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9 Unique Dolls and Plush Toys for Newborn Boys & Girls

Development Toys / Last Updated on Dec 13, 2023 / Vetted by Team BabyG
Dolls and Plush Toys

Toys are integral to your baby's development. They ‘play’ a vital role in supporting your munchkin’s little wins as they take tiny steps towards all-around development. While they interact with these toys, with your use of motherese, your baby makes leaps and bounds in development. From physical and cognitive growth to building their social-emotional skills, the significance of toy play is undisputed. With that in mind, explore a selection of unique dolls and push toys for your newborn. 

What are Age-appropriate Toys?

While reading this, you might’ve thought, "How is that a thing?" The age-appropriate toys are a guide for you to understand what your baby might need at a specific age. It is crucial that you get an age-appropriate toy for your baby. As your little one grows, their needs change, and even the needed area of development changes. While a newborn will be fascinated with a baby rattle, your infant might require a wooden teether, whereas a toddler might need a stacker toy. That said, every baby is bound to have a distinct personality and might not prefer the same toy.  If they don’t like a development product at all when they are supposed to, that is okay too. Let your baby find their interests and dislikes by themselves.

Plush Toys for Newborns

Most of us still remember our first soft toy. It still sparks a familiar sense of adoration in us. No wonder many people still gravitate towards soft toys for newborn babies. Babies love to engage in sensory play, and soft plush toys are a fantastic first toy for them to do so. Newborns do not need high-profile toys. They need a simple companion to hold onto as they experience the senses around them.

Through all this, plush toys stick around. They accompany your newborn through their toddler years, standing ground from when they start socially smiling to the time they zoom past you babbling for your attention. The best soft toys for babies can provide an ideal mix for boosting sensory skills and encouraging cognitive growth. Plushies are influential in shaping a child's imagination. It is through them that children gain a better understanding of the world as they begin to absorb information.

When choosing a toy for an infant, look for plush toys that are simple and safe. Safety is a huge criterion when picking a toy for babies. By the time they are five months old, they start putting things in their mouths. Since they have more control over their tongue than their hands and feet and let’s be real, all the pretty aesthetic toys you have accumulated will probably end up in your baby's mouth during playtime. So, the toys they interact with should be non-toxic, safe to chew on, and have no sharp edges. 

Unique Dolls and Plush Toys for Newborn Boys & Girls

BabyG has curated an amazing line-up that your baby will simply adore. Equipped with soft, plushy bodies and a heart full of love, this list has it all.


Soft Book

Equipped with the mysteries of the sea, here’s a vibrant cloth book that will encourage your child to engage with it. With peek-a-boo flaps, crinkle pages and a mirror, this soft toy for babies has got it all. A textured toy gives your kid a peek into the world under the sea, developing their hand-eye coordination and muscles with every turn, squeeze, poke and curl. 

While the crinkle stimulates your infant's auditory senses, the 3D elements will help your toddler practise their fine-finger movements. This is one of the best soft toys for babies, and guess what, it makes a terrific stroller toy too.


  • A Sensory Toy
  • Builds Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Stimulates Fine Motor Skills
  • Perfectly Sized for Little Hands

Age: 6 Months +

Soft Rattle Toy

WONDRBOX Crochet Rattle Soft Toy Gift for Newborn Babies, Butterfly, 100% Cotton, BPA Free and Non-Toxic, Handmade by NGO Women

The beautiful butterfly is a fantastic soft plush toy for newborns to start with. This soft plushie is hand-embroidered with 100% pure organic cotton, making it an ideal soft toy for your young one. The difference in sizes of its adorable body provides a variation for your baby to practise their hand-curl. 

The adorable butterfly is vibrant  and hand made with love by local women artisans using non-toxic materials to provide your young one with a companion that is also nibble-friendly during those fussy teething times.


  • Stimulates Tactile Senses.
  • Aids in Fine Motor Skills
  • Lightweight
  • Can be Hand Washed

Age: 1 Months +

The Bunny Doll – Brown – Baby Sleeping Buddy

When your toddler is of age, this is the go-to soft plush toy to surprise them with. The adorable bunny is a part of Bobtail’s ragdoll series. Of all the plush toys online, this eco-friendly toy is the perfect soft doll for a baby girl. 

Carefully constructed from a beautiful cotton/linen fabric, the plush toy makes a fantastic hugging companion for your active toddler. Soft toys for babies provide them with a sense of security while supporting their social and emotional development. As you tuck in the soft toy to sleep, your toddler will take notice and learn that etiquette. Pretend play is a fundamental part of childhood, and a plush toy is an important part of it. 


