Wooden Bread Pop-up Toaster
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Wooden Bread Pop-up Toaster includes toaster, breads, Jam, butter
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Wooden Bread Pop-up Toaster
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Wooden Bread Pop-up Toaster
Wooden Bread Pop-up Toaster
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Wooden Bread Pop-up Toaster

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The wooden bread machine set consists of highly interactive tools that promote the self-learning skills of a baby. The set consists of a modern bread machine and slices of bread, and a wooden knife that adds to the morning breakfast bread making experience of the baby. All components of the set are made of premium quality wood polished and softened to fit into your baby’s tender hands.

Making morning breakfast with colorful jam jars and butter slices would help increase your baby’s hand-eye coordination and allow them to take in the real essence of role-playing. Your baby can use the set to play with friends and family. It would increase their social skills through engaging in the preparation of food and sharing it with others.

Teach your little ones the importance of following a healthy breakfast through a fun and creative role play. Allow them to make use of the colorful pops and give them a chance to choose between their favorite flavor of jams.


  • Simulation and Imagination
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Sensory Skills
  • Hand-eye coordination


  • Wood


  • The wooden bread machine set is equipped with great simulation accessories that include a bread machine, slices of bread, jam bottles, butter, butter knife, and serving trays.


  • Simply Wipe with a Damp Cloth
  • Don't Wash Toys to Prevent Water-Based Paint from Fading
  • Store In Dry Places


  • China

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