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Refillable Comfort Doll (Leafy Green)
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Refillable Comfort Doll (Leafy Green)

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For newborns and above. The doll is filled with Ajwain (carom seeds). Soft and squiggly. Was like a cotton ball. It smelt nice. The little lovely doll. To soothe an unwell baby can stress and challenge the strongest of parents. Common cold and flu are not so uncommon among babies and toddlers. Our first instinct is to try multi-generational tried and tested advice given by our parents and grandparents. One among them is about the goodness of Ajwain (carom seeds). We took this advice and turned it into a Comfort Doll.

Our hand-stitched, human-shaped Comfort Doll, is filled with the goodness of Ajwain (carom seeds). Thymol in Ajwain seeds is loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that can help relieve congestion and cold, especially in babies and toddlers. Hand-stitched in pure cotton, simple to look at with no features and food-grade quality Ajwain (carom seeds) makes our Comfort Doll.

Our easy to use Comfort Doll is advised to be heated and kept next to your baby on their pillow or chest as a compress. The Ajwain (carom seeds) fragrance helps open up the nostrils making breathing easy. Comfort Doll is hand-stitched and hand-filled by a local woman artisan.


  • Sensorial development
  • Wellness


  • Heat the Comfort Doll in the microwave for 10 seconds and place it next to your baby's head for the baby to inhale the aroma of Ajwain seeds.
  • Alternatively, you can compress it on your baby's chest with the same (please ensure you place it on the top of your hand to check the temperature), it should be warm, not hot (as warm as the water that you give them a bath with).
  • You can also keep a warm iron on the Comfort Doll for 5 seconds to warm it and to be used in the same way as mentioned above. To be stored in an airtight container to maintain hygiene and effectiveness of Ajwain (carom seeds).



  • This can only be used as a complementary treatment along with necessary medical advice.
  • Please do check that you or your child are not allergic to Ajwain (carom seeds) fragrance.


  • 100% Cotton


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