  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Heirloom Doll
  • Sleeping Buddy 
  • Great for Hand-Grip

Age: ​​1 Month +

Bunny and Lion

Rattles, where do we even start. Infants are interactive right from the very beginning. Although they cannot follow you around nor babble about their day to you, your little munchkins find a way to communicate with you. Rattles are an excellent toy to build on that blooming response. 

The bunny and lion are excellent products for you to do so. The soft baby rattle is made with plush cotton and 100% love. It is equipped with a soft rattle sound that provides just enough stimulation for a newborn. As you slowly wave it in front of your newborn, they will track it with their eyes, boosting their auditory senses with eye-tracking skills. 


  • Boosts Tracking Skills
  • Introduces Cause and Effect
  • Builds Hand-Eye Coordination
  • A Sensory Toy

Age: 0 Months +

Amish Ball

shumee Plush Fabric Clutching Soft Ball with Rattle for Babies (Age 0+) - Sensory Toy| Colorful Textured Developmental Ball for Newborns, Infants Fine Motor Skills(Softball)

Amish ball is perfect for infants that are developing their hand-grip. This uniquely shaped plush toy has twelve sections sewn together providing easy access for an infant to grab onto with both their hands.

The cotton ball is a Montessori pedagogy-inspired toy. It is also known as an Amish puzzle ball. Montessori education is based on stimulating your baby's development by encouraging them to experiment by themselves. Instilling a sense of independence and building their cognitive skills, your kid gets an all-around experience with this Montessori plush toy. 


  • Makes a Great Mobile Toy
  • Boosts Hand and Fine-Finger Exercise.
  • Builds Gross Motor Skills
  • Can be Hand Washed

Age: 3 Months +


Flora from Bobtail’s new ragdoll collection is a unique baby doll for girls. The cotton doll makes a great companion for your infant. With a body perfect to practice their hand-curl while engaging in creative play, the soft plush toy is a fantastic sensory doll for your kid. 

As your baby grows, the plush toy will help introduce them to the little actions essential in their development. Babies learn from what they observe around them. Like changing, for instance. You can help introduce the concept by changing the clothes on the plush toys while using motherese. It will take a while, but your munchkin will learn the action eventually. Just like that, the unique Olive went from being a soft toy to a lifelong companion. 


  • Provides a Sense of Security 
  • Hand-Embroided
  • Stimulates Tactile Senses
  • Heirloom Toy 

Age: 1 Month +

Amigurumi Crochet Sleeping Buddy

Who doesn’t love bunnies? We most certainly do. Check out this bunny plush toy a cuddly dream of a soft toy. Equipped with a soft rattle, the plush toy is hand-made with hand-embroidered eyes and features, making it safe and cuddly-friendly for your little munchkin.

Soft toys encourage toddlers to engage in imaginative play. Imaginative play helps encourage creativity and build active imagination. As toddlers interact with each other through their soft toys, they unknowingly develop their problem-solving and language skills too. Note that this includes only one soft toy in the pack. 


  • Encourages imagination and creativity
  • Aids social and emotional development
  • Builds Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Amazing Sensory Toy

Age: 1 Months +

Hippo Crochet Toy

Babies love to play with bright, colourful toys. That said, this plush toy is designed with a pop of colour to grab your baby’s visual senses before they make their claim as their everlasting companion. Since the hippo toy is non-toxic and baby-friendly, it can be used as soon as your bundle of joy turns a month old.
The soft plush toy has a nifty body, which provides various sizes to practice dual handgrips, and a textured body to help build an understanding of different textures and shapes. It is handmade and created with 100% cotton.

  • Lightweight
  • Textured Grip Toy
  • Soft and baby-friendly
  • BPA free

Age: 1 Month +

JoJo Giraffe

Here’s an amazing soft toy for your baby girl. JoJo the giraffe is a perfect companion for your child while they are growing up. It is soft and cuddly, and it is the perfect size to hold onto with their little hands.
The toy has handmade details, with all of its materials ethically sourced. It makes a great addition to the nursery with its soft cream appearance. Parents will find themselves recommending it to new parents.

  • Aids Sensorial Development
  • Lightweight
  • Surface washable
  • Safe and Hand-made

Age: 1 Month +

So, which of these will my baby actually love? You need to listen. Be attentive to your infant's needs and interests. Do they love bunnies for some reason? Then maybe a rabbit plush toy will do. Your babies communicate with you a lot, maybe not so much with their words but with their actions, questions, and body cues. And when they do, we've got you covered. 

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