakage protection, Value for money
Cons: Bulky, weak adhesion
Rating: 4.2/5

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6. Best for Heavy Absorption: Incognito by Prevail Maternity Pads with Wings

Incognito by Prevail Maternity Pads with Wings

This product is built for 3-in-1 heavy absorption of postpartum bleeding, daily discharge, and bladder leakage. The Maxsorb technology in this product guarantees you'll be protected from leaks for up to 11 hours. The odour guard keeps away unpleasant smells and makes you feel fresh. The pad is gentle on the skin because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or dyes. The breathable material also helps to keep you cool and comfortable by sealing moisture while allowing air and humidity to pass through.

Specifications: 30.4 x 19.89 x 11.2 cm; 408 Grams
Pros: Heavy absorption power, Unscented
Cons: Too bulky
Rating: 4.5/5

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7. Best with Wings: Azah Ultra Absorbent Maternity Pads

Azah Ultra Absorbent Maternity Pads

Pads with wings are saviours when it comes to staying in place and being leakproof. Azah pads have expanded wings and wider backs to prevent leaks and stains on your clothes. Customers adore this product's ability to absorb without making them feel damp. The individually wrapped pads are incredibly practical. This pad's thin layering prevents you from feeling bulky while also providing more comfort. Azah is without a doubt the best maternity pad with wings after delivery.

Specifications: 22 x 20.5 x 16.5 cm; 1.01 Kilograms
Pros: Five times more absorption, Non-toxic
Cons: Pad doesn't stay in place for long
Rating: 4.4/5

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8. Best in Thinness: EverEve Ultra Absorbent Pads

EverEve Ultra Absorbent Pads

Most maternity pads on the market are bulky and heavy, but not EverEve pads. They provide 360-degree leak protection with their panty style and ergonomic fit. The product contains super-absorbent microbeads, which instantly lock in the overflow and have four times the absorption of regular pads. The soft cotton material is gentle on the skin, preventing rashes and infections. The easy disposal of the product makes it all the more convenient.

Specifications: 22 x 20.5 x 16.5 cm; 1.01 Kilograms
Pros: Stays intact in position, Unscented
Cons: May leave residual glue

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9. Best with Anti-Rewet Technology: Dignity Mom Maternity Pads

Dignity Mom Maternity Pads

The wet sensation during heavy flow makes you extra conscious of leakage. Dignity mom pads are designed with an anti-rewet layer for extra dryness. The superabsorbent polymers turn into gel, preventing them from seeping out and staining clothes. The odour control locks keep away unpleasant smells. The anti-leak leg cuffs give you a snug fit and avoid any leakage from the sides. The cuffs also keep the pad in place even after extensive body movements.

Specifications: 7.2 x 13.6 x 17.2 cm; 100 Grams
Pros: High absorption, Individually Packed
Cons: The pad may crumple at the centre.

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How To Choose Right Maternity Pad After Delivery?

Here’s how to choose the right maternity pad for your unique needs:

a. Absorption: This should be at the top of your checklist. Postpartum bleeding is heavy, and a pad with low absorbency will make you change it a number of times during the day. For better leakage protection, look for products that contain SAP (super absorbent polymer), which converts fluids into gels.

b. Material: Your sensitive intimate area requires a material that is exceptionally soft and helps prevent rashes and infections. Choose a fabric that is extremely gentle and won't cause your stitches any irritation.

c. Types: There are many types on the market, including winged ones and panty-style. While it is entirely up to your comfort, winged pads remain intact and provide superior protection against leakage.

In essence,
Dealing with postpartum bleeding isn’t easy, but with the right products, it can definitely be manageable. Not only can post-pregnancy sanitary pads help with bleeding after birth, but they can also help with bladder leakage during pregnancy and lochia discharge after birth. Getting these will help in making your postpartum experience easier. Happy Shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many maternity pads require after delivery?

For better hygiene, it's best to change your pad every 2 hours to tackle heavy bleeding, which means you would go through 10 pads a day. Heavy bleeding and discharge would last 4-6 weeks, which means you’d definitely need around 14 packs of 20 pads per pack. This may vary for women, but it’s always best to stock up.

2. Difference between maternity pads and sanitary pads

Maternity pads are specifically designed to deal with heavy postpartum bleeding, discharge, and bladder incontinence. These needs may not be met by normal sanitary pads, which cannot contain large amounts of fluid. They are also made of softer material to give you better comfort.

3. Is it good to use normal pads as maternity pads?

You can always use them if they are convenient for you. However, maternity pads exclusively cater to the needs of postpartum women, like heavy bleeding and discharge. They also prevent irritation from stitches and guard your intimate area from vaginal infections.

4. How long to wear maternity pads after delivery?

Heavy bleeding and discharge will last anywhere from 4–6 weeks and will get lighter subsequently. Maternity pads are ideal products for this period of time.

5. When to start using maternity pads after delivery

Heavy bleeding starts right after delivery, and it's best to start using maternity pads at this time.

6. How often should change maternity pads?

It's advised to change your pad every 2.5 hours, depending on your flow. Your intimate area is highly susceptible to infections, which makes it imperative to have frequent pad changes.

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